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  1. Carl’s called Srixon for me and the hold up on my clubs are the $tapers. They were told June 15th is when the shafts will be in.
  2. I ordered left hand in zx4 4 iron and zx5 5-P, $ tapers in all, grips in the box. The 4 iron came today.. hopefully the rest will show up soon.
  3. I’m waiting on zx5 $ taper 120’s in left hand. Ordered May 5
  4. Has anyone had any luck ordering left handed zx5’s? Does anyone know if $ taper 120’s are backordered?
  5. Is it possible to get the zx5 AW in left hand from Srixon Asia? i bought the cbx2’s but I’m have trouble playing them compared to my old vokeys. I’ll probably end up sticking with my old wedges, but with a 44° PW, I really would like a forgiving 48 or 50. I could keep using my 718 Ap2 50° set wedge but it’ll just bother me seeing it in my bag
  6. Carl’s had the 4 iron listed as backordered for zx5 and now it’s not
  7. Does anyone know how the wait is on left hand zx5’s? Left hand cbx2’s are only a week from order to delivery with mcc+4 grips and $taper shaft.
  8. Yeah, I was looking at the Srixon sure. I’ll check Carl’s out. Thanks!
  9. Is it possible to get a free upgrade to $ taper in stiff flex? I only see R and X available.
  10. Any reason why they have $ taper in R and X, but not stiff?
  11. Zx is part of a set, like 4-aw. cbx2 is a forgiving cavity back wedge. zipcore is a players wedge like a vokey.
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