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  1. Played crappy munis when I was a kid, but never did well, didn't keep a Handicap, was the worst among friends. Stopped playing in college and picked it up at 23, fell in love with the game and decided to give it a real effort. Began keeping my handicap when I embarked on the journey. Went from 30+ down to 12 for a couple years. Then rocketed down to 4.5 and now around 6. Sorry, not scratch. I read every book, watched every clinic. Exclusively from the pros- I don't take advice from people who don't play for a living. Only had 4 lessons from different guys, all were absolutely, compl
  2. Hoover around 5-6 cap. Lowest Ive been is 3. For me, its pretty simple. I always go for dynamic gold shafts +1/2”. From there, its just how big the cavity is. I feel comfortable with with higher loft and feel of CB style blades. But I have switched it up. every two or three years, I go between those and something with a little more cavity, recently, ap2 and the srixon 7 series. There isn't much more in an iron if you ask me. If you catch em close to the middle, and they are the same length and loft, they do basically the same thing. Don't buy shovels. They offer no benefit imo,
  3. Another one ive heard works is to keep your right ear at the ground in the followthrough
  4. “Steady head, steady rod”. Think about the swing as rotating around a rod that goes through your head out you rear end. According to jack nicklaus, The ability to maintain a steady rotation around the upper spine through impact is the sign of a great golfer. Another thought is to try to followthrough with your head down over the spot where the ball was and your right arm pointing at the target.
  5. I get it man. And I dont disagree completely. As you search for these positions, just make sure you are tracing their usefulness back to impact. Also, along those lines, just figuring out what, if anything is wrong with your impact. For example, one might want to lay the club off in their transition more to help return the club head at the lie angle it was at at address, instead of toe down. I for one, would never look at a video and give technical advise without knowing what your miss is. You'll never be great at golf trying to look like someone else who is great at golf. The
  6. Again, I think you might be getting a bit too technical if you are looking for speed. Imo, speed comes from removing tension in your muscles. Tense muscles are slow muscles. Trying to achieve positions will bring the tension. If you can keep the same grip pressure throughout the swing, it will help to remove the hitches and bumps that sap speed. Get the muscles out of the way and swish the club-head, not the body. My speed move is pushing away from the momentum of the swing with the front leg. Essentially, using the left leg to snap the clubhead through the ball like a wet towel
  7. Many very successful pros took the approach of trying to hit it straight but missing on one side only. So they made their target line the one side of the fairway. They tried to play it down that line, but they felt at ease knowing it would leak a bit toward the center. They made their ‘miss’ into the target. Think bout how much that could put one at ease on the tee? That your miss will hit target. A player that can hit it long and always misses on one side (ie always draws or hooks) is a dangerous beast. If they truly know how to use their consistent shape well, they can win a lot of
  8. Theres nothing really wrong with the swing per se. Ill bet you are a tinkerer and thinker. Youll have to let some of that go to increase clubhead speed. Youve got to get in touch with your inner athlete. Tell your legs/body to make the clubhead make a louder swish through the ball. Tell your body to throw that entire golf club as far down the fw as you possibly can. Youll find speed this way. The difficult part will be making it your new comfortable swing and repeating it over and over. That brings me to the irons vs driver: I firmly believe, as Jack nicklaus, Justin rose an
  9. For me, in that situation, ball position and attack angle are most important. I move it back in stance so i catch it early in the swing and get the sweet spot to it through as little grass as possible. I also club up, however I avoid the flat faced irons and opting for hybrids if I'm too far away. So, its like either shorter irons or hybrids, never a 5i 4i 3i. The last thing: Hit that sonofabitch as hard as you can. Theres a certain threshold of swing speed, under which the thick grass will completely deny your clubhead. If you have a slow swing speed, move it back in your stance a
  10. Its a good base to have, but its absolutely not the secret. Why? You can have the most perfectly maintained tilt and shoulder plane and still hit a 50 yard slice! Then what?! Lost again. Back to youtube to find more dogma. Thats a good tip for consitancy, but youll want to come out of that in the followthrough a bit to free up your swing. Heres the secret imo. The only thing that truly matters in golf: IMPACT! Stike location, face angle, loft, speed and angle of attack. Whatever you are working on, it better be relavent to this. If you want to obsess over your elbo
  11. Do it the whole swing around. From the takeaway to the finish. “Face to the ground all around” Also realize that you can ‘motocycle move’ like crazy and the ball will go right if you are dragging the handle through impact. To prevent that from being the case, feel like you are rolling the clubhead past your hands through impact. Those two moves= left. Finally, youll have to sort out your path. If you are swinging over the top and standing the shaft up, you will really injust your wrists with the motorcycle thing. You need to learn to let the clubhead loop down behind you in the
  12. Who’s swing would I want? The one that doesnt wear your body out, lasts into your 70s and offers distance and accuracy. This really narrows down the Population to a few. I think of Sam Snead. Phil has avoided injury quite well, hes long, but hes pretty wild.
  13. I would start by refrencing 2018 ball striking ranking. Then pick out the guys with the history of success on tour because some may argue that some swings dont stand up under pressure. Then maybe add some personal bias. Given that approach id say: Justin Rose Adam Scott (funny how such a nice looking swing is so effective) Henrick (Henrick is actually often the top pick aming his peers for this question.). Apparently the sound his strike makes is unreal.
  14. It definitely feels like the effective cg or sweet spot of the driver is effectivly moved when i adjust the hosel. Like the head changes angles and therefore, the cluhead’s weight in relation to the shaft changes. Ie of you close the face, the back part of the driver will stick out more, so more weight will be outside the ball. Theres definitely something to that.
  15. Ive heard a pro talk ablit this on you tube or something. Not sure where. Im wondering if any better players out there have had similar experience: I was hitting balls at the range. I usually play drivers in thier standard setting, but i decided to mess around with the surefit hosel on my titleist . I noticed that these adjustments had a significant impact on strike location on the face. I typically stike the face in a similar location every time: middle to high toe. I am pretty good at tracking the clubs cg and matching it with the ball. When i adjusted the neck, my cluster of st
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