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  1. Just wondering how many people carry this from putter all the way to driver?
  2. On the 25 yard shot what is the roll out distance with a 56*? I understand that different turf and different ball lies will be different. But in general terms? If I fly if 20 yards will it roll out 5? Also ball placement will have an effect so I am placing it in the middle of my stance.
  3. On the 9-3 how much wrist hinge do you incorporate?
  4. What club and how do you hit them? Clock drill? How do you practice these shots?
  5. @Gawbage_man being a Louisiana Tech graduate I overlook him going to LSU and remember he graduated from Calvary Baptist first.
  6. He won a tournament last weekend without his A Game! Granted it was not the strongest field or greatest course but it is still 100 of the best players in the world and a PGA event.
  7. Thinking about joining and looking for someone who is a members perspective? Benefits? Is it worth it and are the discounts great, good or not so good? Are there a lot of courses available that otherwise would not be? Hotel and packages?
  8. I would have to say taking a 7 iron to his head from his wife and living to tell about it!
  9. #10 in the Fed Ex standings isn’t to bad this late in the year.
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