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  1. Thinking about joining and looking for someone who is a members perspective? Benefits? Is it worth it and are the discounts great, good or not so good? Are there a lot of courses available that otherwise would not be? Hotel and packages?
  2. I would have to say taking a 7 iron to his head from his wife and living to tell about it!
  3. #10 in the Fed Ex standings isn’t to bad this late in the year.
  4. Rule of 12 if I am 9 feet from green or less. More than 9 feet is determined by how much green I have to work with. The less green the more loft.
  5. I love my wedges. I need more time practicing my putter though.
  6. Good Morning All! Wanted to kick off the day with a fun topic. We always see WIT Bag for the Tour Pros so I figured we could do a WIYB for the not so pros. Lol. Should be a fun topic and da6. I am hitting Callaway x 20 irons 4-SW, I added a 50 and 60 Cleveland CBR 2 wedges, a PING 425 Max set at 10.5 a Ping 410 Hybrid 22* and replaced my Scotty Newport with a Spyder X this year. I have also been hitting Callaway Softcore balls. Favorite club is my PW or SW……although I do love to tap my 8 iron. KD
  7. I am currently playing 4 wedges 45(PW), 50(AW), 55-56(PW) and 60(LW). I have heard of a three wedge system and was wonder if anyone had recommendations? Would you run a 45, 52 and 58? I also use the clock system 7:30, 9:00 and 10:30 that produces three distance with each club. Looking at pros and cons for each.
  8. Jordan SUCKs he can only come in 2nd…….LOL! I can’t believe someone hasn’t started posting this yet!
  9. Does that come off playing in the rain?
  10. I remember reading in the past some of you put yardages on your wedges just below your grips? How did you do it and what did you use? KD
  11. For all shots? Not chipping and putting correct?
  12. I’m looking for a consistent, repetitive and simple pre shot routine for driver, irons and wedges? Any recommendations?
  13. I don’t think we have enough data to assist you. Your game is more advanced…..we would need to see how far from the pin you land on shots 100yards in and the distances for your putts. I call any good lie a fairway hit in regulation…..so it could be in the 2nd cut as long as I had a good level stance and solid lie. Also are you playing from the tips, blues, whites etc.
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