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  1. Where does your belly button/belt buckle point when you finish your swing. Being a straight shot sounds like a strong right hand or you finish position is to strong. Don’t go after distance as much.
  2. Three reasons. To break 90, break 80 and to break 75 from the blues. Or from 6,700 to 7,000 yards.
  3. Nice work. I shot a 92 from the blues 3 trips, 8 bogies and 6 pars. My goal was to break 90 at around 6700 yards. My misses were all driver and I had about 5 chunks! Back to the range today!
  4. Are you sure your not pushing it with your right hand? Take you pointer finger (index) and thumb off the club and hit a few balls. Is it a straight pull/push or a curved draw/hook?
  5. Check out my thread on Mr. Short Games YouTube videos. He has 24 practice days that he says will trim off 5 strokes. I am going to try in myself. He talk about some of the things that th posters on this thread are talking about.
  6. I was wondering if anyone has tried his 24 practice 5 stroke challenge from 2018? He has a series of videos on YouTube every Monday Wednesday and Friday the last two months of 2018 designed to trim 5 strokes off your game. Looks interesting too me.
  7. I would focus my practice on Driver, 7i, SW and Putter. Only chip with one club and leave the 60* at home. Hitting off mats only helps your driver.....all the other clubs you need real grass. Almost every club out there will let you putt and chip for free (at least public course’s) so put the SW and putter in your trunk!
  8. I focus on 4 clubs only to break 100. No long irons, hybrids etc. Driver- Work on basics to find solid ground for level 2nd shot. First or Second cut is perfect. Don’t worry about distance....200-250 is perfect as long as your in play. FYI 250 yards in the middle can get you to scratch. 7 Iron( or you favorite mid iron)- work on striking the ball and hitting the fairway or near the green. SW or 54-56degree- pitch and chip with one club NOT two or more. - learn hinge and hold drill to 10, 15 and 20 yards, use the bounce...don’t hold it into the ground.
  9. I think the Chicken-Wing was developed in his youth! It isn’t going away....part of his golf DNA.
  10. I was following along on YouTube with his highlights of the first two rounds and it looks like he is using stack and tilt with all of his wedges? Or at least from 100 yards in. Can some more experienced players confirm this?
  11. I hear a lot about Pine Dunes. I’m trying to get some this closer to the middle point.
  12. I am looking for a course in between Shreveport and San Antonio for a halfway point for my Louisiana friends to meet at. Any recommendations?
  13. What is Petz click system? Never mind......I found it.
  14. Anyone using the 425 Max? Just got one and I have been hooking it with my old driver. Have not been to the range or course yet. Do you know what position to place the weight? KD72
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