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  1. I use mine for mostly alignment.
  2. mackepa

    Tsi3 driver

    Whenever I use a bigger looking more forgiving head I start forgetting about workability and I just start swinging for the fences. I loved my Epic Flash SZ but I just could not work that driver like I wanted. I put the TSi in the bag with the same exact shaft, length grip etc and my driving changed overnight.
  3. mackepa

    Tsi3 driver

    I really like mine. It’s probably not the longest driver I’ve had but it’s a very good head for me. I like the look of the pear shaped head.
  4. What shaft did you go with? Almost looks like an Oban Devotion
  5. This is exactly what’ll happen. They told me 8 weeks on stock fairways and it took 2. Your mileage may vary.
  6. I have found that around 120 grams is the “sweet spot” for my iron game. Anything heavier and I start swinging hard to try to get the shaft to feel like it’s loading. Anything lighter than 120 and it starts to feel like a toothpick. I tend to also play my irons over length since I’m a little taller. I currently swing driver about 110mph but I don’t really go after my irons with the same effort. I currently love the KBS $-Taper 120 Stiff.
  7. I use the same ferrules for both if that’s why you’re asking.
  8. I was about to say the same thing. Pretty sure he’s using the black $-Taper 130x.
  9. I love my 4x12 birdie ball putting green. I really suggest spending a little extra and getting a nice wide one to stand on. These roll up great and you’re able to vary the green speed by brushing the green with a broom.
  10. Hey gang, I’m looking to sell or trade a set of Callaway X Forged 2021 irons. The heads are 5-pw, 1* flat and are in pretty good shape. They have a minimal bag chatter and a few marks from the loft/lie machine but other than that they are really clean. I prefer to sell but I’m open to trades. I’m mostly interested in other iron heads. $550 obo
  11. Now you need to design matching head covers.
  12. If only it had a site dot…
  13. A couple years ago I was using a 44.25” driver with an 80g Graphite Design AD-TP and was fairly fond of that set up. I’ve gone slightly longer and lighter since then but I could probably go back to a set up like that and hit it straighter.
  14. Both the Santa Monica and La Grange have the thin milling on the face. I absolutely love it as it reminds me a bit of early Cameron milling
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