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  1. Slightly different lines. Thinner top line, sight dot, tri sole, the bumpers should be a little tighter. no removable weight
  2. I was lucky enough to be selected for one of the 25 Small Batch Santa Monica’s that Toulon just released. I can’t wait for this thing to show up. Tri sole with a site dot is my dream putter.
  3. You’re confusing playing ability with marketability. Rickie is still very marketable.
  4. I know a lot of players that absolutely hit a 5 wood farther and more consistent due to better launch conditions. Heck, some players will hit a 7 wood better.
  5. My X Forged UT definitely launches a little higher than an iron of same loft but I feel like it spins less. I get a lot of hot runners with it even when I get it in the air a bit.
  6. Jaws aren’t that old but I would imagine we’d get the jaws forged or a new PM grind soon. To be honest I’m not in the loop like I use to be so this is all speculation.
  7. StuartG probably had the best post here but I would also like to know what golf ball you’re using while testing drivers on GC Quad
  8. Looking to move on from another experiment. Honestly, this is probably one I’ll regret moving on from but daddy needs a new driver. It’s a PING G425 7 wood set on “Big Minus” to get it closer to like a 5 wood with a really open face. Both shafts are glued with the logo down on the big minus setting. The first shaft is a Graphite design AD DI 7x at 42” and the other is a Tensei AV White 75 Stiff at 42”. The head is in very good condition with a little wear on the sweet spot. I tried my best to capture the wear in the photos. Sold. Paul
  9. It’s an option to order with a clean crown when you go thru the customs department
  10. I definitely feel more comfortable with a little bit of a “players” looking golf club but I absolutely cannot imagine standing on the 18th tee with a one shot lead and having to stripe the fairway with that thing.
  11. Great feel when you hit it on the screws!
  12. That MacGregor looks mean.
  13. I remember playing balata balls occasionally as a kid when I’d find them around the muni course I played as a kid. I didn’t really know what I was hitting but I remember liking them so much more than the “hard balls” I’d find.
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