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  1. Out of those two I prefer the Vokey. I much prefer the shape of Titleist wedges.
  2. I’d really love to see 6, 8 and PW at address in the MB’s.
  3. Personally, the MB’s look stunning and the X Forged look terrible. Actually, I haven’t liked the X Forged line since 2013. That’s just my opinion. I’m sure they play great and feel great. I see a set of Apex MB’s with KBS Black $-Tapers in my future.
  4. Got myself a shaft puller on eBay. Also ordered a pair of Callaway Jaws wedges in 56W and 60 low bounce W with black KBS $ Taper shafts.
  5. Hey guys, I have a couple extras laying around that I’m sure could be put to some good use. I have some high lofted drivers that could be perfect for a junior golfer or something. first is some Taylormade heads. I have a 10.5 M2 driver head and a 15* M1 3 wood head. Looking to get $100 each. M2 DRIVER IS NOW SOLD second is a PING G 12* driver with xtorsion 60 stiff shaft and a Titleist 917 12* driver with a ladies flex bassara “made for Titleist” shaft. Looking for $125 each. PING DRIVER IS NOW SOLD
  6. Are my eyes deceiving me or is Phil hitting the X Hot 3 Deep again on the range? That was one club he always seemed to find fairways with.
  7. Does anyone else consider these a downgrade in the looks department?
  8. less rough, firmer fairways with wider angles until you get to 300 yards +. then it starts to bottleneck into narrow fairways lined with deep bunkers with high lips or even church pew style bunkers.
  9. Looks absolutely awesome. No idea on the specs but I love the looks of the AD shafts. I’m surprised they haven’t made some model with a purple color scheme.
  10. No. You’ll have a couple shorter players win occasionally but the PGA Tour in general is a bombers paradise.
  11. Green dot goes -2 and red dot is an extra degree flat I believe.
  12. I loved the Flash Sub Zero but didn’t like the left misses I had with it. No more left miss now. Being able to go -2 with a tour adapter really gets the face open. I love the look.
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