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  1. I use mine for mostly alignment.
  2. mackepa

    Tsi3 driver

    Whenever I use a bigger looking more forgiving head I start forgetting about workability and I just start swinging for the fences. I loved my Epic Flash SZ but I just could not work that driver like I wanted. I put the TSi in the bag with the same exact shaft, length grip etc and my driving changed overnight.
  3. mackepa

    Tsi3 driver

    I really like mine. It’s probably not the longest driver I’ve had but it’s a very good head for me. I like the look of the pear shaped head.
  4. What shaft did you go with? Almost looks like an Oban Devotion
  5. This is exactly what’ll happen. They told me 8 weeks on stock fairways and it took 2. Your mileage may vary.
  6. I have found that around 120 grams is the “sweet spot” for my iron game. Anything heavier and I start swinging hard to try to get the shaft to feel like it’s loading. Anything lighter than 120 and it starts to feel like a toothpick. I tend to also play my irons over length since I’m a little taller. I currently swing driver about 110mph but I don’t really go after my irons with the same effort. I currently love the KBS $-Taper 120 Stiff.
  7. I use the same ferrules for both if that’s why you’re asking.
  8. I was about to say the same thing. Pretty sure he’s using the black $-Taper 130x.
  9. I love my 4x12 birdie ball putting green. I really suggest spending a little extra and getting a nice wide one to stand on. These roll up great and you’re able to vary the green speed by brushing the green with a broom.
  10. Hey gang, I’m looking to sell or trade a set of Callaway X Forged 2021 irons. The heads are 5-pw, 1* flat and are in pretty good shape. They have a minimal bag chatter and a few marks from the loft/lie machine but other than that they are really clean. I prefer to sell but I’m open to trades. I’m mostly interested in other iron heads. $550 obo
  11. Now you need to design matching head covers.
  12. If only it had a site dot…
  13. A couple years ago I was using a 44.25” driver with an 80g Graphite Design AD-TP and was fairly fond of that set up. I’ve gone slightly longer and lighter since then but I could probably go back to a set up like that and hit it straighter.
  14. Both the Santa Monica and La Grange have the thin milling on the face. I absolutely love it as it reminds me a bit of early Cameron milling
  15. I have used the Santa Monica. The La Grange is so nice but I will probably keep it in the box and try to sell it. It’s been a really expensive couple months for me.
  16. I would like to see more of this please!!
  17. The raw face is pretty cool. I’ve found that it rusts very quickly! I’m still formulating my opinion on their performance as I haven’t played enough with them yet. I feel like I really like the 60 and the 56 wasn’t really necessary. for what it’s worth, these are way better than the PM Grind. That was a terrible wedge.
  18. I truly don’t know which one looks better
  19. Personally, The whole lot of data is garbage if you tested exclusively with range balls. With that being said, thats not that terribly flat for a descent angle.
  20. I can still do that without the $350M too.
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