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  1. Cobra has one of their new 3D putters in 37.5".
  2. So if I play the 65 s in a driver, and want to play a 75 s in a 3 wood, I should get a used 75 s in a driver shaft and trim it 1/2 inch in the tip and then butt trim to length to get them to play similar.
  3. I made a longer Stroke Lab Marxman by extending a 34" putter to 37" with a graphite extension and put on a Winn 15" Counter Balance grip without the backweight. The extra length and weight from the extension and longer grip give it a great balance and feel without being as heavy overall as some of the earlier counter balance putters. I have the weight kit and tried the different weights, but actually prefer the original weight. When I choke down to where I normally play at 34" it feels like a normal putter with the added benefit of being counter balanced and the longer grip which helps me from
  4. Congrats on the hole in one Nessism
  5. Holy 10 year old thread batman... I would say the PING Eye2 were the best wedges ever made. I still play an XG Lob Wedge. They have a magic no other wedge has.
  6. About 15 rounds played now with my G425 MAX and just started playing with the weight settings. Ping nailed it with the weight positions as once I put it in the fade position my toe miss straightened out and now it feels much more powerful and solid. I am also starting to warm up to the TENSEI Orange shaft. At first it felt a little loose and unpredictable coming from a Graphite Design shaft, but the more I play it the more I get a feel for the timing. I love the kick it produces and it can be really long when nailed. As for the sound as I have stated before I love it. It sounds powerful when
  7. Just got an email from TGW for this special release.
  8. PING G425MAX 10.5* (set flat neutral) with MC Tensei AV Orange 65 s @ 45" (D2) PING RAPTURE 13* (set flat neutral) with MC Tensei CK Orange 70 s @ 43" (D2)
  9. I have five rounds with my 425MAX and it has been great. I gamed a G20 for years before giving the 400MAX a try and it was good , but this 425MAX is better for me. Longer and straighter than the 400MAX with almost the same spin as the 410LST is what I am seeing. Yes, it is loud, but that doesn't bother me after seeing ball after ball sail straight down the fairway.
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