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  1. Once a G-Man, always a G-Man. Welcome back!
  2. I put a Fuji Ventus Red 6s in my G425MAX and it really tightened up everything. I had been playing the MC Tensei Orange 65s and a Aldila Rouge White 60s and although these were fine shafts, they both felt a little loose (high torque) and I thought dispersion could be better. I used to play a Graphite Design DJ6s in my last driver that I played for 10 years, and the Ventus Red was the closest modern shaft I could find with a similar profile (stiff butt, mid launch-spin, low torque). I took a chance and a hit to the wallet and purchased the Ventus Red 6s. I had to go a little shorter (45" compared to 45.25") and put a 23 gram weight in it to get it to D2.5 swingweight, but I no longer have to put the weight in the toe to counter the toe hits I was getting with the other shafts. My ball flight is much more consistent now and I am hitting the sweet spot more leading to more fairways hit and a bigger smile on my face. Yeah, it was expensive, but I will be playing this driver for many years to come so I would say it was worth it.
  3. I have the 3 (20), 4 (23), and 5 (27). I custom built them with the best hybrid shaft of all time IMO (Matrix OZIK Altus). I do not always have the 5 in the bag as I can still hit my 5 iron pretty good, but there are times (winter) when I like more carry and it is so much fun to hit. I have even considered finding a 6 (31) and shafting it up with an Altus for later when I loose more swing speed, but they are hard to find in good condition. I too have been tempted over the years by the latest and greatest only to come back to my trusted G20s. The others may be longer and stronger, but that is not what I need in a hybrid. I need it to go the distance I need and I can trust these to do just that, time after time. I have hit so many great shots with them, they are like best friends that I will keep as long as possible. You can bend them for loft and lie like an iron and the cambered sole makes them so versatile in a variety of lies. You can even custom swing weight them by opening the screw on the heal and adding some hot melt. With a GI Iron like look and the weight plug way out on the toe, they are truly a one of a kind design that will never be duplicated.
  4. I am still playing mine. I have had them since release and nothing else plays the same. They are flat faced like an iron but launch high and land soft like a wood. I do not have any problems with them going left on me and work well from any lie. What more could one want besides not looking like a big toe...
  5. DO NOT MESS WITH YOUR CLUBS!!! Buy new (old) clubs if you want to try stiff shafts, but do not mess with the clubs you have. I did and regret that dumb move. I had a custom fit G20 driver with a Graphite Design DJ6s that I hit great for 10 years, but was swayed by the G400 MAX. The reviews said it was the best PING driver ever made so I thought I would upgrade my old G20. I got a G400 MAX with the PING Tour shaft and proceeded to hit it all over the place. Decided it must be the shaft, so I pulled the GD DJ6s from my old G20 and put it in the new G400 MAX and continued to spray it all over the place. To fit the shaft in the new driver it had to be cut down so I could not put it back in the old G20. I got another one and put it in the G20, but it was never the same. Now I can't go back and have 2 drivers I can't hit. Been searching for a new driver that I can hit as well as my old G20 for 3 years now...
  6. What do you think would be the best setup for a 3 wood that would be long and easy to hit from fairway. Pick one and explain why. 1) High loft 16.5* with a Low/Low shaft. 2) Regular loft 15* with a Mid/Mid shaft. 3) Low loft 13.5* with a High/High shaft.
  7. UPDATE: PING G425 MAX 10.5* (set neutral) with Fujikura VENTUS Red 6s @ 45" (D2) ???
  8. I don't get the hate either. I Love my G425 MAX, its the best driver I have ever had. I had to change the weight from the stock 26 gram to a 23 gram and change the stock shaft from the 45.25" TENSEI Orange 65s to a 45" VENTUS Red 6s to get mine dialed in, but don't we all do that with every driver we get. I am KILLING this thing longer and straighter than anything I have tried. The sound doesn't bother me at all and turbulators frame the ball at address beautifully to me. I just don't get it. I would be suprised if they went carbon with the G430, but then I don't know what else they can do to improve on the G425.
  9. I was disappointed in the specs of the MX after all the hype that they were gonna be low torque. Only the TX flex is really low torque, the rest aren't much different from the other Evenflow shafts. They also have HUGE BUTTS, .635 in the MX 60 6.5 (WOW). I waited for these to come out and now went another direction with a VENTUS red instead.
  10. I used a hair dryer and pliers to pull the weight out and a .600 Ultralight Graphite Shaft Extension from Golfworks. I had an EXO Marxman that was at 34 inches that I kept in case the 37 inch Marxman did not work out, but I liked it so much I converted it to 37 inches also. Now I can't go back to regular length putters without feeling all wristy.
  11. Get the best of both with a G425 and a lighter weight. I purchased a G425 Max and it had a 26g weight stock which put the head with adapter at 206 grams total. I got the 23g and 20g weights from Golfworks and experimented with both before settling on the 23g for a total head weight of 203 grams. Its only 3 grams but it made a world of difference for me. I am hitting longer than I ever have and it is still super forgiving.
  12. Anything is going to be an improvement over a SLDR 430 (no offence). Try the original TaylorMade SIM. That should be about the same spin profile as your old club.
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