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  1. Don’t want to take this off topic but I can’t figure out why anyone wants a new 2021 circle T when they could get a cool older one for probably less. There’s no way all these new ones have actually seen the tour so it just seems crazy to me. If you want to drop 3-8k on a putter why not get an older one with some history behind it? They literally seem to sell for almost the same prices.
  2. It’s a lot better than the Champions Choice. It’s a good looking toe hang mallet. A silver version with a line down the middle of black part is definitely coming next year.
  3. Any feel differences between the two? Or pretty similar off the face? Setup definitely looks fairly different and toe hang is a little different too.
  4. $SOLD obo. No headcover. Pricing this to sell by 6 pm today. I have 3 other clubs to ship then and I want this to go out too. If it isn’t sold by then I’m locking and closing this. These original raw carbon Suave One protos are hard to find now. It’s 1/150 from 2019. 34 in. Picked this up recently and I prefer my Handsome One shape. This is a raw carbon putter that is designed to rust. Each one has a unique hand applied finish by Swag. The paint fill isn’t original but whoever did it did a great job. Color scheme is very on point for Swag. There is some oxidation in the cavity of the putter that will buff out but I will leave that to the buyer. https://swag.golf/collections/putter-archive/products/suave-one-proto-flangeline
  5. Mine came and the #2 shape is fantastic. It really looks a lot more “Bettinardi” than Scotty or Ping. Higher toe and hosel more toward the center feels Bettinardi-like to me. Such a cool putter for under 200 bucks - I grabbed a second in 34 in to have a choice of length handy. If you’re on the fence for the #2 or #1 I’d go for it. Mine came flawless and with new original matching cover.
  6. Mine comes today. That’s a great looking take on the 2 shape. I’m excited - thanks to everyone who discovered this.
  7. I think the Callie is underrated. This Tour Callie and the old Tracy 2 have ended up being my favorites this year.
  8. Agreed. It was a nice find by the original posters. I think it was definitely a warehouse stock of tour putters left blank so they could mill in whatever sight lines pros wanted. The unreleased #2 convinced me. Super cool find!
  9. I really didn’t need another putter but you just convinced me to grab one of these RSX #2. The rarity and looks of that thing is off the charts cool.
  10. That’s funny because the face is my favorite part. It looks so cool. It’s a lot more subtle than my pic shows - the light has to hit it just right to see it. It’s not deep milling all. It doesn’t feel like a deep milled Scotty or something. What I don’t understand is the “predator” face they keep putting on their 1 of 1 putters. The idea of paint fill over where you strike the ball will never sit right with me. I can’t stand it.
  11. I was so excited to get it. I haven’t had great luck getting anything in months. I end up just buying second hand. Wish they had made a Glitch One
  12. No trades. Swag Glitch Handsome Too limited release - 35 in. Released just this week. Indoor rolled a dozen times and flawless condition. I wanted to love it so much but I’m just better with the Swag One shape. The most intricate milling they’ve ever done. Check out the face, neck and sole. https://swag.golf/collections/homepage-putters/products/glitchandsome-too Asking $1200 WITH HEADCOVER - cheapest you’ll find. I could probably be convinced to just sell the putter but I won’t sell the headcover separately.
  13. This Daytona is way better looking than the Ten or Indy (or Spider EX). I still think the Spider X turned out pretty great looks wise.
  14. There was a link to a form on their Instagram post announcing signups were open last time. I signed up there.
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