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  1. This Rossie is a lot more like a V-line with Rossie alignment and shaping. They probably thought the real Rossie shape was too close to the 5 (which is super popular in Japan so it was easy to bring over here.)
  2. Maybe not gone, could just be a lighter weight. Surprised they didn’t say. Or maybe they just stated the weight of the non SL version and the SL models come with heavier.
  3. It may not have the weight in the butt end of the shaft anymore. That is what someone needs to find out.
  4. Some examples of the finish and milling compared to Protype 2.
  5. Looks like the price is $220, or $270 for stroke lab. That’s.... a lot. Like I said above, my OG 2-ball looks nice but I feel like they should have gotten it under $200. The finish and milling on different surfaces looks really good though. It’s very similar to the silver Protype range.
  6. SIK Pro C - top line alignment option - 35 inches. I just picked this up here on golfwrx and it’s too heavy for me. Since I don’t love it, I’m passing it on. I’d like to get back what I paid. So asking $SOLD shipped. It’s hard to find a used top line alignment SIK - I looked for months! It’s pristine condition except for some tiny scuffs on the bottom heel side of the putter that I grabbed a picture of.
  7. Don’t know the exact weight but it feels very “normal” and balanced to me so I’m guessing 350 g. I don’t have the stroke lab version - that one will have heavier weights.
  8. While no one would mistake the OGs for an expensive putter, the extra milling marks and finish looks nice. The DFX grip is what tons of people have asked for too. The headcover is the best stock one they’ve ever done - it’s quality and looks great. If the price on these is $150-200 (and it should be for the non stroke labs), I think Odyssey will have a massive hit on their hands. I have no problem with Odyssey doing $250-$450 putters but they just do this price range so much better IMO. Not everything needs to be a Scotty or Bettinardi. When people side by side the OG insert vs other
  9. Yep, a few different OGs ended up on there somehow. They’ve all gone for like $110-135 too since no one is looking for them yet.
  10. I can confirm the OG 2 ball feels sweet. Cool little milling marks on the lower level of the putter too. Love the grip!
  11. The correct answer (IMO) is whatever you can aim or align best. That lined 2-ball above is hard to beat for that. Some people aim great with long lines framing the ball path like an Odyssey 7 fang. Others aim the face more and a top line helps or no line at all. Don’t stress about MOI or shape that much, just find whatever you can get aimed correctly.
  12. I think there are massive diminishing returns on MOI. Stability is great - to a point. You can go way overboard chasing MOI. Weight hanging off the back of a putter (deep COG) can make it hard to close the face - which leads to pushes. That 2-ball you have actually is lower MOI than your squareback. The non fang 2-balls are not high MOI at all but they feel very balanced.
  13. I’ve had both and much preferred the Bettinardi 6.0. As someone who has had like 20+ putters over the last two years it’s still my favorite. The more I tinker with putters I’ve started to realize that whatever you can align best should be #1 priority. The only thing easier for me to align than the Inovai 6.0 is a lined 2-ball. The 6.0 has rails that are basically the width of the ball and it makes it really easy to see the path. The silver top line is great for aiming the face. #2 priority should be feel IMO. If you don’t like the feel you won’t stick with it. FIT face feels awes
  14. MattUtah

    Death of the 9

    It has a lot of toe hang and is very low MOI (compared to an anser/Newport). It isn’t ideal for too many golfers and sales probably reflect that. Agree though that they look great and aim well.
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