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  1. Mint condition original 1.0 model White Hot Pro 7 that is pretty much impossible to find anymore. Pictures show the amazing condition. 35 inches. PRO insert that you see on tour. Superstroke flatso 1 grip shows some wear but not bad at all. Looking for $200.
  2. If anything you’ll leave it short. Balls come off the center of Evnrolls really dead because of the milling.
  3. The 2 and 7 are the best feeling ones.
  4. People on here love to talk about how much they love the old white hot pro putters. Guess what? You can still buy the WHP 2.0 models for $100 bucks. They aren’t selling very well. A few months back I put a like new mint condition WHP 1 original model with the PRO insert on the sale forum for $90 and I kept getting lowball offers of like $50 shipped. I said screw it and just took it off the ad and kept it. However, I’ve sold 3 stroke labs for full asking price. People want to buy new tech. Forum posters here are the outliers. New Odyssey’s are selling great.
  5. If anything they have gotten better recently. New star insert feels great. Triple track isn’t a gimmick either but if you can’t stand it the black series looks great.
  6. Thanks for the date estimate. I’m surprised I can’t find any solid info on it. It must have sat in a closet for 30 years because it doesn’t have a mark on it and the paint fill looks perfect still.
  7. No, just not seen as a prestigious putter brand. Cleveland = cheap to me.
  8. I’ve never had the original. I can throw in a generic odyssey blade cover if you don’t have anything for it.
  9. They’re pretty sweet putters. In a brand blind test I bet most people would prefer them feel-wise over Scotty. However, the Cleveland name is just death for putters. I wish they would brand them as Srixon instead.
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