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  1. I’ve noticed they always seem to tout the test results at 10 ft and only 10 ft. I’m sure with a robot the tech does normalize mishits at that range, but it sure felt bad to me at other ranges. Making a putter dead in the middle isn’t good tech to me. I think that demo they do at that range and the reviews from the spy site and YouTube people are the only reason the brand took off otherwise because I don’t get it.
  2. I think these are the best feeling retail Scottys. Best way to describe them for me is firm but not harsh. Easy to get the weight you want too. I’ve always been surprised they aren’t more sought after
  3. $129 street price it seems. Don’t complain about a big company putting out a bargain priced putter This line has great shapes too
  4. Hi all, bought a nice putter from BYK this morning and now I need to clear out some things that aren’t being used. All prices include shipping and PayPal fees. Spider X “Tour” issue matte bottom plate, 34 in. single bend shaft, copper and white top. Stability shaft installed with Iomic grip. Some light wear on front corners and a little on the back, but top is perfect. No headcover but if you need one we can talk. $SOLD. Spider X slant neck, 34 in., navy with single white line top. Iomic grip. I’m original owner and it’s been indoor putted and played a round or two but basi
  5. Price is amazing, just need to see if it’s too mushy. Wonder if it’s the larger 7 head? The 7 also has a top line instead of dots (yay!). All the models look great.
  6. One thing about Swag is they hold their value. I had no worries about buying a Handsome One just to try because I knew I could flip it for nearly what I paid. Contrast that with Bettinardi which loses half of its value almost immediately. With current Scotty you’ll lose $75 too.
  7. I just ordered a Swag Handsome One and really, really like it. Milling is great and it feels great too. Should it cost $555 for something that isn’t really a custom putter? Probably not. But I think circle T and hive putters are ridiculous too. They aren’t any better, just unique and fun. Swag is the same thing - except I have Chun Li and happy Gilmore “green jacket who gives a s***” headcovers for my putter It feels most similar to the current Bettinardi BB range with Flymill I’d say. Contact feels like a solid soft thud. I think golf needs more companies like Swag - they
  8. Looks like RC face to me. The color scheme is a big improvement on the blue too. If that RC 6.0 made the 2022 line I’d be excited.
  9. MattUtah

    Spider EX

    I have one but I’m not sure what to think yet. I can’t decide if I like it better than the X or not. I like the feel of the insert. It feels more like an Odyssey. I never felt like the X insert was bad though. I like the alignment. I initially thought it was way too busy, but the dual lines are very easy to aim. I aimed it better than the 2-ball ten which really surprised me. It’s more forgiving than the X but I’m not sure if it makes that much of a difference. You can feel it’s higher MOI. I don’t like the taller head height vs the X. It just feels chu
  10. You’re doing it right. You don’t want the shaft hanging backward and adding loft. The Ten has so much weight hanging off the back it wants to lean back until you set it up. All that back weighting gives it MOI but makes it annoying to set up (for me too, I couldn’t stick with it). For example, you can compare the Ten to the Marxman mallet, which has the weight more forward, and see how much more neutral that one sits.
  11. I would have loved to see them refine this shape more but it seems like they’ve just moved on the Ten. I putted great with Indy but hated the insert in the Exo I had. I need to get a Toulon one eventually.
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