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  1. Just curious, how much money have you made in a match? This could be in a club tournament or just a match set up for your Saturday morning group.
  2. A couple years ago in the MD State Am I was making a late charge in the quarter finals to get the match back to 1 down going into the 16th hole at Columbia CC. Its a par 3 about 150 yards with a pond that runs short and all the way up the right of green. After winning the 15th hole with birdie I proceed to hit the flag stick on 16, ball bounces off the stick, bounces off the green and clean into the pond... I lose hole to a par and go 2 down with 2 to play. Couldn't make birdie on 17 and end up losing 2&1. I keep thinking to myself, what if my ball just goes in the hole instead of th
  3. Good afternoin I haven't read any of the prior posts though seeing these threads before and knowing WRXers, there's no shortage of bonehead posts along with some pure Platinum posts and advice. All that I would say is that you should Play as many Open Tourneys as you can and get some Tourney golf under your belt. Caps don't really mean that much as Nathan Smith, a +4.8-5.1 and 5-Time USGA Champion and he missed the cuts in 3 Web.com events on a Sponser's Excemptions along with missing the cut in his four Masters appearances(as a 4-Time Mid Am Champion), his best showing being 2 strokes ov
  4. Internet troll LOL I was waiting for one these. Love the honesty He's not a troll. I think he was getting in the spirit of you wanting some "straight talk". Anyway, it's just another response to evaluate and you asked for it! ;-) I would have to agree but the comment about "robbing my boss" is where I would disagree. Thanks for being real though
  5. Thank you for sharing your story and very extensive career! That is quite the run!
  6. Internet troll LOL I was waiting for one these. Love the honesty
  7. Damn. Was that shaft an upcharge? I was looking at those shafts
  8. I actually watch his vids all of the time! Love his content. But you are right. Thank you very much for the reply and advice
  9. Dude how the heck did you know I had a girlfriend lol But I would have to agree... sadly
  10. First off, thank you very much for this reply. Your experience truly shows with what you have written, and I appreciate that. I have never gone to a q school qualifier but a lot of the guys I play state tournaments with have gone to q school. I think a couple of them are actually playing this week in First Stage. These are guys I have beaten in the past. I have played a few mini tour events when I was younger. I was still classified as an amateur but I could hold my own out there, I cashed out a couple of times (gift card money cuz I was still an am) which felt amazing since some of these
  11. I know for a fact you are correct. If I cant be 100% committed to this cause then I would only be wasting time and money. I have had some success in the past but I feel like if I played tournament golf more frequently I would be able to go off of something and build my way up. Thank you for your advice and reply!
  12. This is great idea. My parents have a place down in FL, I know for a fact there are a number of mini tours down there. I will try that. But yeah the tour pros on tv are insane!
  13. This is something that would definitely help me... in MD I can only play about 9 months out of the year due to weather. If I want to even think about doing this thing it would start by moving to FL. Thanks for the reply man
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