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  1. Every single pro and scratch golfer will tell you to try to play one shot at a time. You can't redo the last one and you can't play the rest of them all at once, so it is rational to play them one at a time. Most of us don't have the mental discipline to let the bad shots go and stop projecting our score forward, but to the extent possible, it's about playing only the shot that is in front of you right this moment. One idea is to not let the conversation in your cart or foursome devolve into dissecting your round or anyone else's. It's really tough because after all, p
  2. I have this product and I think the key thing is to make sure the pad is FLUSHING the wall. It takes some practice to really get the pad parallel to the wall. You can easily touch the wall with the leading edge first and then roll the pad flush, but that's cheating the concept.
  3. The number one key to playing better golf is confidence. If limiting yourself to a certain set of options increases your confidence you will likely play better and have more fun to boot. I would think the approach you're considering would put a lot of pressure on your putting, especially if you hit into the odd greenside bunker or other trouble.
  4. It doesn't feel at all extreme in use. Even if the positions go a bit beyond what you'll actually accomplish in a swing, it's widely accepted that overdoing a feel is a shortcut to better understanding and implementation.
  5. Tempo and sequencing seem to be really critical with long irons. I think a lot of people get anxious and out of sequence.
  6. I have used a set of Srixon i506 irons off and on for at least ten years. Right now I have some 765’s in the bag but I will never sell the i506’s.
  7. Glad I saw this thread. These days you can get a lot of great shafts on eBay with the correct adapter installed so there's little incentive to try something outside the ordinary.
  8. The King Cobra Forged Tec are strong lofted without a ton of offset.
  9. I LOVED my SLDR Mini Driver. It was my go-to tee club for about a year while I was working on my swing. I tried an OO this year and it didn't have that kind of magic in my hands.
  10. I'm still carrying driver/3/5 which probably makes me a dinosaur but it works for me. I like having all the options at the top of my bag. My Rogue Draw driver is my tee club barring anything unusual (short fairway, tight dogleg, etc). My Epic Flash three wood is adjusted for higher loft and it is a cannon off a short tee. I am learning to hit it from the ground as well, but that is always going to be lie-dependent. I like to see the ball sitting up and just imagine it's on that short tee and it works pretty well. If the lie it dodgy I'll choose the five wood instead.
  11. I've had several lessons with the same pro over the last few seasons, and I have to say having a trained set of eyes on me has been super valuable in my understanding of the swing. I also digest a lot of YouTube content and I have bought a couple of series from online instructors. I think those things help too. I think it all sort of fits together, really. But having a live pro who is committed to me and who is open-minded enough to discuss all these other ideas is irreplaceable. I think the biggest help has been how we have both learned where my "natural" swing tendencies go
  12. I usually like Callaway irons but these don’t appeal to me at all.
  13. We went on a couples long weekend to Callaway Gardens and the guys played both the Lake View and Mountain View courses. The two courses share a clubhouse and club drop. The Mountain View is a traditional out-and-back layout while Lake View's routing takes you quite a distance from the clubhouse and has a refreshment stop behind the 10th green. Both courses have lush Bermuda fairways and rough with well-bunkered Champion Bermuda greens. Conditions as of Oct 2020 were excellent, even on a very rainy weekend. We played Lake View on Saturday. This is a shorter, less-chall
  14. For the last few seasons I've played PW, 52* gap and 58* sand/lob wedge. Most recently that was the Cleveland CBX 52 and 58, then I slotted my old Cleveland CG4 (?) 52/10 gap wedge back in. Last week I got a RTX4 58* low bounce to try in place of the CBX 58/10. I was really after the lower bounce with this change. I understand that using a sand or gap wedge for greenside shots is mostly a matter of technique and I've worked over time to develop those shots. The CBX 58* has allowed me to hit some great shots this season, but my persistent miss involved some variety of heavy contact
  15. Try leaving your ball position the same, but choose a spot an inch or two behind the ball and set up as if the ball was teed there instead. Basically use your three wood setup with your driver, but let the ball be a little forward of where you're setting up the club.
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