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  1. I've been playing with this too, but on shorter putts. I've always been pretty good at judging longer putts and I don't expect to hole them in any case. When I get closer to the hole, I want to avoid any mechanical or score-related thoughts and try to let my lizard brain take over. Looking at the hole seems to help with that inside 3-4 feet. Basically any putt that SHOULD be holed a high percentage of the time. For me looking at the hole is a way of controlling my expectations. It seems to work.
  2. Well, if you don't feel it that way, it will certainly never be a fact! Almost all of us give away our speed too soon. The goal is to give it away much later. Whether it's real or just a feel is sort of irrelevant IMO.
  3. Man, I feel so fortunate to have been a golf fan before, during and after the TW era. Younger people will never have the perspective of what it was like before Tiger. Curtis Strange's attitude in that interview is the perfect example of that. Strange had won three straight U.S. Opens or something like that, which was considered at the time to be an all-time accomplishment that ranked with the exploits of Bobby Jones or whatever. Tiger single-handedly rewrote the record books so thoroughly that Strange is now more of a footnote than a chapter heading. It makes me wonder whether this specific interview fueled even more determination in Tiger.
  4. If he's being truthful when he says he only cares about winning, that's refreshing in my book. Very few players in today's game think second place is first loser.
  5. Get some little flat tees like these to use on the mats. They get the ball up off the mat just enough to encourage you to hit the ball properly without a lot of mat impact. I painted mine with some leftover spray paint to make them easier to find after they go flying.
  6. Here's just a random screen grab where I started at $20MM in career earnings and included as many names as would fit. Some you expect to be there and some you probably don't. Needless to say, if you earned $20MM in prize money you probably collected at least as much in sponsor money, depending on the era during which you played your best golf. FWIW Mahan's career earnings are almost $31MM.
  7. We should probably get used to this in this era of silly levels of money on Tour. A lot of these guys have amassed $5-10mm of career earnings plus all their sponsor and corporate gig money. If it becomes pointless to play they have lots of other opportunities.
  8. Recency bias is big, and US bias too maybe? Rahm seems to be popular among his peers on Tour, and I assumed he’d get a lot of sympathy votes over the Memorial. Maybe guys though he should have been more careful and avoided that situation? Who knows.
  9. It seems like most people hit ball after ball without ever taking a break in between to think about what they're working on and whether or not they're getting closer to the right feel. I can't count the times I've left the range after a session and was able to clearly process what was going on during the drive home, thinking through things I had missed because I didn't slow down long enough to process. With that in mind, I've gravitated toward hitting only small buckets of balls, maybe 35-40 tops during a session. That causes me to have an intention for each ball and maintain my focus as I work through them. There's never a big pile of balls sitting there that I feel like I have to hit before leaving.
  10. Yes, but you also said you haven't bought or watched the videos that we're discussing.
  11. These are all coming from the same place, seems like.
  12. So you lack confidence in your driver and your four wood, but you're playing the tips? What's the thinking there?
  13. These discussions veer into the weeds so easily! I've watched through all the videos a couple of times. What Monte really seems to be emphasizing is that too many players have a V-shaped swing when they'd benefit from more of a U-shaped swing. He mentions a long flat spot too, but both that and the idea of a U-shape at the bottom of the swing seem to be at least partially conceptual, meant to give the student the feel or goal that helps them avoid anything similar to a V-shaped pattern at the bottom. I don't think anyone is advocating for having the club head close to the ground for a couple of feet versus a couple of inches, but a lot of us can benefit from the *concept* of having the club head feel closer to the bottom of the arc for longer. In one of his other series Monte does a whole segment on how most people should end up in the middle of any range of possibilities. Depth vs. width, body vs. arms, turning vs. shifting, closer to ball vs. further from it, etc etc etc. The extremes of any range of motion can be explored through drills and help us feel where we need to go, but trying to actually play from extreme positions is a dead end.
  14. That club allows non-members to play, at least on weekdays, so it should be fairly easy to go try it out. The layout there is uninspired. It originally started as a short, flat and tight nine-hole layout. Later they added a second nine that looks and plays more like what most club golfers want to see. There is still a distinct difference between the two nines though I've heard they've closed the gap in overall conditioning between the sides. There are funky features like consecutive short par three's and multiple trips through a metal culvert under the main road and very long drives between some holes. It's relatively flat so it should appeal to walkers, but unless they've re-routed it significantly it isn't particularly walkable. It doesn't feel like a great course when you're on it, by any means. It feels more like a $50 daily fee course. Judging the entire club experience based on quality of golf, overall cost, fellow members, food, and other non-golf amenities, I would say Ooltewah Club and Cleveland are similar and would rate about a 4 on a scale of 1-10. Council Fire would rate more like a 7.5 or so. It's a notable difference. All that aside, the best club for you is one you and your family will support and enjoy the most. I seriously doubt your wife is ever going to drive all the way to Council Fire to sit beside their small pool. You might end up playing much more golf and getting more practice time at a club so close to home. There may be some great organized games that help you meet a lot of your neighbors. All good stuff. And the price is right. I'd join Ooltewah before Cleveland for sure, because they're more or less comparable and also because Cleveland is very insular and full of people who've known each other forever and will not be motivated to get to know you. I don't know of a single person who lives in Greater Chattanooga who is a member at Cleveland. Belonging there will not expand your social circle in your new community unless you want to do all your socializing in Cleveland (and you definitely don't!).
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