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  1. I have the AMG Speed System content which relies heavily on the same concepts. The shift-turn/shift-turn and re-centering move feature prominently as do rope drills and step drills. They credit Dr. Kwon in the material so it's not as if they're pretending these are their own ideas. This thread has inspired me to get my rope back out and start using the drills again. When I was working with these drills I had one magical day of golf where it seemed like I hit almost every fairway and green and had a stress-free 77 with no birdies (I had like 12 makable birdie putts, but I was in a match play situation and was lagging a bunch of them to help my team). For whatever reason I couldn't capture that feel again, but then I wasn't super committed to the drills. I have a good 60 days here before the season really starts so now is a very good time to dive back in.
  2. My ortho surgeon said PT had very mixed results for this condition. I'm hoping the deep tissue massage will achieve about the same results as M.A.T. would. It's essentially the same thing, except with M.A.T. they're trying to locate and treat only the muscles that aren't firing. I assume a deep tissue massage of my arms and shoulders will be roughly as effective. The steroid shot has given me a lot of pain relief, but like others said it is probably only masking the symptoms. I am using the Flexbar and the massage and hoping for a pain-free 2022 golf season.
  3. I’m going for some deep tissue massage on both arms tomorrow. I’ve had MAT in the past and that helped a lot but my provider moved out of the area and I haven’t found another one. I’m willing to try acupuncture…my ortho guy said a lot of people get relief that way too.
  4. Sometimes we forget that there are a lot of poorly-designed golf holes out there. The local country club in my small town has a handful. At least they redesigned their greens, though. Before there were only about 3 viable pin positions on each one. Now they're more flexible.
  5. For sure! I'm trying out a set of Srixon ZX5's right now and they're meant to be more consistent than the Z565's I already had. I can see already that that's the case, especially the 5/6/7 where the speed and distance are more consistent than I can manage with the Z565's. The shorter irons are also very consistent if sort of uninspiring to hit. But I need to hit more greens and these may help me do that. I think choosing irons is kind of like choosing a paintbrush for a job. If you're just trying to cover the walls with paint as fast as possible you want the biggest brush you can find...but there is such a thing as *too* big when it comes time to cut in the edges.
  6. I prefer your approach to the usual "I've never tried those and here's why they suck" posts! I used to take lessons with a former touring pro. At the time he played Ping i3's with a lot of perimeter weighting and a wide sole. He showed me conclusively that he could hit every conceivable shot with those GI irons. High/low, cut/draw, punch, etc. He said "There's not a set of clubs sold at retail that can't do all that. Otherwise they wouldn't be golf clubs. The designers know what they're doing." Obviously the adjustments he might make to hit an extreme shape would be too severe for a muscle-back forging, but the intent was the same.
  7. Sounds like you're early in the process of learning your new track! Over many rounds the smart plays and aggressive lines will gradually reveal themselves. Enjoy the process.
  8. I think Cumberland Mountain's site makes some sense in its proximity to I-40 and especially Fairfield Glade. Tons of people travel there just to play golf and Cumberland Mountain features in a lot of the packages sold to those package groups. It's also fairly centrally located for amateur, small college and high school events and hosts quite a few of those. The one that is really hard to access is Tim's Ford. It's a geographical anomaly...twenty miles from everywhere!
  9. My driver SS is also low/mid 90's. My buddy loaned me a Radspeed with the Ventus Velocore black in stiff. I had a couple of good days with it when I was swinging really well, but most of the time I felt like the shaft was just a bit too much for me.
  10. I hope I'm able to describe this accurately. I'll put my main question up top for anyone who chooses not to read the detail below: Is it better for the swing feel of your irons to match your wedges (for accuracy) or your woods (for consistency/distance)? Is it possible to have both? ***** I have two sets of irons right now and will narrow that down to one for the 2022 season. Set one is Srixon ZX5's with MMT 105S shafts. They're standard length and SW is D4-4.5. When I swing the ZX5/MMT's the overall feel is very similar to a full wedge swing. I get a good sense of knowing where the club head is and I feel like I'm controlling it. It's easy to swing to a balanced finish. I don't feel like I need to muscle them, but I concentrate on making a full shoulder turn to get the best results. This isn't a bad feeling at all...it feels very tight and controlled. The 5/6 irons seem to launch higher than I'm used to which is a bonus. Set two is Srixon Z565's with Matrix Ozik F15's in regular (more like firm). These are a 1/2" long and SW more like D3. With these irons there's a sensation of the club head lagging behind just a bit and whipping through impact more. The shafts are slightly lighter, longer and softer and I'm sure that's where the 1/2 club of added distance comes from. It doesn't seem to be at the cost of accuracy and I can play well with these irons. But the swing feel is different, looser, and feels a bit more subject to timing. If I had to compare the feel to another club in the bag I'd say it's a bit more like swinging a hybrid or fairway wood. ***** All that said, here are my fitting questions: Do fitters try to match the "feel" of all 13 clubs to encourage consistency through the bag? Or, do you try to optimize the feel of each section of the bag for the best overall performance? Does it make more sense for your irons to feel more like wedges or more like woods, or neither? Alternately, if one prefers the tighter, controlled wedge type feel in their irons, should they try to fit into woods and drivers that also have that tighter feel? OR... ...am I just over-thinking this because there's snow on the ground and I can only hit on my mat in the basement??
  11. One of the most amazing phenomenons of social media marketing is the ability for certain brands to come out of nowhere and grab a high-end price point without much behind them other than a very professional site and consistent social ad buy. Tecovas boots, Criquet shirts, Goorin Bros hats and tons of others have become notable, desirable brands with very little retail investment or traditional advertising.
  12. The weather is a factor too, for sure. I'd rather play at Grand National in March than Cumberland Mountain.
  13. It seems reasonable to me to choose a driver company and commit, especially if there's a shaft you know and love. I've used Callaway's since the Fusion and basically just kept the shafts that worked with me along the way. It would take a lot for me to swap brands at this point. Considering that all the brands are using computers to design their heads these days I figure they all wind up in pretty much the same place anyway.
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