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  1. Looking for a gently used Cleveland Huntington Beach premier 11s putter in 33-34" Thanks
  2. Looking for a PXG proto driver in x flex. Open to either the x or x+.
  3. So many options to consider and opinions to consider. Will be very personal to your game and swing. For me, I landed on a 16 degree hybrid and a game improvement 4 iron. I can hit the 16 hybrid off the tee for control and still off the deck. Fly it 225, can get rollout to around 245 off deck. Can flight it low off tee easily. the 4 iron flies 215 and can hit it high enough to land relatively soft into greens if needed. I never saw a need for 3 wood with my length. I do keep a 5 wood 18 degree in backup which is another fairway finder but harder to flight down. Awesome club thoug
  4. Tour edge exotics, exs pro hybrid is awesome. For a cheaper option look at the older CBX 119 line. Love my long irons and these are awesome underrated clubs. 85g or so shaft in there would be ideal.
  5. Looking to see if anyone on here is looking to move a mavrik sz or a pxg proto x. have my eyes on the holiday sale and call away prepared deals, but before they run out I figured I would check here first. ideally a stiff-x stiff shaft included. let me know. thanks
  6. I agree, the d7 forged feel nice and appear to be really solid performers. I currently play the v6 and tested the d7 forged out at my local store. Left the test really impressed. I could see someone who needs a touch more confidence with the slightly larger heads and some more distance really clicking with these. I am excited to test out the new Wilson cbs coming out against my v6.
  7. @mgoblue83 Thank you for the response. I have very little experience with any sort of launch monitors. I guess what I am hoping to learn from my numbers, is more what can I learn from numbers on a GCHawk? What should I be paying attention to that is of value when I am practicing indoors this winter? What you say makes sense with the loft, as Though they are 8iron vs. 7 Iron the difference is only 1 degree difference in the sets. The 7 Iron is 1 degree stronger than the 8 in the other set. "For example: if you are seeing the ball start left and curve right then it's a p
  8. I pull long irons when I over swing and have a strong grip myself. I would test out two things. choke up a touch, maybe 1-2 inches. Address the ball a touch more vertical with the shaft than your used to. Basically making the club head a bit more upright.
  9. This winter I am working indoors on a foresight gchawk launch monitor pretty regularly. Have a membership and can use it whenever I like only 3 minutes from my house. Thank you PGASS for opening up right by me! Now that I have all of this data at my disposal, I am trying to best understand what it all tells me. Of course I am getting numbers, and not why I am getting those numbers and I understand that. I guess what I am looking for is what should I be paying attention to the most? Spin, carry, descent angle? I need to probably learn to throw out my bad ones as well.I included som
  10. Hello Everyone, I have a few items up for sale for you today. To keep the wife happy, I must offset the number of boxes coming in with a few going out. Golf packages are way to obvious I guess, no way to continue to blame them on "Christmas gifts". I did my best to capture condition of items for you. If you need any other photos or have questions just let me know. I will ship out quickly, no longer than 24 hours after the sale. All prices include shipping. I would be willing to consider trades as well, Open to putters and Drivers PXG Driver, M6, Srixon Z785, Cleveland Premier
  11. Also, I shipped a package in the 17th at 5pm using ups. A gap wedge. This was shipped to New Jersey and a day or so before that huge snowstorm hit. Cheapest ground ups option, cost me $14, or 4$ more than usps would have cost. It arrived yesterday. 4 days basically. This was out of Columbus ups store.
  12. I’m in Columbus myself and just received 2 packages via usps. They are behind for sure. Mine only sat 3 and 5 days each time in “in transit arriving late “ i set text notifications so it would update me. Each day I would get excited thinking it has updated, nope. Then all of a sudden will update then be out for delivery the next day. My local post said between having people out with quarantine for COVID and increase in online shopping it is a mess. chances are not lost. mom April I had same situation via a sale I made on eBay. I did refund the buy. That one took 6 weeks to arrive. When i
  13. Detailed write up and research. Props to you @SnowmanShanks. I love playing with putters and testing various options out. A lot of what you saw in regards to aim and misses seem to match my overall conclusions, albeit no scientific method in my reasoning. Righty golfer. Full shaft offset Intend to miss on the pull side. Longer flange line, I tend to miss right. Top line is definitely a left miss bias. Center shafted is push even though I think I aim it well. had decent success with full shaft offset flow neck with liner flange line. Maybe it took my left miss with my right aim and
  14. I will say also, and not sure if everyone would Agree. I would be hesitant to get fit if I was a new golfer. I would invest in a few lessons and figure your swing out first. Then get fit once you have your swing. If you get fit on a swing in process, there is a good chance those fit for you clubs will no longer quite work the same way as you develop your swing. Enjoy the game and figure out what works! That’s the fun of it
  15. @jbmoonchild From my experience, I had issues with controlling the face of the driver at 45.5. I am also 5'9". My swing felt a bit out of control. You appear to be on the younger side like me and probably have decent strength and speed. I found success with X Stiff Shafts in the 68-78 gram range. Atmos tour spec Black 6x or Hzrdus Black 6.5. With my playing length at 44-44.5. These are more on the stout side for sure and helped me feel more in control of the swing. I could lower my hands and get after it and play a draw. I could also comfortably raise my hands a bit which seemed to produ
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