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  1. I do really like the 585 in the 4 iron. That may stay as I do my testing. Shaft is key!!!
  2. I am actually currently switching my combo set to full set of 785s. Pulling my 585s in the long irons and replacing with 785s. I do like the 585s , I just need the ability to work them a bit more, hoping I don’t miss the forgiveness as the 585s I get away with a lot of questionable swings. These 585 heads could use a new home if you were interested
  3. Looking for 4-6 or 5-6 of 785’s. Lookin to replace the 585 in my combo set with the 785s in the longer irons. thanks
  4. Does anyone know the sizing of the exotic grips? Lizard, ostrich, stingray styles
  5. Looking to see what is out there to test out. interested in 902’s, pf1,pf2, mb 623. Combo sets, etc. stiff to soft x-stiff shafts. not trying to break the bank as this is a total flier with no chance to hit them. thanks in advance
  6. Taylormade Ardmore 3 is compact with a flow neck that may work well with your stroke. And can be had cheap new on the bay. Insert is not overly soft, I really enjoyed mine when I had it.
  7. Alright everyone, looking to sell a few items that deserve better homes. brought these in new a little over a week ago and just didn’t work out like I had hoped. Great clubs and sure to make someone happy. Prices are shipped 1. tour edge exotics cbx 119 19 degree hybrid with stock even flow black 6.5 85gm shaft. In great condition, some brush marks at bottom of face from light testing. Everything else is super clean. Comes with head over. $sold 2. Tour edge exotics cbx 119 16.5 degree 3-wood. With hzrdus black 6.5 shaft 70gm. Hit less than 20 balls with this one.
  8. Swing weight should increase making the head feel heavier. Could make it feel even more stable with the weight. If your not used to a heavier putter, my experience is I tend to leave putts short until I get the feel of it. Just takes some time. the 85gm grip that came with is quite normal I would say for a rubber grip. Those are preferred by many due to their feel and feedback. With the milling of the mizuno, you will probably feel a difference going to the p2. Not a bad difference necessarily, but a difference in feedback as well as head weight. hope it works out well!
  9. Hey everyone, Brought these in from some other great sellers from here a few weeks ago. Just didn’t quite fit my game like I had hoped. Looking to pass on the deals I received to someone else. -PXG Proto head 9 degree with 2 extra weights (10 and 5 gm). Comes with black leather head cover. (Full disclosure, the adapter screw is starting to strip a bit. It secures but could use being replaced. Which I confirmed with PXG is cheap and easy and available through them and other places.) $sold head only -Hzrdus T1100 6.0 shaft 75 gm Shaft measures 43.25 with pxg
  10. Looking to sell my Queen B #6 that just came in yesterday. (I know, I never even gave it a shot) While waiting for it I decided to go a different direction, though it is stunning in person. Took it out to the putting green for only 20 minutes right after it came in, not a mark on it. Putter measures and was ordered at 33.5” , 69 degree lie and 3 degree loft. has the stock lamkin sink fit straight jumbo grip. Comes with stock head cover. $SOLD shipped ups or FedEx. OBRO
  11. Have you tried the bettinardi sink fit jumbo? I found these To be awesome, a touch lighter than the jumbo deep etched and feel so good in the hands. Rubber all the way over the super strokes
  12. Got it from Amazon. The adapter seems just fine, but I bought it just for the screw. The screw that came was about a 1/4 inch shorter than the stock one I was trying to replace. Did not come close to threading when I tried. the Amazon one looks the same to the ones from eBay. I contacted pxg this evening so maybe they can point me in the right direction.
  13. I am trying to figure out how I can find a replacement adapter screw for my pxg proto. The one I have is getting stripped and I need to replace before it is fully stripped. looking for the screw that states in the head that is held in by the rubber washer. I found one online that came with an adapter but when it arrived the screw was too small. Either a cheap knockoff or was made for a different head. many insight on how I can source a replacement screw?
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