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  1. I second Callaway preowned. Fantastic customer service and great deals on quality clubs. You will find a fantastic deal. Pay attention to the right flex and length of irons and woods. You cna easily get out under 1200 with a great setup
  2. Looking for some extra weight in my Toulon. Currently have the stock 7g weight plate in. Anyone have a 20 or 25g plate or kit they can part with? I have a Garage Madison that I want the plate to work with Thanks in advance
  3. Update: just received my replacement toulon garage Madison from CPO. They sent one to replace the one that was stolen off my porch. Once again, fantastic customer service and going above and beyond to replace. Still impressed by that. To my surprise, they were able to send out the same specs garage Madison. Rolled it today and really like it so far. No indication of the customs on the descriptions so was quite a gamble. Came in with no sight line, just a naked rose gold. Never played a naked putter before but first day out on the putting green it worked better than I could have hop
  4. I switched to the Wilson V6 from Taylormade p770 and the feeling is much better. I agree with some others above. You have an awesome iron in the v6's. They feel great, surprisingly forgiving for a good ball striker, consistent distances, and they look soooooo good in the bag. Many ask me about them on the range and on the course. It is a club that just doesn't get much attention by the masses but turns heads. Now I may be biased as I love my Wilson's but I understand the "need" to always look for what's next. When I get bored on a rainy day i venture to some big box stores to just see wh
  5. Yeah I was very impressed. I will be very likely to buy from them again and promote to friends based on that alone.
  6. All these responses definitely make some consider how I ship items from here on out. Registering delivered day prior, then delivering next day seems like it would be hard to keep up with in their end. Pretty shady
  7. Patience is a virtue.... I checked the tracking this morning. And look at that, it updated and says it has arrived in the Destination city's distribution center and in transit to final destination. Maybe it took some golfwrx posting to help move it along
  8. Oh wow, so there is hope. The buyer seemed like a very genuine person and did mention if it is to show up, he will send me back the money or ship the club back. We will see what happens. Usps provided me with absolutely zero answers of where it might even be. Who knows, hopefully I get a nice surprise. Glad it worked out for you!
  9. Wow, yeah that is tough. Sorry to hear that. I feel your frustrations even though I can't imagine it being with a new to you circle t. Best of luck getting it back or hope insurance can cover.
  10. I sold a putter back on July 22nd. It still shows something along the line of. "Your package is in transit to the next facility. It will arrive late" . However, it has been like this for 4 weeks! Usps told me to go Ahead and file a claim and I got no answers where it might be. Refunded the buyer and I'm out a putter. Update on CPO. I talked dto them today and they offered to send me a replacement for the putter that went missing. I would say obvious package theft. I was really surprised and extremely happy to hear they would send a replacement. Was not expecting that. Kudos to CPO
  11. I am heartbroken. I pulled the trigger on a toulon Madison garage with rose gold finish and the h2 long neck. It was from callaway pre-owned and got a pretty good deal on it. I always wanted to try and switch to a blade style from mallet. I was set on either a long neck or mid/long slant neck. I found the one I wanted and went for it. I instructed ups to leave the package on my back patio(apartment) which backs up to a fence, very private. No one is ever back there besides landscapers. Seemed like the best idea since I wouldn't be back to get it until later.
  12. Never seen a counterfeit toulon. Though I agree with most above. Resale is terrible, which also provide opportunity for deals. I am waiting on a toulon garage Madison with the long neck h2 from CPO in the rose gold finish. Arrives Friday. Paid a whole $178 total for the putter. (Called CPO and asked about item as some details were missing, asked if I could get a better price over the phone and offered an additional 20% off for me). Just couldn't pass up the deal. Plus free returns if condition is not what I expected.
  13. Hey all, I'm looking into getting a 3 and 5 wood to round out the top of my bag. Most likely Mizuno st190. I play the 6x ts black in my driver and it is a pretty stout shaft albeit on the lighter side. I swing my driver roughly 110 club head speed. And my launch is pretty low with this. Low lasers. Would the 6s in the Atmos blue be too whippy and too much flex for my game? If I cut them down a 1/2 inch from grip end will that make them play stiffer? Do you tend to stick to x-stiff across all woods? My iron shafts I play are 120 stiff and I like those a lot. I'm looking at mainly getting a hi
  14. Update! I have landed on a Mizuno st190g with the Atmos tour spec black 6x cut down to play at 44.5. Weights in the back and set loft 1 notch up to provide a draw bias. I figured I wanted from match the length of my old R7 as I was having issues hitting the sweet spot with stock 45 and 45.5 lengths. I have had great success with this set up. Long high baby draws. Occasional straight low missles. And the very rare low hook when I get too fast. Or a super high push if I get lazy. Happy with where I am at so far, not quite as consistent as my R7 as a fairway finder though I am getting more
  15. I was thinking this same thing myself. Maybe they have a brand new R7 somewhere in the warehouse archive they can replace it with.
  16. I was thinking this same thing myself. Maybe they have a brand new R7 somewhere in the warehouse archive they can replace it with.
  17. Today was the day I have been dreading for years. My beloved R7 Superquad finally cracked. She had a great run as you can see from the wear on the face. 12 years of pure Bliss. Will I ever find another fairway after this?
  18. Nike lunar control vapor 2 in black found at Marshall's in Durham,NC. $29.99. left 2 there a 9.5 and a 10.5. Great deal in my eyes. Picked some up for myself, brother, dad, and friend. Also had some great deals on women's Nike golf shoes.
  19. Ill get a photo up here later this evening. But it hangs around 5pm on a clock, assuming 3 was face balanced. It has some toe hang to it. I was stuck on face balanced putters thinking it was best for my stroke, but never felt super comfortable. Picked this up and it just felt right, even though I know I do not have the strongest arc in my stroke.
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