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  1. I'm playing Ping G30 LST stock TFC stiff tour 65 shaft. 9* neutral setting. I finally started hitting it straight last summer. I wanted to try and upgrade this summer but decided to hold off any serious purchases for next summer. I played some of my better rounds this summer gaming this driver. The only thing I'm thinking about doing is adding some lead tape to the toe so I can prevent playing from the left rough. I don't think I need to upgrade, so change my mind!
  2. Hello, I'm looking to sell a couple pieces to prepare for a move. If my wife sees me shipping these out, then she won't care about the new stuff I have coming in. I can ship USPS priority on these to lower 48. I'm flexible on prices, just PM me. Slight dogleg on this one. Ping Moonlite, previous generation (2018). I used this for less than 10 rounds. Great bag but I never use it. $130 with shipping Sold CBX 119 3W, I purchased this used off eBay with very little wear. I used it for 12 rounds. I decided I would like to keep my old CB4. It has a b
  3. I'm wondering if Titleist releases these on a certain cycle? I'd like to see if they start producing practice versions of yellow proV1 and yallow proV1xs
  4. Do you typically play one course or are you playing many courses with out a driver? How is it working for you?
  5. @eclectic taste I second this. Would you consider playing Washington National? Another fun course ~30 mins from SeaTac. Although I'm not sure of the current state with fires & smoke.
  6. Do you track strokes gained via karma? But seriously, I have thought about doing this before, do you have your own mix or do you take some from the course you're playing?
  7. I walk 95% of my rounds with an older Ping 4 series with 4 dividers. 8-14 clubs depending on what kind of round I’m playing. 32-52 ounces of water, two towels, a light jacket, rangefinder, about 12 balls and 2 granola bars. Taking the time to balance everything on the straps helps. The better my hydration the easier it seems to be too.
  8. Uniqlo.com usually has some nice options. They're not marketed as "golf pants" but some water resistant and breathable materials. They also has some heavier weight options for colder climates available too. They often mark items down on their website or mailing list as well as different deals in store.
  9. As the title reads, I've had the same stand bag for sometime now (I think since 2012 or 2013) and I'm looking for something similar to Ping's older 4 series. I loved the straps and balance on this bag but I'm thinking I can find something a little more updated and lighter weight. Hopefully something reasonably priced that I can get a few years out of. I'm not really concerned with cart use as I primarily carry. Waterproof is a plus but not a necessity.
  10. I still have my Tour Edge CB4 but I haven't used it since last summer. I recently started playing well with my G30, so now I want to go back and play a few rounds with my CB4 and compare the two. I always played well with the CB4 but felt I was missing out on some forgiveness.
  11. When I go to a thread I have previously viewed I would like to return to the last page I had viewed please.
  12. I’ve been wondering about this flex dilemma as I’ve been able to practice more and grow more confident in my swing. I feel moving from stiff to regular in my woods and longer clubs (and eventually all of them?) my swing would be more efficient and precision would be more consistent. In my experience in hockey I’ve played a softer shaft so I can shoot more accurately and release quicker with less effort. A firm flex can give me more satisifaction when I get a hold of one but results are unpredictable. There’s many differences between these sports but I think the physics are too sim
  13. I was in the same boat, but I was tired of using a GPS app on my phone so I just bought it. I considered it a win because it had good reviews, was considerably less expensive than bigger name models with similar functions, and now my phone stays in the bag lol.
  14. I highly recommend the Caddytek. The model I have has lock confirmation and it also has the Costco return policy to go with it.
  15. I played two rounds with it this week. No complaints, I would recommend this for anyone seeking a rangefinder. The magnification was nice and clear. It provided a fast reading and vibrated when identifying a flag.
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