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  1. I haven’t found a good topic for this question but I’m wondering if anyone has bought a half set of new irons from a pro shop recently? If so, how did it go and do you have any notes or suggestions? I know people say it’s possible just wondering how that process goes.
  2. Is it CB4 Tour? I’m still using mine but I’m definitely looking to replace it like you’ve said.
  3. @QuigleyDU How much has “SIM” played into it’s design?
  4. Hello, I'm looking for your best tip when it comes to managing one's golf ball and navigating a course. In other sports I've always been coached to react to action. Phrases like "anticipate the play" or "know what to do when the ball is hit/passed/thrown to you." A golfer's experience tends to be different in many factors. A golfer reacts to a lie, a ball reacts to a golfer, etc. Regarding course management and going beyond "Keep it in the short grass" , what is your go to tip to yourself when playing? Most recently I've had success by taking note of all my yardages
  5. Make the sacrifice for us all @Myherobobhope , place the order
  6. I played V1x for awhile but right now I’m reaching for TP5 or MTB black. When these are gone I’m going to ProV1.
  7. Did Ping sell their ball as a dozen of one pair of colors like these or did they mix them up? I would be fine with a multi-color dozen or mystery color dozen. Also, I’m more concerned with matte finish, it’s not my favorite. I would be more interested in gloss finish but I understand, they gotta move some units!
  8. I would love a pair of TW 13 soles + fast fit lacing. I’m sure it wouldn’t look great but it would be super comfortable.
  9. I have looked for these too and they are not available.
  10. I'm on the hunt for some DIY regripping and I have not been able to find a recent thread (last 6 mos.) suggesting best place to restock on grips. I realize it's regripping season so I may be looking at the wrong time but l'd like to buy 20-25 full cord standard grips. I'm trying to find least expensive brands like Karma but I'm no having any luck. I'm also complicating things by trying to find a reputable seller/retailer and trying to avoid eBay or Amazon. So far most places like Hireko and Value Golf are sold out.
  11. So there’s nothing wrong with my logic of picking red numbers because I think they look way better than black numbers?
  12. I might get roasted for these but I found them on eBay for a decent price but I’m still not coming up with much on a google search. Does anyone have prior knowledge on these?
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