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  1. This me with the 60. I really only use it if I NEED to elevate quickly, other than that it is just getting cute with shots. The more I think about it, I have a hard time with the 120-130 yd shot, I don't play back on my pw very well.
  2. These are all good points, thank you! I have a gift card to my local golf shop for $250 that is burning a hole, so maybe I'll get a 50 and 54. However, my ap2s came with a 50, should I give it a try? What do ppl think about set (ap2) gap wedges vs say vokey?
  3. I have titleist ap2 718 irons with vokey sm7 wedges in 52, 56, and 60. I hit my 52 out to 120 yds, pw to 135-140, 9 150...I've never given it much thought till now, but I won a 58 and wondered if I could address th gap between my 52 and pw. I am very use to my distances with my wedges bc I've been hitting them for so long, but should I force myself to change? Thanks
  4. I played the taylormade rocketblazes tour for 5 years, really like them.
  5. I hit the OG taylormade rocketballs driver for years and then decided to upgrade to the 2016 m2. Hated it. Tried every brand from titleist, callaway, the new TM stuff and srixon. Then picked up a g400 max and never looked back. Best driver I've ever hit.
  6. Been thinking about moving away from my odyssey #7, not for any specific reason, just wanting to try something different. I like the look of the scotty select squareback, much more than the Newport. Does anyone have experience with both the 2018 model and the 2020? Which do you prefer? Are they worth the money? Should I stick with my odyssey? Thanks
  7. I think I will try to trade it in for a 10 deg bounce with the S grind (same as 56). Next question is how much/little difference is it going to be from my 60? I really like hitting a 3/4 56 from about 90 yds, but struggle with distance control inside of that. Yes, I need to PRACTICE, but just don't!
  8. My 56 is a vokey sm7 S grind with 10 bounce. I like it, am very comfortable hitting it from 100 and in.
  9. So I play ap2 718 irons with 52, 56, 60 wedges. I know that may not be the optimum wedges for my iron set, but they are what I am use to and comfortable with, at least the 52 and 56. The 60 however, I rarely use unless I need to get one up quick. I won a 58 in a tourney today with a 12 bounce and would like to play it. I don't usually take a big divot, more of a sweeper. Should I play it or trade for less bounce?
  10. I called customer service but got a recording saying they were no longer taking calls due to the F-ing virus...
  11. Today I hit one off the toe a bit and de ted/cracked the face of my ping g400 3 wood! I just got this off ebay this winter and was really starting to like it...I called ping customer service and they said they were no longer taking calls due to the damn virus! I can't seem to find an email on their website for this sort of thing, so am I going to have to take it to a dealer even though I didnt purchase it from them?
  12. FX something or other from pawn shop Callaway Big Bertha Taylormade Tour Burner Taylormade Rocketbladez Tour Titleist AP2 718
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