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  1. Up for sale are - Ventus Black 6x Velocore - Tipped .5inch, total length tip to grip of 43.75in, plays (with PXG adapter) @ 45.25in. Has a pure DTX grip with lower hand built up. Looking for $old shipped. Just looking to get a new one built at this length tipped 1in - Fresh built set of Cobra CB/MB irons. 4/5 CB, 6-W MB. Standard L/L/L. Tour velvet align with 1 extra wrap. $taper 130x. Custom black/white paintfill Irons are in great shape with minimal amount of bag chatter. Lead tape on 9 and wedge to get swing weight to d4ish, can remove before shipping. All irons built to SW and are right around the d3 mark, can get you a listing of each club SW though. Only will either sell as assembled or heads only. Looking to get $610 obo shipped pin 7/4
  2. Try the new TP5x out, bit more iron spin and short game spin. Z star XV also a solid option. BXS is probably one of the highest spin options out though
  3. 1. Scotty Cameron Futura X 5r - 35". Putter was originally 34" but an extension has been added and the weights have been swapped to match the length. If interested, I may still have the old weights. Putter is in amazing shape, 1 small nick on the black bottom plate. GP Pro Only grip (pictured) just installed - $350 shipped, but willing to negotiate 2. HZRDUS Smoke Yellow 6.5 70g - 42.5". PXG tip and midsize Z - Cord. Nearly brand new - $75 shipped
  4. Any of the offering from Srixon from the zu45 and up honestly, all great
  5. Thanks all! ill pull trigger and see how they are
  6. Anyone know how these quarterzips fit? Athletic build, 6ft 180, some of their shirts very in size for me (i wear medium, some are somewhat tight, others are a relaxed athetlic fit) dont want to buy a few and have to return them
  7. I would just to see how it feels. I like to keep everything consistent in regards to timing/etc and throwing some tape on to keep the same swing weight isnt a bad idea
  8. Has anyone played both of these and have any comparisons? I play x100s but love the feel of $ Tapers as well, but never played them. Anyone have feedback to how they actually compare?
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