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  1. Thanks all! ill pull trigger and see how they are
  2. Anyone know how these quarterzips fit? Athletic build, 6ft 180, some of their shirts very in size for me (i wear medium, some are somewhat tight, others are a relaxed athetlic fit) dont want to buy a few and have to return them
  3. looking for KBS $-Taper (normal or HT) shafts 130x 4-p
  4. I would just to see how it feels. I like to keep everything consistent in regards to timing/etc and throwing some tape on to keep the same swing weight isnt a bad idea
  5. Has anyone played both of these and have any comparisons? I play x100s but love the feel of $ Tapers as well, but never played them. Anyone have feedback to how they actually compare?
  6. honestly brand new x45 series srixons are probably worth a pretty penny, would hop on them immediately
  7. Im partial to srixon irons, so thats my vote. both great sets though. i think the sole design is nice to have and buttery soft
  8. With how easy they were to deal with, I wouldnt worry about it much. They were super helpful and replied quickly as well
  9. Luckily it was may driving iron and isnt the same shaft as my other irons, they are in fact sending me a different model though. The guy I have been emailing with has been great and is hooking me up with the S Taper lite. KBS gets a thumbs up from me
  10. Anyone else ever snapped a shaft like this?? Was playing yesterday and when I started my downswing it snapped right between my hands. Anyone ever dealt with KBS warranty? They already responded to me saying it should be covered but I was also hoping to switch model to $-Taper Lite
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