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  1. Yes, but… Most golf shops usually recommend sending them to Ping for lie/loft adjustments. Ping will adjust and even paint the dot with the appropriate color code. To my recollection, they’ll do a one time adjustment for free.
  2. JPX Hot Metal Pro with Project X LZ 6.0 Ordered March 11, received shipping notice today. So...10 weeks to the day.
  3. Ordered Apex 21, 5-PW with TT Elevate 115X shaft on April 29. Right now, Callaway website projects shipping in October.
  4. Can anyone recommend a good 1-2 day short game clinic? Preferably Western US, and not $3k...or whatever riduculous amount Pelz charges.
  5. New drivers $550+ after tax, with a stock shaft. Ridiculous! The main reason a driver is the oldest club in my bag.
  6. In my recent experience, FedEx has been better than UPS. And way better than USPS. An eBay purchase shipped via USPS, took over a month for a domestic parcel. Awful!
  7. > @boycer11 said: > Anyone hit these vs the glide 3.0? I had the original cbx but thought they were to chunky. If you thought the original CBX was too chunky, you won't like the new version either. The profile and shape of the club is virtually identical.
  8. Wilson FG Tour V6. Great club, great feel, great reviews, fair price. Hard to complain about that.
  9. > @MaineMariner said: > I recently bought the Evnroll Tour Stroke as I had been messing around with it at Golf Galaxy for months. I bought it as a training aid, but I'll be damned if I'm not just absolutely draining putts with this thing. It feels ridiculously stable when used in the "play" mode, as Evnroll calls it. > What exactly is different about the "play" mode? I tried this putter in store and liked it as well.
  10. Apex 19 vs 16. Played the 16’s for awhile, but like some, had problems with distance control. Distance on well struck shots could easily vary 10+ yards. Is anyone having this issue with the 19’s?
  11. What do you do? Whatever it takes
  12. How's spin from <100 yds on the Supersoft and Srixon?
  13. Wilson Staff FG Tour V6. Yes Wilson...seriously. The reviews are off the charts. The cart "boys" at a course I play commented on my irons and said he's seen several others gaming them too. All the guys he talked to raved about them. Every time I see the golf pro, he wants see and touch them, ha!
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