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  1. Thanks for the feedback! So bad news, before you posted this I booked a round at the Silver course. Will it be better than the run of the mill county courses im used to in NJ? That is what I normally play so a step or two above that and I will be happy. I can still cancel so I will look into those others as well. Decent rental clubs being the biggest factor.
  2. I love my matte red Callaways but these are just, something else! I can see the putting aid aspect and when you tee it up at least you can put one color facing you but when its out in the fairway, rough, etc and you're seeing both colors that would mess with me.
  3. Im looking at Trump Doral. Three of the courses are "reasonably" priced at under $200 a round with one that is way more expensive (Blue Monster). Any advice on which of the other three to play? Sliver Fox, Golden Palm or Red Tiger?
  4. Hi everyone, Im visiting a friend in Key Largo the first week in May and am looking to get out one day and play (Mon/Tues/Wed). Im not hauling my clubs down for one round so a place that offers rentals (hopefully decent) is necessary. Open to any recommendations! Thanks! Tom
  5. I (mostly) play a Callaway Superhot Bold in red. If color isnt your thing you can get them in white as well. I knows its not a urethane ball but it does have 3 layers and I like the distance I get with it. Ive played this ball for almost two years now and Im sure im losing some performance with the surlyn cover but I know the distances I hit it and feel it works for the rest of my game.
  6. My hang up comes right from their main page with this quote: "Designed to compete with Titleist ProV1, Callaway Hex Chrome, Vice Pro, and other major tour balls." Callaway Hex Chrome? Callaway hasnt used that name for their premium ball in many years, so what rock did these guy crawl out from under when writing their website??
  7. I played with a twosome where one of the guys had PXG clubs, it was apparently his second round with them. Every time he would hit a bad shot his buddy would yell "PXG!!" in his loudest and best Bob Parsons impression. Darn near keeled over laughing! It did get old after the 18th time.....
  8. That wide blade!! Be still my heart!
  9. Your clubs are probably a lot nicer than mine! I did get a new M6 driver, so that bad boy will stay covered. My Top Flite 3w (which I actually hit pretty well so I wont replace) can go naked sometimes.
  10. Skipping step #3 is a good way. I dont keep my headcovers on when in a cart sometimes and on a smooth course, so they have fallen out. I also haphazardly toss them when I take them off so I may leave it behind if its not right in front of my face. Ive also lost one right in front of a clubhouse that someone pocketed.
  11. Or sell them on eBay to people like me who tend to lose headcovers all the time!
  12. Twism86

    White Hot OG?!

    I never understood those. Are they tour quality 100% GSS? Or is there just a circle T stamp on them that triples the price?
  13. Twism86

    White Hot OG?!

    Im in the market for a milled putter, if you noticed my other threads/replies. Last night I went to practice my White Hot RX #1 and made so many putts I was wondering why I feel like I need to spend money?
  14. Twism86

    White Hot OG?!

    It does seem to be that way. If someone has a milled putter for $300-350, why not spend a little more for the Scotty. That is what surprises me so much about the Toulon's being $450, I love the look of them but why not spend less for a Cameron?
  15. Is there a reason we care about all this?? LOL The elite players in the world get exactly what they want, even if its not traditional or what "should" work. Makes no difference to us weekend hackers.
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