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  1. Watching Hatton now. Any shot that is less than perfect, even minor misses, get him all pissy and slamming his club into the ground or green. Unenjoyable to watch. Nothing but complaining and temper tantrums.
  2. In my bag I have a mix of Callaway superhot bold in red and Kirkland K3. I honestly never noticed a difference but I never tested for it either. Does anyone have a stimpmeter to take to a green and check?
  3. Hit it in the fairway, problem solved! Now, only if I could take my own advice...... No need to make balls more expensive and complicated. If its lost, drop and move along. We have a 3 minute search rule that gets ignored by every amateur out there. THAT is what I want to see the course rangers enforcing. They see a group start looking, start the clock!
  4. I was having a similar issue with some of my low bounce wedges. They were great to open up but on a square shot, they could dig in. I play Callaway wedges so I cant comment on the grinds since you have Vokey. I went up in bounce on all my wedges to give more forgiveness on square shots. The open face shots are amazing when you pull them off but the margin for error is much higher than hitting it square. My gap wedge has 10* of bounce and my SW is 12* with a wide sole. The extra bounce is more forgiving on square shots but still lets me lay the club pretty open. Try going up just 2* of bounce t
  5. Then you will plateau at a certain level of play and start to get out less! Although, two full rounds a months is pretty slow month as it is, hell, I played 36 yesterday!
  6. I never play with anything on the line, so first guy to the box gets to hit. I understand in competitive play. I myself tuck in my shirt 80% of the time or more. When I dont tuck in my shirt I have a few golf shirts that are on the shorter side that I will wear so I dont look too goofy. I do like looking presentable on the course. If invited to a nicer course than my usual haunts I will always step it up.
  7. Golf should only be played as ready golf. No one cares who hits first from the tee. Also, who cares about an untucked shirt? Its more comfortable half of the time anyway. Lighten up Francis! As long as you are polite on the course and treat the course and playing partners with respect nothing else matters.
  8. If I absolutely smash my driver I can hit it maybe 240-245. Long courses suck!!! Ill play the short tees all day long, I dont need the ego boost anyways
  9. Another vote for a Ping G400/410 at 17.5*. Adjust to a lower loft if you want, such an easy club to hit!
  10. Played 36 yesterday, first time getting 2 rounds in on the same day. Very enjoyable. Walked my first round at Heron Glen and rode in the afternoon at Neshanic Valley. Both courses in good condition. Had a burger and a beer in between rounds. I lost my Ping 5W head cover as I was loading my cart, in front of the pro shop at Neshanic and surprisingly it never showed up. So, to the person who stole my head cover I hope you snap your favorite club, get TWO flat tires and a busted windshield on the way home from your next round!!! Karma is a biotch!
  11. One of the biggest issues Rutgers always has with its fairways is drainage. After a big summer rain it pools in some places, then when its 90+ the next day or so it bakes those spots down to hard mud.
  12. Thanks for the replies. Maybe I missed a good deal but in the end it’s wasnt what I was looking for. I would have had to pay for it before giving it a look in person which I was not really comfortable with.
  13. Hi experts! Found this on FB marketplace for $120. Seemed like a great deal so I jumped offering the full asking price. He send me a subsequent video with some closeups and things looked off. Do you think this was a fake? The “Newport” on the bottom wasn’t red like it should be. Also the red dot on the back of the face was poorly colored in, with color bleeding over the edges of the circle. Also, the shaft sticker was missing and he had no idea what I meant by it. I ended up passing on it. Price was too good and too many spidey senses tingled that something was up. Let me know what
  14. I play with people wearing graphic tee shirts and cargo pants or jeans all the time! Golf can be as simple and cheap or expensive and exclusive as you wan to make it. Not everyone needs or wants the newest iPhone just like not everyone needs the newest driver and irons. You can play 18 holes every week for $25 or throw away $5000+ every year to suck on a nice course . Golf can be what you want.
  15. I would love to see KB get a sponsor exemption sometime in the future. I like his stuff on social media and he seems to have a very positive attitude. Hopefully he can make it to the show like he wants and is working on.
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