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  1. 13 years in a row rejected.....
  2. I would rate Salishan a mid tier golf course from the many I have played in Oregon. For the money, I really enjoy Tokatee, I play there every time I visit. Oregon. I also like Langdon Farms and Pumpkin Ridge. All three are good non Bandon, non Bend courses. Aspen Lakes in Sisters is also a nice option.
  3. After one too many, I bought some No1 golf grips. Picture on eBay was black. I got a full set of 10 I think. They arrive.....assorted skittles colors. Now I go back and read the ad with the absence of cocktails.....clearly states "this is for an assorted lot of grips" Played them for two years, I don't know how many times I was asked about the grips....did I do it on purpose, any significance.....I told the above story 100 times. My advice stick with 1 color....black worked for Henry Ford....
  4. 15 years in August. Was at BSG, 4GEA, Tourspecgolf, a putter site I can't recall maybe puttertalk. Not as rabid as I was before! Was a fairly big Cameron collector in the late 90's early 2000's. Not so much anymore. Had a baby and golf slowed down.....
  5. That's encouraging to hear. I have a trip planned for Easter week and was concerned about restaurants, golf and other fun venues being closed....
  6. I have a set of the original C16. They look great, perfect size, great shape, forgiving and long. I actually had the loft weakened 2* on my set
  7. Never broke par. 73 with 6 birdies as a 15 handicap at the time. Just one of those days.
  8. Beechtree in MD was a great Tom Doak track. Always loved my rounds there. Enjoyed Pecan Valley before it closed as well. Heather Glen was one of my first trips to Myrtle Beach. I forgot El Diablo in Crystal Springs Florida. Was on my rotation when I visited my Grandparents in Florida. There, World Woods and Juliette Falls......
  9. Hit mine for the first time Sunday. Very straight feel great. Knocked out the T200's....
  10. Ballamor is a nice layout I played it in late December. Was in good shape, greens were pretty slow but in good shape. ACCC is worth the extra money, but I wouldn't go Smith and Wollensky vs. McDonalds.
  11. Greyson Sebonack Cashmere/Wool Quarter Zip. Really nice piece. Very high quality, great fit.
  12. My Grandparents lived in Inverness and World Woods was a favorite stop as well was Juliette Falls.... sadly they are both gone.... We may go to Innisbrook. So Innisbrook, Newport Beach and San Antonio are the contenders.
  13. I participated in 1 LPGA pro-am. I was paired with Karin Sjodin. She could not have been nicer. Walked with us, encouraged us, teased us once she got to know that we were all about a bit of the needle. After the round she asked us if she could join us for lunch! Was a great experience! Hoping the OP's pro was just under the gun stressed about making the cut.
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