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  1. Just joined a club this year. 2 complaints I have heard from long term members were Junior Member pay $1400 and have the same tee time privileges as the older members that pay $5800 in dues. The other complaint is that a single pays $29 for a cart and married couples pay $29x2. No complaints about the food or golf course so far.
  2. About the same as COVID. 3 shots for the baby 6.7 to 9.6 index. 9.7 index to 12.7 for the pandemic and not being able to get on a course due to over crowding and no tee times. Joined a club hoping to get back to 9.7 Baby was definitely a highlight and worth the loss of golf. COVID not so much.....
  3. Haven't got it yet putting one in a Ping G425 max.
  4. For Sale. No Trades. Open to combo offers. Vokey Wedges all wedge flex. Wedgeworks K grind 58/8, SM7 50/O8 chrome SOLD and 54/10 black, SM6 60/04 L, Wedge flex. $60 each OBRO. AP2 Forged Project X 5.5, 50* Gap wedge. $75. NOW $60 Ping Glide 2.0, 60/08 $50 SOLD Accra Titleist 3W, 152 M3 $85 Shaft pulls. AMT white s300 stiff std length 4-G, pulled from Titleist 200's, original grips $60 SOLD Nippon GH 950, 4-PW stiff std length, pulled from Mizunos. $60 SOLD, True Temper Lite regular std length, pure grips, $50. NOW $25 All O
  5. I played so little during the past year, I am not sure, was different every time out (only 12 in 12 months)! I would probably say Chipping/Pitching. Formerly a strength now a challenge. Goal is to play more and practice effectively.
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