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  1. I would take the 60 if you get buyers for the others and want to split. Thanks
  2. Where is best place to purchase? Seems on eBay everything is shipped from China.
  3. M2 T13* sold i have head covers for the other 3. Will consider all offers. Thanks
  4. Always searching... 4 items up for sale. Quality is in the eye of the beholder, so I’ve tried to take photos to allow you to be the judge. for sale head only: Titleist TS3 3w 15* - $160 $150 TM M6 Rocket 3w 14* - $130 $120 TM M2 3w 15* - $110 $100 for sale club: TM M2 T3 13* with GD TP 7s. Plays around 42.5 - 42.75. Sold Thank you
  5. Tour issue are tapered and should not be tip trimmed.
  6. Is that Jordan Spieth in the video...?
  7. I agree. I've had my Ventus 6x in F9 for about 2 months now. Complete game changer. Last Friday, I went 14/14 on fairways hit. So much confidence now, I dont even use my 3w on tight holes. Such a dream to swing.
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