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  1. same question as above What is the COR A and COR B?
  2. Just grabbed the Vans CONCRETE ULTRARANGE DX - anyone try these? Look and feel great - haven’t tired on the course yet
  3. Pick up the Japanese release forged vokey k - problem solved
  4. Here’s some deals I got sent: Greyson Golf -various deals 30% off Bradley Allen Golf - 40% off Vineyard vines is 25% off Golf poser and Function 18 have good deals - Function 18 also has Galvin green off Deveraux Golf is up to 60% off
  5. I have some limited testing - bought an IZ 6 stiff from Japan. Play a M1 and brought with me my gamer which is a atmos black, ad di 6 s and a tensei orange V3. For me I could not find the center of the face with this shaft, I was hitting lots of blocks with it. When I did hit a good one it was as expected - mid/high flight, fairly low spin. I honestly put it away and hit the other shafts as I was getting better response from the others. I literally only hit a dozen and did not great results - figured it wasn't for me and threw on the auction site - if its doesn't sell I'll prob give it another round of testing. Maybe I gave up to early with it.
  6. Wow - great story and opportunity. Happy anniversary as well.
  7. Interested in the answer here as well
  8. Great trip - seeing pics from Pasatiempo and Presidio - makes me wish I hit those on my recent trip. I think I got back to Chicago the day you flew out. For me if PB had less play/better conditions it would be the top - awesome stretch of holes along the ocean.
  9. Looking for help or opinions. About 3 months ago I received a no time limit selling ban for deleting content in my closed ads. Note that I have 289 feedback and all have gone smoothly. I have had 30 day bans for the same infraction in the past - at least twice before. I hate to claim ignorance but I am slow - when I have gotten my hand slapped before I always thought my issue was for deleting the pictures from the ads. So I stopped deleting the pictures thinking I was fine.Apparently since this last ban I come to find out (which is why I am slow) it is for deleting the language from the ads. I understand we need to follow the rules but I will say in my defense that even though I have deleted the language - no one has ever had a dispute with anything I sold. Hoping to be able to get the ban lifted for time served and continue my ho'ing ways. Any thoughts or opinions on this?
  10. All courses mentioned are special for their own reasons. I love Merion - the history, the flag poles and clubhouse - the finishing holes are the best in golf IMO. PV is the bucket list course - love every hole and what a great atmosphere. Philly Cricket has that links style that I love - first hole is a great driving hole and it just keeps you in awe the entire way. Arominak is the least fav of these form me but it's still an awesome course - tough greens, tree Lined No matter how you rank them - if you get to play all or any of them - consider ourselves lucky as they are all awesome bucket list courses - it's like choosing between Kate upton, Adriana Lima, Jessica alba etc...
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