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  1. Anyone have a code? I signed up a while ago and never ordered anything, but the code they sent me no longer works.
  2. It was amazing!! My buddy and I had a blast! Amazing conditions, perfect weather (75 and zero clouds) and the staff was great. Didn't end up having a caddy, but we were paired with a single who had played there a ton and provided us with a lot of great course knowledge. Front 9 played well, but fatigue set in on the back 9 (especially after being at a Bachelor party all weekend). Hope to get back there sometime soon again. Highly recommend!!
  3. Thanks @Golfnuck that is helpful! Will post some pics of the round back in here afterwards. Thanks everyone!
  4. > @Golfnuck said: > Definitely worth getting a caddy. > > Chambers is very hilly with lots of bunkers and having a caddy will vastly enhance your round IMHO. > > Last time I played there we had two excellent caddies. At the 17th my buddy and I offered up $100 as a KP to the two caddies and an additional $50 for each of them who got inside the two of us. Probably the easiest money they ever made. I'm thinking caddy is the way to go as well considering I'm not sure the next time I would get back up to the PNW area and want to make the most of my experience. What doe
  5. Playing Chambers Bay next week for the first time with a buddy. So pumped!! Any tips for anyone who has played out there? Is it worth getting a caddie? Any advice is greatly appreciated!
  6. These looks sick! I ordered size 10's, but haven't gotten them yet! Hopefully they're not too small either!
  7. Couples weeks going to Palm Springs with a buddy. Hitting up PGA West Stadium course, Indians Wells Celebrity course and Escena. Cannot wait!
  8. Hi everyone! Decided this year for my birthday I wanted to get a bunch of buddies together and throw a small tournament. I was lucky enough to get 16 total people so we're playing 2 person best ball with 8 teams. We're going to be tracking the scores on the 18Birdies app, which I've only used for individual rounds, but their tournament set up looks pretty great. Was wondering if anyone had any advice for running a great tournament while still enjoying myself and not going crazy trying to get everyone organized, follow the rules, etc, etc. Some of the details are below. Thanks!
  9. True, but wanted to see all my options before making such a huge investment if I can save a couple thousand doing it another way. I received a gift card to there for my birthday so that's why I chose there over any other place. This is all great information. Thank you!
  10. Sorry man, once you posted them on here I had to get them they were my specs too! Wowwwwwww! I see how it is! No worries lol enjoy them. Let me know what I'm missing out on!!
  11. Unfortunately I'm not exactly sure which shafts were tested. We hit so many that it was hard to keep track. Ideally if I can find something similar to the Elevate in the standard shaft options I'd go that route, but I don't know enough about shafts to make that call, which is what I was asking about. Not opposed to doing after market shafts though, would I just buy everything then find a builder (maybe at a local golf shop?) and hand them over all the CC specs?
  12. Thanks for the info. Def good to know for next time around. Payed the price for being a newbie :(
  13. Ughhhhhhhhhhh!!! Unfortunately I didn't get them!! Someone must have swooped in while I was researching! Even got the serial numbers verified! :angry22:
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