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  1. I used to have this issue. I ended up selling the system and moving to Golf Pad and manually in putting what club I used on my phone before each shot
  2. 100%. the bands emphasize the feeling of bringing the clubs under rather than over as you start the down swing. Then you need to focus on clearing the hips and rotating through the ball. the band will show you if your not doing it enough as it will get in the way
  3. Listened to the pod this morning. Good stuff. You spoke about the colours and that you'd be using just black. I tend to experiment between lengths sometimes 45" / 44.5" / 44" depending on mood and course (have extra weights for my heads to adjust SW accordingly). I intend on using different colours so easily identify which shafts are which length. Black normal, Red longer (danger zone!!), Blue Shorter.
  4. I'll take a look at their availability in the UK. There was a SIK flo for sale on ebay this week but it sold for £370. I had a max bid on for £355 but was in a meeting during the completion time so didnt get a chance to up my final bid. I think it will cost me about £500-550 to get one imported with taxes etc.
  5. I've been trying to make my Odyssey Arm Lock Putter work for me, playing the club flat to the ground and adjusting my posture to it and have found it awkward. This week though I decided to ignore the lie angle and have spend an hour everyday trying different postures, hands up and down the grip etc to figure out what feels most comfortable for me and gives me the most consistent swing. The results... I need to be in a much more upright position in order to hold the club comfortably and still have my eyes over the ball. The problem... All the arm
  6. I've had an odyssey arm lock putter for a month or so experimenting. I've found my preferred stance (quite upright), and grip (claw). Issue I'm having now is that the putter is far too flat for my stroke. It looks like only SIK offers arm lock putters in the high 70s in terms of lie... Looks like I'm saving for one of those then as i don't fancy bending an other option 6* or more upright
  7. I dont know if you follow @knudson81s instagram, but he just posted that his connecters have arrived. Someone was suggesting that they do something bad to the loft angles etc potentially but wouldn't clarify their point. Have you tested the lofts with the adapters to see if they match those with the OEM adapters? I checked the posters feed and they seem to be keen gear heads so I dont think they were trolling, its just frustrating that they wouldn't come out and share their experience.
  8. Can you get a neck with more offset, may help with squaring the face. I also hear that pistol grips can help promoting closing the face also...
  9. Interested to hear how you get on with the smart soles. I had the 3.0 S, but ended up switching it out for a CBX wedge instead as I felt more comfortable with it...
  10. I'm after an armlock putter but with so little available and even less in stores its hard for me to make my final choice. I think I'm closest to getting a PXG gen 2 in arm lock specs...
  11. Alot of the adapters make the face closed when you add more loft. I think the ping adapter makes the lie flatter as you go more upright though to counter the left bias that could be introduced.
  12. Looks like im going to be placing an order to be shipped to the UK this weekend!
  13. Any feedback yet. Now that they have a website up im tempted to order a bunch. I saw in a video that the adaptor is adjustable +-1.5* and also lie adjustable. Sounds great to me.
  14. Some good advice from everyone here. One thing ill add. Make sure you try those hybrid irons before you buy them. Check the lofts against your current irons first just to check they aren't wildly out, a few degrees here or there shouldn't matter too much BUT... Test those clubs with the irons your keeping to see what the distances are like! if the gaps from your pw to 7 iron are say, 10 yards per club, but the 6 hybrid iron is 20 yards different, you will have an issue. Also test the gapping the other end as well for the same thing. I go, Driver, 4 wd, 4 large hybrid, 6 small hy
  15. I put a one length 4 hybrid in my bag this year. Its going to be perfect for this kind of shot. Note: It's the only one length club in my bag.
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