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  1. Either your foot fits the zit or it doesn’t. My size didn’t fit. The wide didn’t fit. I wasn’t about to do all that back and forth again for a shoe that I’ve seen MANY people slip on these California tee boxes with. I personally know more people that have returned every zit than those that are even rocking 1 pair. im seeing slippage with 90s too but if they drop an all leather 90 I’m all over it.
  2. Received mine last night. Thought this might be the pair I actually resell (I wear all my s***) but I put em on and couldn’t take em off for an hour.
  3. Moon balls lol Would pick up in AZVT or Janoski if they dropped em. does anyone else hate the mesh on these recent Nike shoes?
  4. I demoed both back in March. Went with the sim originally but I got bored with the feel/sound. Traded “up” to St200g and I’m not looking back. Aside from feel, if you like a more traditional look 200g is where it’s at.
  5. Went with Smoke Yellow on an ST200g w Added extra weights to each track, and it’s just so dang smooth. Excited for the 2021 ST(secret) fairways!
  6. Does it make any sense that I like to hit the XS on short Par 4's and 3's but prefer the RX on Long Par 4s and 5's? I want a ball that spins less on those longer holes, should I be going with the X? My swing speed is under 105 but not by much, and the new BXS and RX are both longer off the tee and spinier around greens than my previous long time gamer (RznTP).
  7. I'd only fill the neck and nothing else. Brushed look is nice nice
  8. My vapor pros only feel harsh when I miss the center.
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