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  1. See Screen Grabs below: Example 1 Forum Article: Post #43 https://forums.golfwrx.com/discussion/1768891/dont-understand-the-strokes-gained-stat/p2 Example 2 Forum Article: Post #690 https://forums.golfwrx.com/discussion/1759955/what-up-with-jordan/p23
  2. Hi, I’ve uploaded/attached 4 screen grabs (2 x Signed-In & 2 x Signed-Out) highlighting 2 different examples on 2 different forum articles showing my posts are visible when I’m Signed-In, but when I’m Signed-Out and viewing as a guest my posts are deleted & not visible to anyone. If you could urgently reply with a fix to this problem it would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Strokes Gained can’t be all things to all knowledge that someone requires… that’s why there are other pieces of information given on-screen and by the commentator (i.e. it’s for a birdie on a par 5 and it’s to win the event), but it is the most accurate and objective performance metric ever created for golfing performance over the 4 key game areas. > @SNIPERBBB said: > > @"North Texas" said: > > Just me, but it seems like it would matter what score the putt is for. Is the putt for eagle, birdie, par, bogey, etc? Seems there is some factor there that Stroke Gained Putting do
  4. That’s why Strokes Gained covers all 4 game areas so we can see what area a player is weaker/stronger in and what game area/s contributed to making that ultimate “score”. And SG-Putting calculates the distance of putting also. I highly recommend you read Mark Broadie’s ‘Every Shot Counts’ book, it answers every question you’ve just made in greater detail, and will help you better understand why Strokes Gained has become the #1 performance metric in world golf. > @"North Texas" said: > Just me, but it seems like it would matter what score the putt is for. Is the putt for eagle, bir
  5. bladehunter: “The point is Jordan will be fine… It goes to show that Jordan’s record to date is really better than Rory’s.” Really? People said Jordan would be “fine” after 1 month of poor golf, then they said Jordan would be “fine” but his downward spiral & poor golf continued for 3 months, then 6 months, then 9 months, then 12 months, then 15 months, then 18 months… That’s roughly 20% of Jordan’s professional career and his decline & poor golf is STILL continuing and he’s openly admitted he’s faced/facing mental demons which has now spread into his technical game also. This i
  6. Bladehunter: “And Rory hasn’t sniffed playing like he did when he won by 8. Easier to call that a fluke than anything since it hasn’t been repeated.” Not true. Rory won his very next major by 8 shots also. So he’s won 2 majors by 8 shots while breaking records. > @bladehunter said: > > @tsecor said: > > When you win a major by 8 shots vs winning a major with your competitor 3 putting from 8 feet away, there is a difference. Rory may be the most talented player on tour but he has his fair share of chokes, especially with his putting.....He should already have 5 or 6 maj
  7. Jordan’s issues started due to these “internal demons” and if he’s to ever get back to being a top 5 golfer again it will be because he’s figured out how to quieten these “internal demons”. But it’s highly possible Jordan will never return to being a top 5 golfer ever again. I think Jordan’s mind now has become his biggest weakness. > @"Mr. Hogan" said: > Golf Channel story. > > Ferguson would be so proud... > > >
  8. FYI, Strokes Gained analysis is adjusted to each course that the PGA Tour and players are competing on. And Strokes Gained is used for far more than “measuring effectiveness of your skill vs peers”. Here’s a list of what tour players & their coaches have said how they use SG… – “Player goals for playing each hole” – “Influences how aggressively to play holes” – “Make better decisions on the course (aim / club / shot kind)” – “Devise a strategy / in-depth game plan for playing the course” – “Analyze game week-by-week” – “Help understand strengths & weaknesses” – “Where playe
  9. It’s not “useless” for a “non-tour player”, it can still can offer you real objective insight as to where you’re gaining losing strokes to yourself round to round and season to season if you’re keeping track. The SG insight already gathered surrounding non-tour players is also very insightful as to where to put their limited time into practice to maximise results. Prior to Strokes Gained, many professional players would create myths about their game strengths and weaknesses. And if top pros were doing this then non-professionals would certainly be doing this also. And not having SG doe
  10. Schley: “Tiger finished 2018 as the #1 strokes gained approach to the green by a pretty good margin… these stats don't lie” They do if they’re not true. In 2018 Tiger finished 3rd in SG Approach at +0.883 with Stenson 1st in SG Approach in 2018 by a “pretty good margin” at +0.960. These are the correct facts directly from PGA Tours own site. But I do agree Tiger is a great iron player. > @"Schley " said: > Young guns.... we have heard this phrase for like what 10 years it seems? Fowler, McIroy, now Speith, Thomas, DeChambeau.... > > > > Let's just talk ir
  11. Jordan Spieth: “One of my irons went in the water, but it's the best 8-iron I've hit in a year-and-a-half,” Spieth reported. “I caught an into gust when it was supposed to be down." Rory knows how you feel on those unexpected "gusts".
  12. The point is Molinari, Rahm, Brooks have all beaten Tiger under the same pressure and 2 of those players felt even more pressure in the RC and didn’t have any problems dispatching Tiger. The dropped shots on hole 12 is due to that hole being historically a punishing hole that players get caught out by wind and/or a less than perfect shot. > @bscinstnct said: > > @"Cool Runnings" said: > > For some/many perhaps that’s so, but in those moments in those years winning the Ryder Cup meant more to them than winning even a major. The point you’re not understanding is when players
  13. Blade, I appreciate your comments and different ways of looking at things, as do I with many others here… and I too reached out to you with the olive branch in our many discussions via DM. Some context for my harsh tone before… After putting up with being called a “loser” by paulshack, a “troll” and should be “banned” by BearQ, asked by Moneyshot to “crawl back under my bridge” and told I’m an “idiot” by Marco… for nothing but offering my difference of opinion which were supported by sound logic and facts, I get how it feels to be accused or labelled harshly without any justification, and I
  14. If I’ve hurt your feelings, I sincerely apologise. I just call things as I see them based on the compelling evidence in front of me. Looking back I may have been too quick to judge. Perhaps you can help clear this up then… I specifically stated “Jordan there was no injury” to which you replied “That has been disclosed yet.”… your reply then agreed that an “injury” hadn’t been disclosed yet. I then further clarified your comments to this “Jordan injury” and you again replied “Yea. Meant to say “ has not been disclosed yet “.” So that’s TWICE you clarified a Jordan injury “has not been
  15. Again, how do you explain your comments below: ME (Cool Runnings): Post #194 “Don’t forget, in 2017 Rory had injury problems most of the year, for Jordan there was no injury.” YOU (Bladehunter): Post #195 “That has been disclosed yet.” ME (Cool Runnings): Post #199 “Was that meant to read “That HASN’T been disclosed yet”? If so, are you saying you believe Jordan has hid an injury, and would be the reason behind his long slump?” YOU (Bladehunter): Post #206 “Yea. Meant to say “ has not been disclosed yet “.” > @bladehunter said: > > @"Cool Runnings" said: > >
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