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  1. Great set of irons with minimal use… Just decided to stick with the old set after a while. $825 shipped Please check out the detail photos and send any questions you may have. Midsize grips as shown. no Trades All standard, 37.5” 6 iron
  2. Says product out of stock for me
  3. Not trades Tested for a few rounds and pulled. Built by Mizuno +1/4” long. Cleaned and ready to install! Grips are next to new. 0.355 tips Retail is $37 per shaft and $12 per grip… $old shipped fedex
  4. Please see detailed photos for how little these clubs have seen any action! Why do I continue to think I’ll ever give up my Mizunos? The answer remains NO They are 1/2” over standard with Midsize Tour Velvet grips. Srixon didn’t line up all the logos just right on the grips but that’s merely cosmetic. Clubs have a mark on sole from adjusting lie to 2up— they are soft! $old shipped fedex to the lower 48
  5. $old shipped hybrid shaft adaptor is new. Ferrule has the smallest gap as seen in pics shaft has no wear or scratches Lamkin pxg branded grip love the shaft just don’t need two
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