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  1. Head sold It’s all ready to hit the course- Evenflow Black extra stiff 75g shaft. Golf Pride 360 White Tour Velvet grip with 3 extra wraps of tape plays right at 45.5” installed Head sold $oldshipped for the shaft Send any questions you may have
  2. Pro White shaft Played right at 45” installed in my SIM Zcord with an extra wrap- in fair shape the adaptor has a small crack in the ferrule as pictured. Strictly cosmetic- functions fine. I will include a new adaptor too should the buyer desire. $shipped No Trades
  3. I’m thankful those aren’t longer than standard! Good luck
  4. Great deal if you can handle them being stamped “Practice”. I’ve purchased these ammo boxes before and outside of the stamp, I couldn’t tell them from new! https://www.rockbottomgolf.com/balls/new-golf-balls/taylormade-tp5-pix-practice-golf-balls-ammo-box/ They have plain TP5 at the same deal too
  5. Trying not to become a collector here. I have more photos for those that want to see more- non collage photos. Will provide tracking... 1. 9 clean pull MCC green plus4s - $60 2. New Callaway Jaws 60.12W +1/2” black tour issue S400 2 extra wraps - $old 3. SM6 Vokey 58.12 K grind, Pured Modus 120X Fred Couples face wear as you can see - $55 4. Titleist 818H2 21* with neutral and draw/fade weight included. Diamana 90X - $old 5. Tensei Pro Orange 70X G400 tip, Tour Velvet grip - $210 Happy to answer an
  6. If you’re looking for an epic refinish candidate- here it is! Functions fine as it is but I see refinish guys on Instagram do these putters and my heart flutters. Or even imagine the Scotty custom shop resurrecting this one to its old glory ? see pics for details of condition- includes correct headcover although I’m not sure it’s the right model since the top of the neck sticks out a little bit due to the long neck. $old sent via FedEx to help prevent delays in shipping
  7. Notifications of pms etc on the main screen of mobile- without having to hit the three line (menu) to reveal your account
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