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  1. New Old Stock- Brand new in box size 9.5 Classic leather construction with modern day soft spikes slight indent on one toe box from how they were stored in the box (spike from one shoe likely pressing on the other). No damage just an imprint, likely will work it ways out in time. $95 shipping Fedex
  2. Head sold It’s all ready to hit the course- Evenflow Black extra stiff 75g shaft. Golf Pride 360 White Tour Velvet grip with 3 extra wraps of tape plays right at 45.5” installed Head sold $oldshipped for the shaft Send any questions you may have
  3. Pro White shaft Played right at 45” installed in my SIM Zcord with an extra wrap- in fair shape the adaptor has a small crack in the ferrule as pictured. Strictly cosmetic- functions fine. I will include a new adaptor too should the buyer desire. $shipped No Trades
  4. I’m thankful those aren’t longer than standard! Good luck
  5. Great deal if you can handle them being stamped “Practice”. I’ve purchased these ammo boxes before and outside of the stamp, I couldn’t tell them from new! https://www.rockbottomgolf.com/balls/new-golf-balls/taylormade-tp5-pix-practice-golf-balls-ammo-box/ They have plain TP5 at the same deal too
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