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  1. $old shipped hybrid shaft adaptor is new. Ferrule has the smallest gap as seen in pics shaft has no wear or scratches Lamkin pxg branded grip love the shaft just don’t need two
  2. Changing grip on my 8iron today and found this inscription under the tape. Purchased these as being HARD stepped… I’m guessing the fact that the inscription is #8 that these shafts are just straight in?
  3. Price is shipped Tracking will be provided promptly, long seller record on eBay under the same name 1. Scotty Cameron Circa 62, really nice putter with a few minor bumps. Shaft band is nearly mint, and Red baby T grip on good shape: $old 2. Scotty Cameron Grand Bolero Caliente, this is a rare bird and in nice shape with original grip: $125…now $99 3. Tensei Pro Orange 80 X Hybrid shaft, purchased through Callaway in a Mavrik Pro. Only mark is in the second tip photo: $old
  4. I have these shaft hard stepped into my irons. I play the hzrdus smoke 6.5 in both my driver and 3 wood. not sure if that is even helpful- but that’s my setup ... currently hunting hybrids shafts
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