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  1. Concerning spinners… I did reread it from post 1- glad I did cause AJs video was outstanding. And his YouTube was instrumental in building my irons this last summer. Anyway, I didn’t read what to do specifically when using lighter X100. Currently looking for CPM data to compare the KBS 610 that are in my 3 wedges and know what to do in my case based on what I learned from your precious examples.
  2. @Howard_Jones I built my B weight Mizunos an inch long using 105g X100 to get the swingweights down to a manageable D4.5-5 would I go to a heavier weight X100 8i shaft or move up a flex as suggested above?
  3. Basically New- I hit one ball all standard. Picked this up with a set of TM blades but they’re gone now! $75 delivered see my feedback on eBay under the same username
  4. Really nice set of Aerotech shaft pulls- ready to install! A couple small marks in the graphics- but few, and they’re small. played standard (38” 5i) .355 Sold delivered see my feedback under the same name on eBay
  5. Great set of irons with minimal use… Just decided to stick with the old set after a while. $825 shipped Please check out the detail photos and send any questions you may have. Midsize grips as shown. no Trades All standard, 37.5” 6 iron
  6. Not trades Tested for a few rounds and pulled. Built by Mizuno +1/4” long. Cleaned and ready to install! Grips are next to new. 0.355 tips Retail is $37 per shaft and $12 per grip… $old shipped fedex
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