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  1. 11 hcp and closing in on single digits. Game a set of Cleveland UHX. Before my fitting I was convinced I'd buy a set of Srixon 585's, but the UHX's just blew me away! I prefer the larger size, as I've always gamed more SGI-type irons, and the kind of slight high-toe profile in the shortest irons/wedges really suits my eye. The lower irons feels really hot, which I like, and I think I might order a 4- and possibly a 3-iron in the near future. I haven't seen any disadvantages for me personally, in relation with neither SGI nor player irons. The only negative is the look of the back of the irons
  2. I would simply get a 7- and a 9-iron, a sandwedge and a putter. As early as you are in your golfing career I see no real benifits of hitting anything else, I doubt your scores will be lower with the longer clubs in the bag. When you eventually feel you're hitting your 7-iron somewhat consistently you can start looking at a whole set and a driver. This way you start off cheap and still have enough gear to enjoy the game. :)
  3. I recently bought a Protype 2-Ball brand new and it's by far the best feeling 2-ball I've tried. It's probably just a honeymoon period but I've putted like crazy the last 5 rounds!
  4. Tried it yesterday and I think the Scotty is a keeper! Haven't putted this well all season. Experimented at first on the practise greens before my round with both the Bernard Langer-style and then a bit of side saddle. I found that I actually preferred the side saddle style to my surprise and then went on to play 9 holes without any 3-putts. As you said 5hort5stuff, it's really, really heavy but to me that equals stable. Was a bit concerned at first with the weight but as a yipper I feel like this is to my advantage!
  5. I somehow got my hands on a mint 49" Scotty Cameron Select Big Sur for about $135 which to me seems like a bargain! Not a sign of wear what so ever! I really only wanted to share my find and see if anybody used (or still use?) one of these, and maybe if someone has more information about them. It seems like it's a 2013 model and it would be interesting to hear if any tour pro's used the model with any success back in the day. I'm planning on channeling my inner Bernard Langer to get rid off the yips, we'll see if this does the trick!
  6. I have the yips and putted like a donkey last season, this year though I've experimented with different grip-styles and landed on a pencil type grip which has led to much better scores. I hold the putter in the palm with my left and really only grip it like a pencil with my right hand, kind off only making contact with the grip with my thump and index finger. Not saying this specific grip would work for you but you should test all styles, something might just do the trick. I would also suggest trying something entirely different like side-saddle or something. :)
  7. "Don't play to much golf, two rounds a day are plenty".
  8. I have a Callaway Rogue X "5" hybrid (23 degrees) and it's great! I can hit it low and high into greens, little 100 yard punch shots, chip off the fringe, you name it! Had to custom order it with the stiff flex but it was well worth it. At some point in time I owned a 28 degree Cobra baffler with a stiff shaft and it is the easiest club I've ever hit. Sold it for some reason though, probably due to club ho:ing :s
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