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  1. Meanwhile I could list 15-20 old school sets of irons I love, because I played and/or lusted after them 20-30 years ago. Not someone else on the internet. Nice try bud. Go to some stores that have used golf clubs and mess with all the old clubs and see what you like.
  2. I see it more here than I do in real life. I imagine if you are 'one of those guys' who barely broke 90 but "needed" MB/CB's, you'd probably get harassed. However - I think a combo set with the new T100's is in my future - they look like they are going to be awesome at address.
  3. Who cares if something has a following or is "tour verified"? I dont really get it. Play what you like...
  4. Just here to bump this post again, in case anyone missed it.
  5. 600 isn't that much of a premium over standard prices, the issue is availability.
  6. I want a modern teryllium for a fair price, I don't understand why SC makes it so hard on us. I doubt it's worth it for me to chase one of these down though.
  7. On purpose - strong grip, closed club face... used his body rotation to square the club up. Duval was my favorite player growing up. During this time period, everyone liked to say Steve Elkington had the best swing in golf - sort of like everyone with Adam Scott now. I've always loved Sergio's lag/hand action. I think its beautiful in its own way. Ernie's tempo is amazing. Currently - I like JT's swing the most, I like how vertical he is and how he gets through the ball... but I think the most aesthetically pleasing to watch is Rory's.
  8. Makes tons of sense, thanks for replying. Would love to know what a custom one-off costs with production and R&D taken into account. Can't be cheap.
  9. A one-off driver just for Bryson with all the engineering and differing production necessary for said one-off club? I'd guess you are short changing R&D and production costs by for amount.
  10. No I dont, because I'm from one and what you said contradicts everything I've ever seen/heard. Doesnt mean you're wrong, but I've never heard this.
  11. I wont drag the thread down any more after this post - but every hockey coach I had as a young kid taught dominate hand high, and everyone I've ever played with from Canada learned that way... so the idea that dominate hand high isn't actively taught in Canada (and in parts of the States) is news to me.
  12. Perfect feedback, thank you. I think I'll look for one to try, I've been wanting a mid mallet.
  13. I think these look fantastic. A T100 4i, CB 5-6 and MB 7-PW might very well be in my future. Are there any rumors of Titleist changing the 620's anytime soon?
  14. In hockey most people teach dominant hand on top... and everyone in Canada learns this way. So right handed people play "lefty". Mostly for stickhandling btw, rather than any assistance with shooting (and def not slappers, where your dominate hand down the stick would help).
  15. LOL. Love this post. I never thought Mizuno's lived up to their hype, but maybe that's just because they have so much hype... And we're talking about all the way back to the MP-14's. Dont get me wrong. Mizuno makes great irons... Just not some "magical" feel.
  16. How do the faces on these compare to other milled faces out there? I want to try one, but prefer a softer face.
  17. Thanks for the info. For Bettinardi that pricing seems pretty in line.
  18. I didnt think this warranted its own thread, but I cant find any info on it, so here we are. Anyone else see this? https://www.instagram.com/p/CRCRnRVt3CC/ A QB10 with a FIT face would be sweet. I couldn't find pricing or any for sale in the Phx metro area. Anyone stumble on one?
  19. Why are you selling the big buckets headcover? Was the quality not up to snuff?
  20. Listing says: 2. vokey sm8 chrome 56M 08. McC plus 4 grip, vokey wedge shaft. Played less than 8 rounds. $80 But the picture is of a 56.10 S... Which is for sale?
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