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  1. Perfect. I can't find a set to look at locally, so I'm probably going to pick one up sight unseen from the classifieds or eBay... The second opinion helps! I love the look in pictures, but you never know, haha.
  2. On the same note, what about the P730's vs the Tour Preferred MB's from 2014? I still game some RAC MB's... I went to check out the P7-MB's today and they are a no go. A little too large and definitely too big of a top line. Curious about opinions on the P730's vs the Tour Preferred MB's.
  3. Thanks guys. Some background. I am just getting back into the game. I played competitively as a junior, but I have played very sporadically for ~15 yrs. I am a longer hitter, but I dont bomb it. I think you know what that means given some of the distances I have read about on this forum, lol. Recently picked up a Rulz 70 in stiff for my 3W and a TP Motore F3 80 in S for my 5W (supposedly it was when the TP's were actual Motore's). Neither plays too stiff for me, but I wish TM hadn't tipped the Rulz an inch. I think it would play a little longer if the tip had a little bit more action. This is one more thing. I am hesitant to buy TM driver shafts since they tip everything an inch. Any comments/thoughts on that logic? Thanks, these type of suggestions are what I am looking for. I realize its subjective but like everything that goes through yearly cycles like golf shafts, there are some products every year which are stand outs among the crowd. I need a starting point to do additional research and try things out. I was looking at an AD DI for a driver shaft, actually. I dont want something brand new, I want something a yr or two old that was well regarded and I can pick up used. I have played golf since I was ~10, I just took a long time off. I love golf equipment and have a few limited edition Scotty Camerons from back in the day... I just mention this to note that I am not new to golf equipment or spending money on clubs. I just dont feel the need to throw a bunch of money down the drain while I am playing around with different shaft options and getting my swing back. I am looking for examples of shafts that are a yr or two old (or older) but had or have a following on here. I will do the rest of the research from there. :)
  4. Lol... I knew these threads werent popular but I thought I'd get more than this.
  5. Hey guys... I have been reading the forum, so I get the gist of it. Its very hard, if not impossible to make shaft recommendations, even if I gave you all my swing data... which I dont have. Heres the deal, and why I think this thread is actually a cool topic for you guys: You dont need to fit me. I dont care about the "best" shaft for me. Just recommend me something reasonable that has a following on the forum. What I am saying is: I'm more concerned with getting something decent with a stable resale value and trying different shafts as I get my swing back together and then eventually start getting time on a launch monitor to dial some things in. Looking for something mid launch that doesn't play like a board but I can lean into when I'm swinging well.
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