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  1. F6 baffler for the 5 wood. Ill do a comparison to the 0341x gen2 7 wood i got yesterday when I get home. I'm sure its shallower then the faffler. But loving how flat it looks in the pxg setting.
  2. Just picked up a pxg 0341x gen 2 7 wood to fit in between my 4 iron and cobra f6 baffler at 17.5. Going to play the 7 wood at 21 and 41.5" like the baffler. I play a strong 3 wood as a second tee club mainly. The baffler is much easier to hit off the deck. And is a controllable shot into a green around 220yds for me.
  3. Doing that at the chipping green helps me engage the bounce more on my wedges. I do it with my driver to. Like what was mentioned above. Little half shots. Even just swinging to find a tempo. I should do it more on the course tbf.
  4. Usually play 45", the shaft I recently purchased plays 45.5". only one round. Didn't drive it any worse tbf, actually had a one was miss which was a pleasant surprise. Will continue to play at 45.5" for a while I think.
  5. Bought a used pxg 0341x gen2 7 wood. Have an aldila tour blue 85 to go into it. Pulling the 3 and 4 hybrid. And putting in the 7 wood and 4 iron in the bag.
  6. I'm playing atmos blue ts 7 in my 3wd and aldila tour blue 85 in my 5wd.
  7. you can get an aldila tour blue 85 fairway shaft on ebay for about $90. I'm playing one in my 5 wood. Picked up another to put in it because I wasn't sure of tipping. Turns out cobra actually tips their shafts to manufacture specs, so I never installed it. But depending on the shaft the tip size might be different on a hybrid shaft.
  8. Gripmaster roo tour. Has the pistol shape, although not that extreme. Nice sewn seam on the back of the grip, and a super grippy texture that's not rough at all. Allows a soft grip pressure.
  9. There's a guy in my men's club who uses one of those things. The first time i saw it i couldn't believe it. Looks like a protractor on a stick lmao.
  10. I let mine rust then hit em with a wire brush every once in a while. Gets rid of the bright rust. And leaves the deeper set patina. They stay relatively rust free if you wipe them down after each round.
  11. $80 shipped for the titleist 917f2 16.5 head. Includes headcover. $110 shipped for the taylormade tp juno putter, includes headcover Plays 33.5" also includes stock 10g weights and weight tool $150 shipped for the odyssey strokelab 1w putter, includes headcover. Plays 35" SOLD!!!!! All prices are for CONUS
  12. Still have my j36 pocket cavities. I wish I would've taken care of the shafts. The px flighted 6.0 are so comfortable for me. maybe i should just play them till they snap lol. Like my tour b x-cbs. but the px lz shaft may not be for me.
  13. Cobra f6 baffler. Club has changed my confidence in a 210-230 shot. The stock shaft wasn't very good for me though.
  14. Have a set of vokeys for sale. Prefer to sell them together. Sm7 50.12 f, sm7 56.10 s, sm6 62.08 m All tour chrome. No grips. Vokey wedge flex shafts. Stock length, loft, lie. $130 shipped for the set. CONUS. Used roughly 5 rounds. Minimal practice time. Face pictures are 62,56,50 top to bottom. SOLD!!!!
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