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  1. Bobb3rdown


    Thats what I like to hear. Obviously its not the most forgiving driver. Supposed to be fade biased. Lower spin. Couple that with a fairly high launching shaft in the fubuki. Should be a bomber. Come to find out the shaft is pured also. Should be here by the weekend. Then off to the range for the first time this year lmao.
  2. Bobb3rdown


    Picking one of these up. I had one many years ago and gave it away stupidly. I do remember putting a skymark on it though. Anyways. Been struggling with the left side of the course. And tinkering with settings all the time. Figure going back to a glued hosel and no weights to play with might be a good thing. The one im getting has a fubuki tour 73. Cant wait to play it again. I remember hitting some big drives with it. My old one had the matrix ozix xcon. Edit for terrible spelling hahaha.
  3. I love the naked look. Its honestly the best putter I've ever had. First round i used it was my best putting round of the year. Dont know why I took it out of the bag for a few months last season though. I won't be making that mistake again.
  4. Maltby ptm-4 33 1/2" 2° flat. Gripmaster roo tour. Pvd apollo shaft.
  5. what about a heavier head? ive tried numerous anser style putters and never get along with them? ive used my maltby ptm-4 for a year now and its the best putter ive used so far.
  6. Specs. 33.5" length. Cut down from 35". Original loft and lie. Includes weight tool and 15gr patina weights along with Original black 10gr weights. Includes stock headcover Has a black pure classic putter grip with 8 wraps of tape underneath. Used about 5-6 rounds. $140 shipped in lower 48.
  7. My maltby ptm-4 has been the best putter I've ever owned. Think the grip has alot to do with it to. Haven't had one this exact shape before. Gripmaster roo tour grip. I keep trying other putters but this one ends up back in the bag.
  8. i suppose so lmao. are they not very popular?
  9. This is gonna sound weird. But thats my bag in your pictures. Kind of odd.
  10. 5 wood then 4 hybrid for me. Dropping the 3 and 4 iron and going 5wd , 4 hybrid gave me alot more confidence from 220-180. my hybrid is the adams pro mini. If I had to choose another it would be the callaway apex.
  11. Taylormade ardmore 3 patina 35" includes headcover. Maybe 3 rounds on the putter. Grip in excellent condition, along with headcover. Stock length,loft,lie. $175 shipped. Firm Mizuno st190 9.5 kuro kage silver tini dual core 60 sriff shaft. Tour velvet 360 grip. Used 15-20 rounds. Topline and crown are clean. Marks on face can't be seen at address. Sole is clean with some light scuffing from normal use. Includes st200 headcover. Stock length Driver head will be removed from shaft while being shipped. Same package though. $150 Shipped.
  12. pay for a fitting while your there. might as well.
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