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  1. curious how that turns out. I ended up getting a slightly used radspeed for less than $300. Should be a good upgrade from my 910d3.
  2. I play the f9 tour 3w and 5wd. Been thinking of a driver as well. But the 910d3 still does it for me.
  3. Bobb3rdown

    Anser f wrx

    Have a chance at this anser f. Worth the 275 asking price? Grip is cracked. Shaft in good shape. Head in very good shape. Some minor sole wear. Let me know what you think.
  4. Have the j36 pocket cavities and the tour b x-cb. Would've snagged those if I found them for sure.
  5. have a handcrafterd 64g 6.5 in a ping i20. super smooth shaft. would still play it but i bounced the sole off of a tee marker and dented the head. liked it when i played it though.
  6. Good info. I'm thinking the reduced taper shaft might stiffen it up a bit. And it has a 3" tip section. So tip it to the max. And play 38"-39". I also had them hand pick a heavier head as well. We will see then it gets here.
  7. How'd that end up? Just ordered the parts to make a cb build. Using the golfworks 42" reduced taper and the winn Excell wrap 17" grip. Still have my original one in the bag.
  8. 1/2" long, stock loft and lie. Newer tour velvet 360 grips 3 layers blue painters tape 1 layer double sided tape. Very clean set $500 SHIPPED LOWER 48
  9. Have this set of bridgestone x-cb irons for sale. Used them for a season. Grips are only a few rounds old Has light bag chatter on the muscle portion of the head. Pretty typical. Stock loft and lie. 1/2" long Project x lz 6.0 shafts, tour velvet 360 grips, 3 layers of blue painters tape and 1 layer of double sided grip tape. Swingweight unknown. Shafts are not extended. Appear to be oem ferrules. $550 SHIPPED IN THE LOWER 48.
  10. Have this pxg 7 wood for sale. Bought in current condition and haven't hit it yet. Has project x riptide cb 5.5 50gr shaft Paypal g&s only. Includes fee and shipping in the continental United States. Have an extra adapter and an Aldila Tour Blue 85gr stiff shaft i was going to put in it but never did. For extra cost. Pm with questions. Will get a faster response. $225 shipped continental United States.
  11. F6 baffler for the 5 wood. Ill do a comparison to the 0341x gen2 7 wood i got yesterday when I get home. I'm sure its shallower then the faffler. But loving how flat it looks in the pxg setting.
  12. Just picked up a pxg 0341x gen 2 7 wood to fit in between my 4 iron and cobra f6 baffler at 17.5. Going to play the 7 wood at 21 and 41.5" like the baffler. I play a strong 3 wood as a second tee club mainly. The baffler is much easier to hit off the deck. And is a controllable shot into a green around 220yds for me.
  13. Doing that at the chipping green helps me engage the bounce more on my wedges. I do it with my driver to. Like what was mentioned above. Little half shots. Even just swinging to find a tempo. I should do it more on the course tbf.
  14. Usually play 45", the shaft I recently purchased plays 45.5". only one round. Didn't drive it any worse tbf, actually had a one was miss which was a pleasant surprise. Will continue to play at 45.5" for a while I think.
  15. Bought a used pxg 0341x gen2 7 wood. Have an aldila tour blue 85 to go into it. Pulling the 3 and 4 hybrid. And putting in the 7 wood and 4 iron in the bag.
  16. I'm playing atmos blue ts 7 in my 3wd and aldila tour blue 85 in my 5wd.
  17. you can get an aldila tour blue 85 fairway shaft on ebay for about $90. I'm playing one in my 5 wood. Picked up another to put in it because I wasn't sure of tipping. Turns out cobra actually tips their shafts to manufacture specs, so I never installed it. But depending on the shaft the tip size might be different on a hybrid shaft.
  18. Gripmaster roo tour. Has the pistol shape, although not that extreme. Nice sewn seam on the back of the grip, and a super grippy texture that's not rough at all. Allows a soft grip pressure.
  19. There's a guy in my men's club who uses one of those things. The first time i saw it i couldn't believe it. Looks like a protractor on a stick lmao.
  20. I let mine rust then hit em with a wire brush every once in a while. Gets rid of the bright rust. And leaves the deeper set patina. They stay relatively rust free if you wipe them down after each round.
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