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  1. I know im late to the party here, but in response to FitzPatrick saying distance is not a skill, I would argue that it absolutely is. It must take incredible skill to swing as hard as Bryson is, and still have the accuracy to hit the fairway a good percentage of the time. And as for his comment that hes making a mockery of the game, hes swinging harder and hitting it further than everyone else. Not what i would call a mockery. Are MLB pitchers that throw 101 mph fastballs making a mockery of baseball? Is Aaron Judge making a mockery of the game because he hits home runs further th
  2. A beautiful, extremely difficult looking golf course. Looks well worth its top 100 in the world ranking. I do find the rectangular shape of alot of the greens to be visually off-putting.
  3. If his recent play hasnt been a wake up call to him that something needs to change, this probably would be.
  4. I dont get why the players whine about the setup. Each and every one of them are playing the same golf course. If its too tough for some of them, they could always just take the week off and let someone else play who might actually appreciate the opportunity.
  5. I miss towards the toe often, and have found that i just simply set up standing too far away from the ball, with too much bend at the waist. What i do is when im at my ball, ill pick my club, take a couple practice swings, making sure im swinging free and easy, and ill take note of where the club brushes the ground, in relation to where my feet are. Ill get the feel for that distance, and ill address the ball feeling that distance. Im always closer to the ball than i think i should be. It seems to really be helping me with center face strikes. Helps the early extension a little too.
  6. Youve got a lot of good things going for you in your swing, get your sequencing figured out, and youll have a heck of a good golf swing. Try this. Stick the face of a wedge underneath your trail heel. Make a swing, and dont let the shaft of that wedge drop until after impact. Thatll help keep your right hip and thigh from flying out toward the ball. Then point your right elbow at your belly button from transition through impact. I of course dont know what drills Monte gave you to try, its possible it was these here, they are his drills that he gives in his Efficient Sw
  7. No we agree, I basically said the same thing in my post, I think his problem is pretty obvious that hes too wild off the tee to post consistent scores. If he can get it straightened out and not be punching out of the trees constantly, he will surely find himself in contention alot more than he has been in recent years.
  8. I always have liked Nobilo, hes just not great at doing the remote commentary thing. Talking over everyone, jumping in at weird times, I never noticed any of that with him before things changed.
  9. It pains me to say this, as a big fan of Jordans, but I think his days of contending on a regular basis may be behind him. With as wild as he can be off the tee and with the longer irons, finding the consistency to be able to put four solid rounds together is proving to not be something hes able to do. Theres been enough of a sample size over the last 2-3 years to say that the game we see is who he is at this point. Until something changes drastically with his long game, I dont see things changing anytime soon.
  10. His win at the Charles Schwab at Colonial didnt qualify him?
  11. Jake has alot of really good stuff that I really like, but this one just doesnt compute with me.
  12. Ive been using the feeling lately that the movement of my arm structure is driving and my body is allowed to respond. One of the main things i feel when using this is my left hip clears nicely. And its cleaned up all the excess lower body motion that i struggled with. Mainly because I used to drive my swing with my legs and they got out of control and out of position. I took a quick video last night and swinging with this new feel has cleared up the squat in the downswing and my head lowering like four inches. However Im early extending again and my trail heel is way in the air at impact. Whic
  13. Thats where this thought in my head came from. I remembered his video where he did this and i started thinking that maybe i need to try to think about the swing differently than I have been.
  14. I posted a thread in a very similar vein earlier today. Im opposite of you though, i feel my swing is powered by my lower body and have way too much lower body action. I look like my lower body is doing too much and my upper body is left to catch up and get to the ball. Im trying to feel like my upper body is swinging the club, and my lower body is just allowed to respond to that.
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