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  1. The short answer is, it depends on the golfer. Most customers come in and want the equipment that works for the swing they have today. But our fitters are trained to help the customer meet their goals — if you're working on something, you should let your fitter know so they can take that into consideration in the options they find for you; there's a good chance they can find something to help you reach that goal more quickly.
  2. Last we heard, doing just fine. EJL isn't part of the team over here but we love him!
  3. Your belief is 100% correct. We always recommend bringing the gamers so we can see what's up and then beat them in the categories the golfer wants to improve. That said, there are two points that should be made: firstly, "gain" isn't necessarily the right word since most people associate that with distance. Not everyone needs distance; they may need better dispersion or more/less spin, etc. Fittings address so much more than hitting bombs (but usually, yes, distance comes along with any other improvement). Secondly, there are some people who don't have their clubs with them or had
  4. Generally speaking, no, since our fitting process works with universal adapters and those components have not been fitted for said adapters.
  5. Tough to recommend a shaft without fitting. Yes, you'd probably go heavier, but the biggest thing is making sure the swingweight matches. That's key. If pressed, I'd say go to 85 (if you're in a 75/76) but again, without a fitting, that's a pure guess based on what I'm seeing here.
  6. No, none of our demos are tipped but we regularly do so with builds. It's something we can absolutely take into consideration while fitting and narrowing down the best shaft options.
  7. Hi @mattw1106, we'd love to have you in for a fitting at our Orlando location! Our expert fitters will use top of the line tech to find the best fit for your unique swing. Plus, you won't find a fitter with the amount of hittable club combinations (over 50,000) anywhere else. We hope to see you soon!
  8. Sure, no one is selling magic but it is incorrect to state that specs = the same clubs. Swingweight machines, loft and lie machines, etc. all vary from shop to shop -- that why we calibrate all our tech with the build shop that actually produces the clubs. DD isn't calibrated with our store machines and it seems like the swingweight is a legit concern here (obviously our fitter recommended it for a reason), so you run a pretty big risk trusting a third-party with that build. Hence our Perfect Fit Guarantee for CC-built clubs. Again, OP needs to do what's right for OP. At the end o
  9. Your confusion is understandable because that's not how we do anything. Check out our response above.
  10. Prefacing by saying it's OP's call who they buy through, but the build does matter when you aren't a "standard" golfer (6'4" is not standard and stock clubs aren't built for people who can reach the top shelf). But regardless, a few incorrect statements here. 1. We do not buy stock clubs, "tear them apart and then reassemble them". We have component contracts with OEMs and we have all heads, shafts and grips separately. We sell the clubheads at retail because the OEMs sell us the heads at the same cost as they would sell the "stock" version of the clubs -- we aren't the one devaluing the
  11. We give customers as much information as is available to us. The golf industry at large is experiencing shortages and while the turnaround times are frustrating for all parties, we're trying to be realistic when speaking to customers. 6-8+ weeks is not the news we want to deliver, but it's the reality of the situation with most OEMs. We can't build clubs if we haven't received the components and unfortunately, those ETAs can change as the OEMs or shipping companies hit snags. The winter freeze in TX set some shipments back, PING (as an example) has their executives building clubs because they'
  12. Corporate team member here. While your frustration is completely understandable, there are a few items of context left out of this note. I just listened to your phone call with Brendan, your phone call with Matt and then read the email chain with Adam — we do keep records of all communications so we can cross-check information and for training purposes. A big item that is missing is your communication with Adam on 3/5, in which he states: "B—e, We apologize for the confusion. I just got off the phone with our Ping buyer. Ping did send them out and they got held up in Texas during all
  13. As you can imagine, we're handling a high call volume at the moment as we enter golf season. It might be quicker to email your questions to [email protected] or check out our website, which lists the process, fitting types, costs and more.
  14. As long as you have a consistent swing, you can absolutely be fitted! If you're taking lessons with poorly fitted equipment, that equipment will hinder your progress because it is working against your body. Plus, fitted clubs can be adjusted over time, and clubs built by us can have their lofts and lies adjusted for free. We hope to see you in for a fitting soon!
  15. To answer your question, no, there is no general shaft that fits everybody based on a handicap range. A 6' 3" tall man with a massive swing speed could be a 15 handicap...so can a 5'2" senior female. Handicap isn't necessarily what determines equipment. Your thought process is slightly skewed from our perspective. The main takeaway — and an honest teacher will tell you this — you cannot truly benefit from lessons if your equipment doesn't fit. Your body will fight the clubs and over/under-compensate to adjust for the poorly fitted sticks. It's also a massive misconception that hig
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