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  1. I agree with the above posters on the MMC.. Such an incredible iron that I think gets slightly overlooked in the Mizuno lineup. Just keep in mind that the MMC have stronger lofts than the MP32. I went with MMC/MB combo with the MMC bent weak to match the MB stock lofts. However, I'm honestly considering switching to a full 4-PW in the MMC with weaker lofts.
  2. I regretfully sold a set of z945 last Fall so looking to see whats out there. Decent shape, good grooves, no browning. Heavier, x-stiff shafts at +1/2" would be ideal but open to whatever. Heads only also fine. Not really looking for any other models.
  3. Anyone know of anywhere opening this weekend in the West Metro Detroit area? (Ann Arbor, Livonia, Brighton)
  4. Figured I'd see if someone has one they want to part way with before buying new. Black dot preferred but would consider blue or red dot. X-stiff shaft a plus but open to whatever and also head only option. Please PM pictures and price shipped to Michigan.
  5. Moving out some extras. PayPal only. Prices are shipped. Shipping is CONUS only right now. No trades. If you have questions, need more pictures and/or measurements, just let me know! Greyson Montauk Trousers - All 3 pairs are 36x32 - The black "Shepherd" color pair are unworn / new just took tags off and opened back pocket seams. The medium blue (I believe this color is "Eel") and light grey-ish/light blue (Not sure on the name of the color) pair are both lightly worn. Always machine washed cold and hung dry. $150 $135 for all 3 pairs. Mizuno Hat Lot - 3 hats all new. G
  6. Looking for a PING putter - One of the following options, black dot, 35"+ preferred but might consider slightly under (no extensions): Redwood Anser Redwood Piper Karsten Anser 2 or 5 (Full Face TR Grooves) Karsten Piper (The smooth face one with back cavity insert) Trying to save a few bucks so gamers are welcome!
  7. PING always keeps finding ways back into my bag one club or another.. So PING for me.
  8. Need 3 of these all at 34" or more.. .355 tips. Grips don't matter. No extensions.. Might consider s400, too. Trying to keep this cheap so just the standard DG. Don't need the Tour Issue.
  9. Just need one Tour Issue x100 ONYX Wedge Shaft at raw length 34" or longer. Need the black onyx one, not the chrome. .355 tip. Gripped or not, doesn't matter. No extensions. Might consider 2-3 of them if the price is right. Same 34"+ lengths. Please send pictures and price shipped to 48114. Thanks in advance!
  10. Kind of want to try to these
  11. This was actually one that I was considering.
  12. Any older/cheaper model shafts out there similar to the Ventus Black (velocore)? I know that Velocore is a game changer. I've experienced it myself. I'm just trying to find something that is similar in bend profile and still offers the stability.
  13. Couple of shafts up for sale today. Prices are shipped, CONTUS only. No trades. If you have any questions or need more pics, please ask. I'm pretty firm on the prices as I have checked recent sold listings. 1. Fujikura Ventus Black Velocore 7x - PING G400 Adapter (will not work with G410 or G425). Un-tipped. Measures approximately 43.5" and played 44.5" in my G400 driver. Gripped with Lamkin UTX cord Midsize (logo down) w/ 1 full length wrap and 2-3 (can't remember) lower hand wraps + grip tape - tiny bit of wear where thumb sits. I am the original owner of this shaft and it's in g
  14. I've been considering moving into a hybrid this year but I figured I'd check some feedback on this, too. I've always leaned more towards a driving iron / utility. I tried the G410 crossover when it came out a couple of years ago. It was just okay. Didn't love it, didn't hate it. Definitely didn't care for the sound/feel of it. Kind of hoping PING made some improvements for the G425. It looks great, thats for sure. Any feedback out there?
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