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  1. 1. City, State? Brighton, MI 2. Handicap? 1.9 3. Current Iron set? PING s55 4. Are you right-handed or left-handed? Righty 5. Why do you want to review the Takomo 201 irons? Looks like a great set of irons. Always interested in trying out new stuff.. Especially seeing how the smaller brands compare. 6. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? Yes
  2. 1. Must subscribe to Club Champion's YouTube channel. Done. 2. Search for your local Club Champion location. Done 3. What Club Champion location would you get fit at? Royal Oak, MI 4. Have you been fit for clubs before? Yes 5. What part of your bag could use a fitting? Hybrid/Utility Iron for sure. Maybe driver and/or fairway.
  3. Looking for a quick sale on this right here. Shipping CONUS only. PayPal payment only. No trades. New Level 4995HB Utility Iron - Black Finish. 21*. Head was purchased brand new a couple of months ago and is still in excellent condition. The HZRDUS Red shaft however, I had laying around. I believe it's tipped 1" maybe even 1.5". It has an extension on the end and I can't remember the extension length. I want to say around 1" but could be 1.5".. I really don't remember and don't want to pull the grip. Either way, I just threw this together for fun and it actually turned out to perform pretty well. Great off the tee and turf. Very forgiving and feels great, too. Has a newer Lamkin UTx Midsize grip w/ a few lower wraps and logo facing down. Plays just under 40" (kind of right between 39.75" and 40"). SOLD.
  4. Ping Glide 2.0 Stealths. Also got two of my die hard Vokey buddies to switch, too. I could easily throw a 60M grind back in the bag though. Loved that loft and grind.
  5. 2. Did you join SuperStroke Nation? Yes 3. What SuperStroke Traxion club grips do you want to win? Digi-Camo Midsize 4. What SuperStroke Traxion putter grip do you want to win? Pistol GT Tour Digi-Camo
  6. For the Hoofer, did you check the "hidden zipper" on the side of the back padding for the rain cover? I had thought mine didn't come with one then I realized it was there.
  7. I pulled the trigger on a "good" Mavrik SZ driver and an "average" Mavrik SZ 4 wood. $295 after tax/shipping. I will make sure to report back on the conditions.
  8. Greetings! Looking to move a few more items. Prices include shipping and shipping is CONUS only. PayPal payment only. No trades at this time. If you have any questions, please ask. Thanks for looking! Sold items: Greyson Snapback Mesh/Trucker hats - 2 Hats. White one is new with sticker. Grey/charcoal has been worn several times but recently cleaned and looks great. I have no idea what the symbol is on the top left part of the patch on the grey one. SOLD! PING Hat Lot - 3 Hats. All snapback adjustment. All in recently cleaned and in great shape. SOLD! PING Logo'ed White Boonie/Aussie Hat - I think this is a pretty rare/hard to find hat. Stumbled across it in a pro shop while on a golf trip out of state. I can't find this anywhere else. I wore it one time and it's been cleaned. Could still pass as new. It's fitted and is L/XL. Has some stretch to it. I wear 7 1/4 to 7 3/8 fitted hats and this fit me just fine. SOLD! PING G425 Max 5 Wood w/ Upgraded Aldila RIPx (2020 model) 95TX - Great club here. I am not the original owner but was told it was hot melted. I have no idea how much hot melt or where it is located in the head. I did not notice any ball flight bias so I am assuming its neutral. Sounds and feels fantastic. Shaft is tipped 1.5" and playing length is 42". Gripped with an IOmic Sticky Midsize Black, logo down. Typical playing wear present. This thing is so easy to hit and BOMBS! Stock HC included but no adjustment tool. SOLD! Pin 9/4
  9. I'm looking at snagging one of these, too. It's probably the best deal on any prior year model right now. Just debating on going with the lesser "good" condition to save even more but risk some possible sky marks/etc.
  10. Greetings! I have some Greyson clothing items to move along. PayPal payment only. Shipping included in prices and is CONUS only. If you have any questions and/or need additional pictures, please ask. I'm not an expert when it comes to fit but I can provide measurements, if needed. No trades. Thanks for looking I have a few other Greyson items that I am looking to move, too. I would be happy to package those in with the below items. Can discuss via PM or I will just create a 2nd post after this one. Greyson Amagansett 5-Pocket Pants, 36x32, 2 pairs - Light Beige (Riverstone) and Navy (Maltese). I bought the light beige pair earlier this year and wore them 3-4 times. They are in great shape. I bought the navy pair last year and they have been worn quite a bit. The navy pair shows some wear and a little bit of fading on the front thigh area. Both pairs were recently washed and hung dry. They will need to be pressed/ironed. Great pants for golf, office/work, and/or just casual wear. The have a little bit of stretch to them. These retail for $185 each. Looking for $100 $75 for the pair. (not splitting). Greyson Medium Polo Lot (6 polos) - Full disclosure here: Most of these have all been worn many times over the last 1-2 seasons. Some of these are still in good shape but some of these show a bit of wear in the form of light marks, pilling, and some minor seam thread failures. The solid black and grey/white stripe polos are more of a cotton blend. The others are more of a poly blend. Just looking to move these on for a good deal. The seam issues are present on black and white/grey strip on the bottom hem. The solid olive polo seam issue is along the back of the sleeve. These shirts can be easily fixed by a good tailor. Fit wise, I find that Greyson's medium polos fit right between a medium/large. Most of these shirts retail for $90-115 each and some are in still in good shape. SOLD. Greyson Tate Herringbone Charcoal Quarter-Zip, Large. Good shape. - SOLD. x
  11. 1. City, State - Brighton, MI2. Handicap - 2.43. What do you use for distances on the course? Laser rangefinder4. If you use a laser rangefinder, what model do you use? Bushnell V4 Shift but just switched to the Bluetees Pro5. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? Yes!
  12. I have too many things that I don't need so hoping to find these a new home. PayPal only. Prices are shipped and CONUS only. I need to bundle these items as I'm limited in boxes so please do not ask to separate the combo listings. I'm not interested in any trades. If you have any questions and/or need additional photos, please do not hesitate to ask. Thanks for looking! 1. True Linkswear "Dead Golfer" Bundle - Includes hybrid cover (new, never used, handmade Patrick Gibbons), scorecard/yardage holder (never used), and towel (hung from my bag for one round for looks only, could still pass as new). I don't want to split this up and could just return these if I want to. Just want to give someone the opportunity to get the sold out items. The head cover sold out super fast and I think the black towel is now sold out, too. Looking for $195 $175 shipped for the bundle. Yes, asking a bit more because of the sold out items (specifically the head cover). Also, just a heads up, the hybrid cover does snugly fit a smaller fairway. 2. Jones Hats Combo - 2 snap back adjustment hats. "Stone" color patch logo rope hat (brand new) and black athletic square logo has been worn 2-3 times but recently cleaned. The black hat is a little wrinkly on the back mesh area from air drying after cleaning. That should go away. Hats retail for $35 each + tax/shipping and the "stone" color way rope hat is not showing available anymore on their site. SOLD! 3. PING Gold Bar Logo Hat - Snap back adjustment. Worn a handful of times but recently cleaned. Awesome hat and this color way is not showing available on their site anymore. The blue color is more of a "steel blue" and not so much Navy. SOLD! 4. PING Driver Cover & Alignment Stick Cover - The driver cover is the Mr. PING Blossom cover (new never used). The alignment stick cover is the dancing "PING" one and has a few marks on the material from being used. SOLD! 5. Blue Birdie "Pin High Pizza Depot" Themed Driver Headcover - Blue Birdie is now known as Hatch Golf. Unique cover here and in good shape, used for a few weeks early Summer. Cover is made by Cayce. SOLD! 6. Random Golf Club -'Til Death Towel. 16x24. Brand new in plastic. $25 $20 shipped.
  13. I've used lostgolfballs.com and golfballsdirect.com. Both have been good experiences. I usually order 5A/mint in the larger quantities. With lostgolfballs, I've had a few in the batch be lesser quality than expected and contacted them. They replaced them no problem. Search around for a promo code for each. I usually find 10-15%.
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