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  1. This ^ I feel like the MP20 MMC gets over looked in the Mizuno lineup. I hit the JPX 921 Tours at my fitting.. They felt good and performed fine but the MMC performed just as good and felt even better. One thing worth noting is that the MMC have stronger lofts that I think they should have kept more traditional, IMO. Can always have them adjusted, though.
  2. I almost bought this last year and didn't.. Then kicked myself in the Spring when everything was sold out. Won't be missing this deal. Thanks OP!
  3. Looking for a good condition set of Glide 3.0s or the 2.0 Stealths. Blue, Black, or Red dot. Only looking for the following setup: 50 SS, 54 SS, & 60 SS or TS --- so please don't send me a 52, 56, 58 or any wide sole or Eye models, etc. Heads only preferred as I have shafts for these but open to shafted options too.. If you have something with S400, +1/2 throughout, thats a plus. Please PM pictures/specs. Thanks!
  4. I play New Level's NLU-01 driving iron and it's definitely on the larger side. I'll admit that it does bother me a bit but it just flat out performs so it's easy to get by that. Perhaps thats why the HMB seemed much smaller/compact looking to me in comparison. During my iron fitting a few weeks ago I ended up with the MP20 MMC/MB set but I was swapping in the HMB long irons to test out, too. They looked pretty close to a regular iron at address to me.
  5. The U500 probably has the least offset and likely about as compact as they get for a driving iron/utility. Have you checked out the MP20 HMB? I hit the 3 iron and it checked most of those boxes for me. Could always take the 2 iron which I believe is 16* and have it bent weaker to remove even more offset.
  6. I was told the same delay for the MMC in my order. Luckily, since mine are +1/2", I was able to go with the "B weight heads" which apparently don't have the same delay.
  7. 1. Brighton, MI 2. 4 3. Yes 4. Srixon z945 / Nippon Super Peening Blue X --- (MP20 MMC/MB set in route) 5. Looks, Feel, Setup, Turf Interaction... Minimal offset and thin top line a plus. 6. Yes
  8. Oh man you're making me want to pull this out of the ad lol.. I agree, such a great club! I just started bagging their new one (NLU-01) and seeing excellent results, too!
  9. Greetings WRXers! I'm looking to move the items below. I accept PayPal payment only. Prices are shipped and I'm only shipping CONTUS at this time. I typically use USPS but may consider other carrier options, if necessary. All shipping details will be properly communicated with the buyer. Clothing: I can provide measurements if requested. I will not accept any returns if an item does not fit you. So, please be sure of how these brands fit or request a measurement. I'll try help describe the fit the best that I can. No trades at this time. Please feel free to ask any ques
  10. That's awesome OP! I had a fitting yesterday myself and I went with the same MP combo set but with Modus 125x, +1/2, 1 up. I hit several heads and shafts and the top runners besides the MP set were the Titleist CB, JPX 921 Tour, and the TM P7MC. I've never been a big TaylorMade guy but the P7MC was very nice and a close second (The P7MB was very nice, too). I almost went full MMC for the set, but I too am coming from playing blades and liked the idea of the combo. These blend so well with the MBs with the right loft adjustments. I went 2* weak on the MCC lofts to blend in with the MB stock lof
  11. Just received delivery of this about an hour ago. It looks incredible. Definitely has less offset than the 4995HB but it does have a slightly larger overall profile. Can definitely see the muscle a bit more at address than the 4995HB, but it's not terrible. I imagine this might be hidden a bit more in the higher lofted options. I'd say its similar in size to the Srixon U45/65/85. I took some swipes off my mat into a net and this thing feels/sounds very good. Doesn't feel hollow or "clicky" at all. Feels very powerful, actually. Can definitely feel a bit more spring off the face than the 4995H
  12. 1. Miles of Golf - Ann Arbor, MI 2. Brighton, MI 5. 4 4. PING G400 10.5 - Fujikura Ventus Black 7X Velocore 5. No 6. Open to testing either one but probably the TSi3 in 10.5* 7. Yes
  13. All right.. I want to try these. I'm looking for a set of i210s to test out before its gets too cold here in Michigan. -Standard lofts (no power spec or retro) -Red dot.. but will consider black dot or orange dot. -Heads only preferred as I have a set of shafts ready for these.. but open to shafted options, too. If shafted - heavier x-stiff low/low & +1/2" length would be ideal.
  14. @Argonne69 @Nixhex524 @karstens_ghost - Appreciate the input, guys. Definitely looking to give these a try to see for myself. Might try to go hit a demo this week if I can find one.
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