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  1. Looking to a black zipper panel for the most recent Hoofer model. If you have one that you are willing to part ways with, let me know. Not sure if any PING reps are here but if this is something that can be ordered for me, please PM me. Thanks!
  2. Andddd same. Literally read that whole paragraph thinking it was going to end with dropping it on the cart path or hitting a rock. Miuras though!
  3. Greetings. I'm looking to move some random things I have laying around. All prices include shipping (except bag) and shipping is CONUS US only. PayPay payment only. No trades at this time. If you have any questions, please reach out. Thanks for looking! Fourteen Wedge Set 52, 56, 60 - Heads Only: The 52 is RM11 and the 56 and 60 are RM12. Bounces shown in pictures. All black/raw finish. I was going to rebuild these up and test them out but ultimately decided to go back to my gamers. These do show some playing wear. Faces have scratches and black finish wear that makes them look worse than they are. Plenty of life left on the grooves themselves. Hosels are cleaned out but might need a bit more prep before rebuilding. Not sure on lofts/lies. $125 $110 Titleist Vokey TVD 50M (SM4) Wedge Works: Rare 50* M grind. Black/raw finish with "TS" stamped all over on the back w/ the BV Clover, too. Has typical black finish wear and playing wear but grooves are still very good. Most playing wear is on the sole. This is shafted with the stock Vokey "wedgeworks" shaft and a pretty worn Golf Pride VDR grip, logo down. Plays right about 35.75", not sure on loft/lie. SOLD! Titleist Vokey SM7 58.12D: Jet black finish. Pretty much all stock here. Black finish wearing a little bit and a few dings here and there (mostly on sole) but the grooves are in excellent shape. Plays stock length but not sure if any loft/lie adjustments. SOLD! Adams Super LSP IDEA VSP Hybrid 18* w/ Aldila Blue ATX 85TX (tour x-stiff): Awesome hybrid here and and in great shape for it's age. I hit this a few times at the range and it bombs. A little too far for my gapping so sticking with something else. Has a newer midsize GP MCC plus 4 grip, logo down. Playing length on this is 40.75". Includes similar model head cover. SOLD! PING Moonlite Bag - Black/White: A few years ago model but in great condition. Double straps and one designed to stick up a bit to easily grab when on the ground. The smaller pocket's zipper line is a bit dirty but should clean up. SOLD!
  4. Just a heads up - I have been updating my original post with review updates instead of posting new replies.
  5. Title says it all. Shafted with something 70g or 80g extra stiff. Not super picky about condition, need it cheap.
  6. I personally don't have any experience with the 2020 P790s. I dabbled with the original p790 2 iron a couple of years ago but thats as far as my experience goes. Theres a ton of tech built into the P790s that is supposed to help with forgiveness, ball speeds, etc. The 201s are basically just a hunk of forged carbon steel. You're going to get what you put into them. However, I would definitely recommend them to anyone considering the transition into a forged player's type CB. They're a little bit larger, pretty forgiving, and feel very good. The 201s have stronger lofts just like P790s, so that'll help with the transition. They do offer the 101 iron, too. It's a hollow blade so kind of a bit more aligned with the P790.
  7. Thank you GolfWRX and Takomo for such an awesome opportunity. I enter a ton of the "testers wanted" and giveaway contests and I am super excited that I was picked for this one. Like many of us, I love testing new products, especially irons. I've always been interested to see how some of the smaller Direct to Consumer (DTC) companies compare to the bigger brands. I've tried some of the other DTC brands (New Level and Sub70) and they are as good as anything out there. To be honest, I've never heard of Takomo before seeing the contest post. I checked out their website and they seem fairly newer to the market. They offer two irons, the Iron 101 (that I believe have been out for a little bit) and these Iron 201s (that appear to have just released late September). I am curious what their plans are for future products. Anyways, here is my review (so far) on the Iron 201: Background: I've been playing golf for about 23 years and I'm coming off the best season of my golfing "career". I was previously just a "leasure/social" type golfer. I played fairly often, rocked the same set of clubs from 2008-2017, and never tracked a handicap. If I had to guess what it was I'd probably say an 8 or 9 handicap between 2010-2018. I started taking my golf game (and equipment) much more seriously about 3-4 years ago. Practicing a ton and tinkering it up with equipment to find out what works best for me. My game improved greatly since. My main goal this year was to get down to a 2 handicap (started the year at 4) and I am currently sitting at 1.9. I worked really hard on certain areas of my game and I feel that one of the biggest parts of my improvement came from my iron play. I rocked the legendary PING s55 irons the whole year and I absolutely loved them. I've gamed many iron sets over the last 3-4 years (AP2s, Miura's, Blueprints, Mizunos, several Srixon models) and I have tried many others. I strongly prefer a smaller, compact, player type profile when it comes to irons. Very little offset, thin top line, MB or CB. I can usually tell immediately at address if an iron is going to work for me. First Thoughts: My set arrived last week (10/5). I was super eager to unbox them. They included a hat and towel which I thought was a very nice touch. All iron heads we double wrapped in bubble wrap and each had a plastic sleeve covering up the shafts. However, I was kind of shocked to find that some of the heads did arrive with some small dings/clatter on them. I would highly encourage Takomo to use some type of foam club holder system for shipping or something that keeps the clubs from moving around. Since the clubs were able to freely move around in the box, that likely caused the dings/clatter to occur. At the end of the day, these things are made of some super soft steel and these dings would have likely occurred on the way to the course/range for the first time anyways. These sticks look great. The quality of the forging is excellent. I am huge fan of the milling lines on the back of cavities, too. The build quality looks to be top notch. Ferrules perfect, lengths spot on, grips lined up right. I even checked the swing weights and these were all D4 and PW at D5. All spot on. Before even hitting these, I am super impressed with the builds. Looks wise, they remind me a lot of the PING i210 from the back but with the size and shape of the Srixon z745/65/85 series. The soles are not too big, not too small, kind of perfect size, really. There is some leading edge relief. They set up nice next to the ball and frame it well. My only gripe, as you might have expected, is that the top lines are bit thicker than I prefer. I was able to chip around with the PW in my basement off the carpet and it felt very soft. The Setup - I went with 4-PW, C-Taper 130x, w/ Lamkin Crossline standards. Everything is standard/stock L/L/L across the board. I play my irons +1/2", traditional lofts (46* PW), and standard lies. I was really hoping to order these in my specs but unfortunately that wasn't an option for this testing. That's no biggie. I can always grip these a little higher to get that +1/2" feel. They only offer KBS shafts right now so I went with the KBS C-Taper 130X. Forgot how dang stout these are. I would have picked the 125S+ if it was an option. The stock lofts are rather strong. 31* 7 iron (I play 34*) so about 3* stronger than what I am used to. I might get these bent weaker for further testing purposes but going to try them out as is for now. Testing: (Please note, I will be adding more to this section as time goes on). 10/12: The day after these arrived I was heading out of town for the weekend so I was not able to do any testing right away. I was finally able to take some of these up the range last night (10/11). I brought the evens 4,6,8,PW along with some Mizuno MP-64s that of course I am tinkering around with . The range was mats only due to some recent rain but I snuck a few shots off the grass, too. I warmed up with the Mizunos so that I could switch over to these ready to go. I grabbed the 6i first. The range has a flag/green set up about 200 yards out (typically my 5i) so I was aiming at that since the 6i loft is only 1* weaker than my 5i. First swing was flushed. Nice high tight draw that landed just right of the pin. Felt incredible. Now I'm intrigued. I continued to hit several more balls at that pin and most continued to have the same flight characteristics and were landing close. I missed a few away from the middle of the face and you could definitely feel the difference but they didn't suffer a ton of distance loss. I dabbled in the 4i next and was getting a nice high flight. What impressed me the most was how high the long irons were launching, especially with the C-Tapers plugged in. I typically hit the ball a bit lower than I would like to. But the launch window that I was getting on these was great. Unfortunately, no numbers to share but I'm sure a monitor would show the difference. What I liked most was how easy these were to work. I was able to hit nice fades and draws on command. Flighting low and high, no problem. I moved over to the 8i and PW and aimed at some closer pins. These did launch a tad higher than I preferred in the 8i and PW but everything held the line and were very consistent. The feel is very soft yet slightly dense at the same time (which I love). I wouldn't consider these mushy soft by any means. Sometimes too soft just doesn't work for me. I like having some feedback and these fit the bill. Keep in mind, this was with some range balls (decent quality). I will be testing with ProV1x balls on the course next. I probably hit about 40-50 balls with these. So far, I'm very impressed after that range session. 10/13: Brought the full set to a grass range and hit about 60 balls. I hit most shots with the 7 iron which is typically my go to for practice. These are awesome through the turf. They glide through effortlessly. I am fairly steep and had no issues at all. I was hitting some great shots with the first 30-40 balls. I'm not going to lie, I definitely wore myself out with the C-Taper 130s. Had to slow it down a bit with the 2nd half of the bucket. I used the last 1/3 of the bucket to practice some knock downs shots and punches. They performed very well. I'd love to try these with some x100s or the standard KBS Tour 130s. I have a few x100s laying around and might be worth rebuilding one as an experiment. We'll see. 10/18: I was able to get out and play 2/3 of a round Thursday (got rained out) and a full round yesterday (Sunday). Here's some takeaways from on course experience with the Takomos: They are incredibly soft w/ premium golf balls vs the range balls, which is probably pretty obvious. Some of the shots I hit, especially off the tee, felt incredible. I somewhat retract my original statement about them feeling soft yet dense. These lean more towards very soft to me but yet very responsive of where the ball is making contact on the face. Yesterday, on most shorter par 4s, I hit the 4 iron from the tee and it's a bomber. Reminded me of hitting a driving iron. I actually didn't get to hit many mid iron (6-7 iron) shots. I just never really had those distances so unfortunately not much feedback there. The short irons played very accurate. They do fly a tad higher than I like which is kind of odd considering the strong lofts and heavy low/low shafts. But again, they held the lines just fine and were mostly accurate. I did have some trouble getting my distances right with these. Most clubs are 3* stronger than I am used to. I found myself just playing one iron weaker for what I was used to with my current distances. I still found myself coming up short or even long on some occasions. Obviously, that's just something that one would need to get used to and re-learn the distances. These did dig a bit more than I originally experienced at the range. I had some monster divots after some shots. I definitely paid for some chunky shots more than I am used to with the S55s. It was very windy yesterday and I didn't really have any issues with flighting these lower or higher depending on the wind. That is always nice to see. I do think the C-tapers help a bit with that, too. Overall, I'm still very impressed with these irons. Golf season is nearing an end here in Michigan. I will likely play one more round with these but I do want to get a few more rounds in with my gamers. I might try to get out with a half set with irons (matching distances) with each set to give a head to head comparison. I will report back with some updates. Please send any questions that you guys might have. Here are some pictures: 4 Iron: PW:
  8. New Level 4995HB - Head only preferred but open to shafted options, too. Black or chrome finish. Only looking for the 18*. Vokey SM5, 6, or 7 50* - Any Finish. Cheap but decent shape please. Head only preferred but shafted also fine.
  9. Looking for a cheap driver under $100 shipped. Major brands only and released within the last 5-7 years. Beat up, scratches, sky marks, don't matter. Just nothing that's unplayable. -9.5 or 10.5 loft. -Extra stiff shaft. -44.5 or longer.
  10. The New Level NLU-01 might be a good option. They removed a lot of offset compared to their first utility (4995HB). Fantastic feel too.
  11. Greetings. Looking to move some random things I have laying around. All prices include shipping and shipping is CONUS US only. PayPay payment only. No trades at this time. If you have any questions, please reach out! Thanks for looking. 1. Ecco Biom Hybrid 3 Spikeless golf shoes - Size EU48 (US 14-14.5). Used for the 2021 season. One of the most comfortable pair of golf shoes that I've ever owned. Well taken care of. They do show minor wear but plenty of life left on these. Recently cleaned. SOLD! 2. True Linkswear OG Feels - "Static Black" Size 14. Used for the 2021 season. Just a heads up, I had to repair the right shoe using Shoe Goo. There were two areas that slightly pulled apart from the upper where it meets the midsole. These have been played in at least 15-20 times since with no issues but I'm not guaranteeing how they will hold up. Recently cleaned and includes shoe bag - $45 shipped. 3. Greyson "Spirit Wolf" Tee - Size Large, dark grey heather. Worn once or twice and could pass as new. Washed and hung dry. This is a "members only" product that retails for $48 (plus tax/shipping) on the site. SOLD! 4. Random Golf Club "Til Death" Tee - Worn a few times. This is old school 100% cotton and has always been hung dry. It's never seen the dryer after a wash. SOLD! 5. Seamus Skull Ball Marker - Used on and off for 2 seasons. Has some wear to it on top (looks like just some patina forming). "C-FLO" on the back. $25 shipped. 6. True Linkswear "Dead Golfer" Wooden Ball Marker - Used on and off for 2 seasons. I think it is made from walnut but not 100% sure. Pretty rare ball marker from them that was released well before the current "Dead Golfer" line. $35 shipped. 7-8. Random Golf Club "Til Death" Towel and Ball Marker - Towel is brand new still in packaging. Ball mark was used a few times. Also throwing in a few other RGC things (Plastic tee, pitch mark tool, ball marker, & bag tag). SOLD! 9. Jones Utility Tote Bag - Light brown-ish color - Used sparingly over the last 2-3 years. Great little bag here. Good for day/night trips, beach trips, etc. Has some marks on the front (that might come out, not sure). $25 shipped.
  12. Greetings! I'm looking to move a few clothing items. I'm keeping the polos and shorts as package deals so please don't ask to split. I'm happy to package multiple items together for a discount. Shipping CONUS only and likely via First Class mail. I will be shipping items out starting Monday 9/27. Please note: All of these items are pre-worn and likely show some sign of minor wear. I'll try to point out whatever I can see with my naked eye but I might miss something small. Just trying to be fair and transparent here. I value my reputation on this site, so if there is something that I missed, we can easily sort it out. If you aren't familiar with Linksoul, most of their clothing items have that "heathered" look to them. I am happy to provide more pictures and measurements upon request. No returns if something doesn't fit you. Linksoul Polos - 2 polos total, both size large. Solid grey tour logo'ed and white/multi-color-stripe. The grey polo has been worn quite a few times this season but still in good shape. The stripe one worn less than a handful of times and in great shape. $55 shipped for the pair. Linksoul Boardwalker Shorts - 3 pairs of shorts total, all size 36. True Black, Grey, and Khaki. All worn many times. Some light marks here and there but nothing major. The grey ones have some seam issues along the front waist line that I never noticed until listing these. SOLD! Linksoul Morris 1/4 Zip - Large - The color of this is "Safari" and its like an olive color. Good shape still, nothing major to point out. SOLD! Linksoul Rain Pants XL - I wear 36x32 pants and these it me fine but they do have a slimmer fit to them than most rain pants that I've tried. There is a small snag/tear just below the right side pocket just below the zipper and what looks like some possible tears where to draw strings come out of (likely just from pulling them). SOLD! Linksoul Black Scorecard Holder - Bought from a member here a while back and I used it once. Definitely used and shows some wear but still a cool and likely limited item from them. $25 shipped. Dunning Pants - Heathered Grey 36x32 - 5-pocket style. Great shape overall. SOLD!
  13. Putting together a fun little Sunday bag for some fall golf. Not really looking to break the bank on this. Prefer player style cb or blades (old Mizunos, Titleist, Srixon, something along those lines). X-stiff preferred on everything but not a deal breaker. Heads only also fine.
  14. 1. City, State? Brighton, MI 2. Handicap? 1.9 3. Current Iron set? PING s55 4. Are you right-handed or left-handed? Righty 5. Why do you want to review the Takomo 201 irons? Looks like a great set of irons. Always interested in trying out new stuff.. Especially seeing how the smaller brands compare. 6. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? Yes
  15. 1. Must subscribe to Club Champion's YouTube channel. Done. 2. Search for your local Club Champion location. Done 3. What Club Champion location would you get fit at? Royal Oak, MI 4. Have you been fit for clubs before? Yes 5. What part of your bag could use a fitting? Hybrid/Utility Iron for sure. Maybe driver and/or fairway.
  16. Looking for a quick sale on this right here. Shipping CONUS only. PayPal payment only. No trades. New Level 4995HB Utility Iron - Black Finish. 21*. Head was purchased brand new a couple of months ago and is still in excellent condition. The HZRDUS Red shaft however, I had laying around. I believe it's tipped 1" maybe even 1.5". It has an extension on the end and I can't remember the extension length. I want to say around 1" but could be 1.5".. I really don't remember and don't want to pull the grip. Either way, I just threw this together for fun and it actually turned out to perform pretty well. Great off the tee and turf. Very forgiving and feels great, too. Has a newer Lamkin UTx Midsize grip w/ a few lower wraps and logo facing down. Plays just under 40" (kind of right between 39.75" and 40"). SOLD.
  17. Ping Glide 2.0 Stealths. Also got two of my die hard Vokey buddies to switch, too. I could easily throw a 60M grind back in the bag though. Loved that loft and grind.
  18. 2. Did you join SuperStroke Nation? Yes 3. What SuperStroke Traxion club grips do you want to win? Digi-Camo Midsize 4. What SuperStroke Traxion putter grip do you want to win? Pistol GT Tour Digi-Camo
  19. For the Hoofer, did you check the "hidden zipper" on the side of the back padding for the rain cover? I had thought mine didn't come with one then I realized it was there.
  20. I pulled the trigger on a "good" Mavrik SZ driver and an "average" Mavrik SZ 4 wood. $295 after tax/shipping. I will make sure to report back on the conditions.
  21. Greetings! Looking to move a few more items. Prices include shipping and shipping is CONUS only. PayPal payment only. No trades at this time. If you have any questions, please ask. Thanks for looking! Sold items: Greyson Snapback Mesh/Trucker hats - 2 Hats. White one is new with sticker. Grey/charcoal has been worn several times but recently cleaned and looks great. I have no idea what the symbol is on the top left part of the patch on the grey one. SOLD! PING Hat Lot - 3 Hats. All snapback adjustment. All in recently cleaned and in great shape. SOLD! PING Logo'ed White Boonie/Aussie Hat - I think this is a pretty rare/hard to find hat. Stumbled across it in a pro shop while on a golf trip out of state. I can't find this anywhere else. I wore it one time and it's been cleaned. Could still pass as new. It's fitted and is L/XL. Has some stretch to it. I wear 7 1/4 to 7 3/8 fitted hats and this fit me just fine. SOLD! PING G425 Max 5 Wood w/ Upgraded Aldila RIPx (2020 model) 95TX - Great club here. I am not the original owner but was told it was hot melted. I have no idea how much hot melt or where it is located in the head. I did not notice any ball flight bias so I am assuming its neutral. Sounds and feels fantastic. Shaft is tipped 1.5" and playing length is 42". Gripped with an IOmic Sticky Midsize Black, logo down. Typical playing wear present. This thing is so easy to hit and BOMBS! Stock HC included but no adjustment tool. SOLD! Pin 9/4
  22. I'm looking at snagging one of these, too. It's probably the best deal on any prior year model right now. Just debating on going with the lesser "good" condition to save even more but risk some possible sky marks/etc.
  23. Greetings! I have some Greyson clothing items to move along. PayPal payment only. Shipping included in prices and is CONUS only. If you have any questions and/or need additional pictures, please ask. I'm not an expert when it comes to fit but I can provide measurements, if needed. No trades. Thanks for looking I have a few other Greyson items that I am looking to move, too. I would be happy to package those in with the below items. Can discuss via PM or I will just create a 2nd post after this one. Greyson Amagansett 5-Pocket Pants, 36x32, 2 pairs - Light Beige (Riverstone) and Navy (Maltese). I bought the light beige pair earlier this year and wore them 3-4 times. They are in great shape. I bought the navy pair last year and they have been worn quite a bit. The navy pair shows some wear and a little bit of fading on the front thigh area. Both pairs were recently washed and hung dry. They will need to be pressed/ironed. Great pants for golf, office/work, and/or just casual wear. The have a little bit of stretch to them. These retail for $185 each. Looking for $100 $75 for the pair. (not splitting). Greyson Medium Polo Lot (6 polos) - Full disclosure here: Most of these have all been worn many times over the last 1-2 seasons. Some of these are still in good shape but some of these show a bit of wear in the form of light marks, pilling, and some minor seam thread failures. The solid black and grey/white stripe polos are more of a cotton blend. The others are more of a poly blend. Just looking to move these on for a good deal. The seam issues are present on black and white/grey strip on the bottom hem. The solid olive polo seam issue is along the back of the sleeve. These shirts can be easily fixed by a good tailor. Fit wise, I find that Greyson's medium polos fit right between a medium/large. Most of these shirts retail for $90-115 each and some are in still in good shape. SOLD. Greyson Tate Herringbone Charcoal Quarter-Zip, Large. Good shape. - SOLD. x
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