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  1. My day-to-day life is swell, but my days on the golf course would be better if people would stop fiddlin' around and just hit the ball!
  2. Agreed. But some folks I play with seem to be a bit head-cover challenged, and I just wondered if others had encountered the same. Glad they're moving this thread around the forums though so everyone gets to participate.
  3. Hilarious that you think you know me from some posts on Golfwrx. Sure, if everyone played golf the way I do, we'd all be much happier with the pace of play on the golf course, but I get along quite well with everyone I play with, and I guarantee you'd enjoy a round with me as well.
  4. I've gone from basically a double-bogey golfer to a bogey-golfer, and am usually satisfied if I don't duff more than a shot or two during a round. I've often thought that, if I got really good (like around scratch), I'd find the game more boring and frustrating. I'll probably never know though, so I could be wrong. Right now, if I hit a few GIRs and make a few pars and perhaps a birdie, and don't double (or worse) more than a hole or two, I'm quite pleased with myself.
  5. That was my next post, but perhaps you missed when I noted it in one of my comments on this one. Play with one guy who won't keep an extra ball in his pocket because he doesn't want to think about needing it. Trouble is, he needs it, and he's a slow player made even slower by having to saunter over to get another from his bag, so it gives groups behind us that much more time to catch up and get annoyed with our pace of play, which is the thing that most concerns me about these little things. I don't like to be the group that's holding other groups up because of this little piddly stuff, so slow players should eliminate as much of it as possible. If you're playing on an empty course, take all the time you want. The tee thing is forgivable because that's usually an accidental oversight - but you only get one chance to do that before I start trying to impale your leg with the tee I toss at you .
  6. One old guy I play with must be claustrophobic, because he will pee right next to the jiffy john. But I appreciate that he doesn't take the time to open and close the jiffy john door.
  7. Golf is a funny game when it comes to what people are comfortable doing. As for myself, I like to play quickly, and don't like any accessory that slows me down and provides no significant advantage in my opinion. I don't run through a course, but everything I do is pretty much minimal as far as surveying the shot, picking the club, and hitting the shot. But I need to try hard to understand that other people like to play at a much slower pace, and love their little accessories. I play with a guy who has a remote-controlled cart, and he runs that thing around the course like a Zembo shrine car (if you get the reference). The thing seems to be far more trouble than it's worth (he generally tips it or has some other trouble at least once per round), but he loves his little toy, and he's certainly not gonna put it into storage after paying that much for a cart. He also can't seem to be bothered to put an extra ball in his pocket, so whenever he takes a mulligan off the tee or has to drop a ball due to losing the original, he has to saunter back to his bag and find another ball, then proceed back to the spot he needs to hit from. Some of that stuff just makes me shake my head, but I gotta remember I'm out playing a game, and not everyone plays it the same way - and other people are just hoping to live through the day.
  8. Guy I golfed with today said that what he'd heard/read was that anyone under like 5'4" or over 6'2" would benefit most from custom-fit clubs. No idea what his source was, but it wouldn't surprise me if there are certain heights that off-the-rack clubs don't fit well.
  9. Walk almost exclusively, and started wearing waterproof trail shoes from Columbia at the beginning of the year. Have had no foot issues with them, and they really are waterproof. Way cheaper than golf shoes with similar attributes, at least they are if you have a Columbia outlet nearby.
  10. Just got back from playing a round, so apologies for not responding to every response. But I'll take them as a resounding 'No'. Was playing with one of the guys who has to keep his driver headcover on through the round, and when we were both walking, he would be a good 50-100 yards behind me from fiddling around with the cover - because as MtJeff noted, those things barely fit the modern drivers. But he rode the back 9 with the other lad I was playing with, so he wasn't as slow by then. I did have a bag fall off the back of a cart once when I was riding, and it did cause a ding to the driver, so perhaps covers on when riding are beneficial. I realize that for the most part, most aren't challenged much by using head covers. This post was inspired by an article in Golf magazine that listed iron head covers as one of the 9 unnecessary accessories that many golfers use, and I thought, based on some of my experience, that could extend to all head covers, and I just had to know what the golfwrx community thought . It's been entertaining.
  11. I play with a couple of guys who use head covers on various clubs. I don't see the need for them, but maybe someone can tell me why they are necessary. On every tee where they use driver, they remove the cover, toss it on the tee box, hit the ball, replace the cover (if they remember to pick it up), and repeat on the next tee. One guy has a putter cover, which he takes off on the green, tosses on the green, replaces on the green, then repeats the same on every green. Granted, this doesn't add a significant amount of time to the round, but I don't get the need for them at all, and consider any time they add to a round unnecessary. I used to have one on my driver just because I liked the looks of it, but found I'd rather just grab the club and not have to deal with it. Is there really any need for them? How much damage can you really do to a golf club just carrying it around?
  12. Generally take 1 per shot. Just helps keep me loose mostly. One guy I play with usually takes a couple (he's 90), and at least once every round or so, hits the ball accidentally with his practice swing (and we let him get away without counting it). Not sure how old you have to be before you learn to take them further from the ball.
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