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  1. I think they are embraced. When John Daly became known, his length was the main point of admiration, and I've often heard Bryson complimented for his increase in strength and distance. Other golfers like Rahm, Finau, Champ, and some lesser-knowns often receive admiring comments based on the distance they can hit a golf ball, as does Bubba. So, I don't think the issue of whether or not courses need to be redesigned to accommodate increased length is a show of not embracing such, but more a practical discussion of whether or not other skills are being deemphasized by being able to hit the bal
  2. I had mine tested, and my brother and dad have as well. Keep in mind a couple of things - one, results are not going to be 100% accurate, and two, your DNA results don't tell the whole story about your lineage. You can be related to William Wallace, for example, and have no Scottish DNA. This is because you get half your DNA from each parent, and the parent with Scottish DNA may simply have not passed it on to you. For example, my Dad's results show 20% Scottish, but mine show none. My brother's showed some small percentage. So when you see those commercials that say something like "I th
  3. Unlike Bryson, most youngsters can't get away with bomb and gouge, so the distance difference isn't necessarily an advantage. Hopefully they learn something from playing with you.
  4. Can barely stand to walk on carpet barefoot, much less play golf. But to each his own.
  5. I missed one recently when trying to hack out of some tall grass, but that's not so unusual. A much more embarrassing miss came a few years ago when I was on the tee feeling quite limber. My practice swings were making a pro-sounding 'whoooosh'. I just knew I was going to pound the hell out of the drive. Stepped up to hit the ball, and the 'whooosh' sound was once again phenomenal. Unfortunately, it was the only sound, as I missed the ball completely. After getting over the shock, I laughed like hell and sent the next one way out to the right (a hard pull as a lefty), but at least I made
  6. Humidity is the real energy zapper. High humidity days are the only ones when I'll consider using a cart - I won't do it, but I'll consider it. Maybe in a few more years...
  7. Have a 'breakfast ball' in your pocket.
  8. No idea, but if any of the advice you get works, pass it on to me.
  9. Probably because he was one of the 'brat pack' (i.e. JT, Jordan, Fowler, et al.)
  10. Always enjoy any attempt to do something different in golf, and I like Annika and Henrik, so hope it does well.
  11. Yeah, that video iBanesto posted displays exactly why I am not a fan of Cantlay. Was he expecting the target to move? Nothing I like hearing less during a tournament broadcast than "and now over to [insert broadcaster name here] who is with Patrick Cantlay", though it does provide an opportune time for a bathroom break. Give me Matt Jones any day, and he could be a total jerk for all I know.
  12. I have not, but I've often thought about giving up golf for - well - anything else. Unfortunately, sex isn't really an option.
  13. I don't know about you, but there's just no way I could live with the 1yd loss in driving distance with those 1 month submerged balls
  14. Interesting problem. Seems very odd that you could go years without having the issue, then it suddenly manifests itself out of nowhere. I suppose you could test some of the theories here by having your swing analyzed and 'fixed', then seeing if the 'yips' appear again. Other than that, I'd probably want to make sure I had a thorough neurological check-up to make sure it wasn't a medical issue. On another note, you might have the same issue with shuffleboard, and send the puck flying dangerously through the air, so you might want to take up a foot-centric sport like soccer instea
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