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  1. Planning to get out Monday finally, and I'm sure all the guys in my group will happily take what we can get. Just not gonna wear white pants, for sure.
  2. Don't know if his driver has been working well enough for him to try, but I hope he does. Certainly there are others who could give it a shot as well. Guess that's one thing nice about these guys making a living off of endorsements - they can afford to get a little crazy on the golf course, and keep us entertained.
  3. We tend to assume that people who have a certain level of success in a field have a natural talent for it, but I'd suggest that passion and the willingness to want to do something are far more important, and can negate not having a 'natural talent'. When I was younger, the Philadelphia Phillies had a shortstop named 'Kevin Stocker'. His tenure wasn't very long, but he did make it to the major leagues. I recall him claiming that he didn't really feel he had a natural talent for baseball, but got where he did through hard work. And we all know the story about how Michael Jordan got cut from
  4. My initial thought was that, given the two choices, I'd RATHER be someone with natural talent. But thinking about it, the trouble with having natural talent is it may actually inhibit you from working as hard as you need to in order to be really successful. So, I think I'd actually rather have a 'grinder' mentality, and if I happen to have natural talent as well, all the better. As for me personally, I definitely fall into the 'grinder' category when it comes to golf, though it doesn't seem to help my game much. Musically, I had some natural talent growing up, but let that carry me as far
  5. My low-end Kia has both "Lane Keep Assist" and "Lane Following Assist". With LKA, the vehicle will 'nudge' you over and sound an alarm if you are drifting. You can turn it off completely or turn off the nudge feature and just allow the alarm to sound, which is what I do. Assuming he had it on, it should have at least beeped annoyingly. LFA, on the other hand, will try to keep you in the center of the lane as you are driving. If you take your hands off the wheel for too long, an alarm will sound. It won't do anything if it cannot detect lane markings, and if you are going too fast, it wil
  6. Hoping he proves to be correct. Might be an even greater comeback than the previous.
  7. I guess it'll depend on how well he continues to do (or not do) in tournaments. Given his penchant for change, if he's not finishing where he wants, he'll undoubtedly do something different -maybe lose 50lbs and get lean and sinewy - who knows. Perhaps he'll even abandon the one-length at some point.
  8. I'm 60, and will walk unless the course doesn't allow me to, regardless of how hilly it is. I figure if the golf stinks, I'll at least have gotten some benefit from it, but I also find walking much more enjoyable than riding from a meditative standpoint as well. Basically, there are just other aspects of golf I enjoy besides getting the ball in the hole. I will occasionally carry a 'Sunday bag' (not sure of the brand) with a paired-down set of clubs, but if I do it too often, the back starts to get a bit stiff, so my usual set-up is a full-sized bag with a push cart. One of the bennies of
  9. It's understandable that many are hoping to see Tiger back. The game is simply not as much fun to watch without him, or someone like him who competes with that intensity and has a chance to win every week - at least I don't think it is. I was hoping Bryson D. might fill in the void some, but he's proving to be pretty inconsistent. Last year was a pretty good indication Tiger was finished competing seriously, and after news of another back surgery, it seemed pretty definite this year wasn't going to be any improvement. Obviously, any speculation on that is a moot point now. But the guy c
  10. My thoughts as well. Seems there is no way that sort of accident wouldn't tweak even a healthy back. And now that he'll likely be doing a lot of lying down and sitting, that won't be beneficial either, as backs generally perform better when you keep them mobile and stretched (from experience).
  11. I have a low-end Kia, and it has a 'lane following assist' feature that will keep the vehicle in the center of the lane, as long as markings are visible. I rarely use it, but in experimenting with it, it worked well. However, if you take your hands off the wheel for too long (don't know what that timeframe is), it will start beeping warnings and shut off.
  12. The 'silver lining' here may be that it finally allows Tiger to just walk away from the game rather than continuously speculating on whether or not he could or should come back. He gave us some moments in golf we aren't likely to see again, but "all good things must come to an end."
  13. I guess it depends on what you want it to do. I'm very happy with my Nikon Coolshot 20, but it is a straight-forward distance-only rangefinder, which is all I care that it does. Certainly allows you to save some money for other golf expenses. Have had it for a couple of years now. I had a lower-end Bushnell that crapped out after about 2 years when it got a little wet in a sudden downpour, but I did keep the case to hold the Nikon, because I liked it better than the Nikon case.
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