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  1. I’m a machinist in the medical field and am familiar with 3D printers. They can do some cool stuff but build times take forever not to mention having to deal with powder. On top of that most everything still has to be machined or metal finished after, but I like that they’re actually tryin somethin new
  2. Yea they are cool clubs. I was playing a 3,5,7,9 set of powerbuilt levelumes. The club pro at a local course I play saw me hitting them on the range one weekend and walked me back to the clubhouse and gave me those Arnold palmers. Pretty sweet.
  3. My classic playing set right now sears and Roebuck Arnold palmers 2-9 , Dunlop 1 & 3, bullseye putter
  4. Not from thrift store but some recent clubs I’ve collected. The MacGregor nicklaus set is missing the 4 iron but I’m left handed anyway
  5. Found these 3 at a flea market for a dollar a piece. Now I’m wanting to make a classic bag wondering around what year the woods are from because I want to find irons from around the same time I’m guessing 80s? Found a couple on eBay but none listed when they were from.
  6. Played a round with a guy from work and a couple of his friends. All of them were hackers like really bad. On the first hole idk what shot he was on at that point but one guy was about 140 out over water and chunked it in the water. Dropped a ball and hit it in the water again. Dropped a ball hit it in the water for a third time. Dropped a ball and hit it straight in the cup never touched the green. It was pretty awesome/funny but that was a long day.
  7. As a west Tennesseean, Southwind is a great course but with the covid and no spectators this would have been the perfect opportunity to play at Spring Creek Ranch. I’ve always heard they don’t play there bc not enough room to host a PGA tournament.
  8. i don’t even like Bryson but I find myself rooting for him just bc so many people on the internet will lose sleep over it.
  9. if they’re so worried about driving distance why don’t they just get rid of drivers completely and then you don’t have to change anything?
  10. I’m just getting back into golf after about a 13 year break. In high school I had a nice fade but since starting back everything was leaking left not terribly but enough to make me switch to try hitting more of a draw. I’ll have the occasional pull but really just wanted to see if there was any obvious flaws y’all could point out, or see something I could improve on. Thanks.
  11. My son will be 2 in a month and already has a halfway decent swing just from watching us hit balls at the house and trying to copy what we do. I played baseball from the time I could walk through high school and completely burnt out, so I purposely never try to make him play if he doesn’t want to. I’ll save the lessons for when he’s older if he’s still into it.
  12. Yea I have hah is it that bad
  13. Been out of the game a while. still hit the ball decent about a club shy of what I used to be. Let me know you see anything I need to fix.
  14. is The speith/reed pairing tomorrow gonna be awkward or is that old news.
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