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  1. Supposed to be delivered Friday (ordered Nov. 30th)
  2. I'd go in and buy a gun, if they even sell them anymore.
  3. I have one of the titleist aussie hats like that and I like it. Get quite a few compliments on it too, though honestly, I am not sure if those are serious or making fun of me. I don't really care either way.
  4. I think last year I bought two dozen Snell and still have about a dozen left. I typically don't lose a ton of balls and I tend to find a lot on the course when I play. And unlike many, I don't have a problem playing a top flite or even a 20 year old ultra if I find one. That being said, I probably only get out about 20-25 times a year.
  5. Thanks for all the opinions, the shoes are officially in the garbage and will be gone forever tomorrow.
  6. Thanks, that is kinda what I figured.
  7. I am boring and picked up a 2018 Scotty Cameron Newport
  8. Just looking for some opinions on an old pair of FJ Classics. The uppers are perfect, the soles are disintegrating. Wondering if I should drop the $200 to get them fixed, or just move on? I don't have a huge connection to the shoes, I bought them used off Ebay a couple years ago for about $70 IIRC. Of course a new $200 pair of shoes would probably be smarter and more comfortable, but realistically, these shoes would outlast almost any $200 shoe I would buy if I had them fixed. Need some opinions to talk me On/Off the ledge.
  9. I can't give you any tips, but to me the swing looks pretty good. The slippers might have to go though, not sure they will work on a course's dress code? :)
  10. Should be no issue, I have pulled my m1's shafts a few times without any problems. Plan on ruining the ferules though of course.
  11. only spikes for me. My right foot tends to slip even in spikes, any time I have worn something without spikes, I can barely stand up.
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