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  1. MPF numbers? Excuse my ignorance but what is that?
  2. Not overly fussed with distance to be fair. Whack it a decent way. For me, in terms of performance, I’ll be looking for something potentially a little more forgiving on off centre hits (although the TM300s aren’t a pig in this regard) and something that launches a little lower and possibly with a little less spin. Shaft wise, I think I’m settled. Last year I reshafted by irons with Nippon Modus 125 in a regular flex and they feel great. I believe they’ve tightened my dispersion, brought better consistency and have improved feel. I would keep those shafts unless a club fitter had a compelling
  3. They certainly come highly recommended but when I picked them up, and that’s all I’ve done with them, I was a bit alarmed at the sole width. Seemed chunky.
  4. Very interesting. Going through a similar thought process at the moment. Struggling to work out if I upgrade from my TM300s whether aesthetics, feel or forgiveness are most important. Distance isn’t a concern but I’d love something that launched a little lower, was more forgiving but felt soft and had a thin top line and minimal offset.
  5. 4.7 handicap in the UK. Have played a set of Taylormade 300 series irons for the past 20-odd years. Had them reshafted with some Nippon Modus 125 about a season or two ago. Eager, for some inexplicable reason, to upgrade to something new but difficult to beat their look and feel.
  6. Good call on the Bridgestones. Some lovely looking clubs there and they seem discerning with their releases. Wishon is a fascinating call but for reasons I can’t quite fathom, drawn to Japanese clubs. Likely because I’m a mug for a tall tale of Japanese steel and craftsmanship. Really want to know more about Kyoei. They look the dog’s swingers.
  7. Looking for a thin top line, minimal offset, soft feel/great feedback and maximum performance (lower launch, if that’s even possible) cavity back/semi cavity back iron. Currently gaming a 20ish year old set of Taylormade 300 series and have become accustomed to the look and feel but believe there are performance gains to be had. in love with these but not as to their performance and not sure I’ll be able to get them in the UK: http://kyoeigolfclubs.com/products/kyoei-prototype-cb-iron/ What else is out there and what would you recommend?
  8. Encouraging on the quality front. Increasingly frustrating on the availability.
  9. I think I’ve only seen them for sale on that Tourspec website. Distribution appears limited, to say the least. Adds to the attraction in a way.
  10. Hi all, I’ve stumbled across this brand in my search for some new irons and must confess to being extremely keen on their Prototype CB iron: http://kyoeigolfclubs.com/products/kyoei-prototype-cb-iron/ however, getting much info on these clubs, let alone a trial iron in the UK, seems extremely difficult. they’re not cheap so taking a punt is not an option. Do people on here have any experience of these clubs/brand? How have they felt/performed? How do they compare with other irons? How do the Prototype CBs differ from the KK’s, apart from in terms of finish? Where can you buy them? Where can y
  11. Shafts don’t deteriorate overtime then? I’ve 18 year old Dynamic Gold S300s in my current set and whilst their suitability is now questionable, is the quality/integrity/performance of the shaft still good almost 20 years later?
  12. Played enough to know that bags and their contents rarely give an accurate pointer on the quality of their owner. Oldish blades with a beaten strike around the sweet spot are the possible exception, as are perhaps some proper long irons (although I’ve see the hackers with one irons and club champions with hybrids). Other than that, I normally wait until they have a chip or pitch - and the result is normally irrelevant; their technique normally speaks volumes. Quality golfers tend to have quality short game technique and shot selection in my experience.
  13. Jesus. I am leaning toward the purchase. My current set of irons have lasted some 18-odd years so these will have a similar lifespan and should see me through to retirement/proper seniors golf. God help me.
  14. After a consultation with a club fitter, one of the head options is the Miura CB57. They are not cheap. They do look good. They apparently feel amazing. The tolerances are reportedly tight as. But they’re twice the price of the Srixon. Will they last longer? Play better? Be that superior? I want to be convinced but suspect myth/wish over facts. What say you gents?
  15. They sound like I imagine. Congrats on the purchase and best of luck with the rehab. Keep us posted on progress and feedback on the Miuras.
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