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    PXG Irons

    Not having hit those specific two I will give you my feedback on the original 0211 and 0311 P Gen2 irons I have. Feel is similar (especially on well struck shots). The most noticeable difference for me is spin. Same shaft in both (Mitsubishi MMT 70g), the 0211 irons with a 7 iron were in the 4000's for me where the 0311 P irons I usually hit 5500-6000. Which for me offered much better distance control. I launched a few knuckle-bombs that flew the green with the 0211 irons (it was not frequent, but it happened), I have not seen that with the 0311 irons. Does that make the 0311 irons "better", no. It does make them better for my game though so that is why I kept them and sold the 0211 irons. I am sure there are plenty of others that will weigh in who have hit the newer generation irons that can offer some additional insight, but I would not be surprised based on the spin numbers I see from the YouTube golf reviews if that was still not the case. If you have the chance to demo or get a fitting I would highly recommend it, but I understand that is not always possible.
  2. Clearing out the gear that did not make the bag this year. Maybe a SIM 2 Max would be the only thing to tempt me to trade, but I am really just looking to sell. All prices include shipping to CONUS so they might be a few dollars higher, Paypal only. PXG 0811 X Gen 4 Driver 9 degrees plays 45" Riptide 6.0 Stiff Shaft and Winn Dritac grip. $240 Club is in great shape with just a few scuffs on the face. Comes with original headcover and 17.5 gram weight in the front and two 2.5 gram weights for the other slots. Sold PXG 0811 Proto + Driver 10.5 degrees plays 44" Riptide 6.0 Stiff Shaft and Winn Dritac grip. $195 Club is in great shape with just a few scuffs on the face. Comes with original headcover and 12.5 gram weight in the front and 2.5 gram weights for the other slots. PXG Blackjack Putter, 33" double bend shaft and oversized PXG grip. $200 Club is in mint condition and includes the original headcover. Argolf Lacelot milled aluminum putter, 33" shaft. $135 Mint condition, includes original headcover with Super Stroke Traxion X Tour 1.0 grip. PXG weight set which includes 2 x 10 gram weights, 1 x 7.5 gram weight, and 1 x 5 gram weight. $20 if you buy one of the other clubs, $25 shipped by itself.
  3. Absolutely, what a waste of time that would be for counterfeiting.
  4. I love to tinker with equipment, but the irons are off limits now. I have no desire to even play around with another set (other than maybe some Gen3 or 4 down the road). I hope you enjoy them as much as I have enjoyed mine so far.
  5. With decent ranges/golf courses at least 30 minutes away from me I bought a Skytrak and have a mat and net in the backyard (in the shade since it hates direct sunlight). I try to do a couple of 100ish shot practice sessions a week so when I get to the golf course I am just warming up at the range and not trying to practice and warm up at the same time. I sometimes focus on wedges trying to hit specific yardages, it also helps me see what spin/yardages I am getting with different types of golf balls. It is obviously not GC Quad accurate, but it reads fades/draws and the yardage is definitely close enough to be useful at the course. Most of the time I try to hit some drivers/fairway woods, hybrid, and more irons and wedges. Even if I don't have a lot of time just hitting 30-40 shots in the afternoon to keep the timing down it has been very helpful. When I first got it I was out there 4-5 days a week wanting to get the most out of it. Tendonitis followed by elbow surgery (due to me being an idiot and not resting) taught me a valuable lesson that just because you have it does not mean you have to use it everyday. I also dug out a base and filled it with a mix of dirt and sand so even hitting off of a mat is not so hard on the elbow. I originally had a trial to play online when I first bought it and if I had an indoor setup I might do it again. However I really use it just to save the drive to the range and get my practice in and it has worked. Down to a 7.8 handicap (hovered at 10-11 for years) and several rounds in the 70's this year so I am happy with it. If/when we move I will definitely try to have enough room to move it indoors.
  6. Well since I started this thread I figured I would chime in since a LOT of things have changed since I first asked the question. I will start off to say honestly the question is no longer valid since PXG has bottomed out the pricing on a lot of their clubs. Yes they still offer expensive latest generation clubs, but now PING, Titleist, Callaway, Taylormad, etc. all do as well. So they are now just another OEM, nothing more. My original question was really based on the fact I had a really good fitting (actually two as I went back after the Gen 2 irons were released), but could not justify the price since their pricing was insane at the time. Having tried out a number of clubs over the years I knew there was an excellent chance the magic would fade they would not stay in the bag. So I made the decision to skip them. So now let’s fast forward to last year when they put the 0211 irons (original) amongst other clubs on sale. Remembering my good fitting I jumped on them and ordered a set to be greatly disappointed. Feel was good, but I would launch the dreaded knuckle ball that would airmail the green from time to time. Sold them and figured my PXG days were done. Then earlier this year they dropped the price of the the irons I did one of my fittings with (0311 P Gen 2) and I said one more try and I could not be happier. Had 4 rounds in the 70’s with them this year. Are they magic? Nope, but they really do fit my swing. I am honestly glad they have dropped their pricing so people no longer see them as a status symbol, because for me it never was. I was just always looking for performance. Also this is my first old thread to be resurrected….really odd to see it pop up again as I honestly had forgotten about it.
  7. I am a 7.8 and I play 3-5 hybrids. I have no issues with approach shots. They come in much higher and softer than a 3-5 iron do and with much more consistency.
  8. I am now down to a 7.8. I ditched the 3,4, and 5 iron and got hybrids. I am currently playing PXG 0311 P (Gen 2) irons that replaced Apex 21 DCB irons. My irons were not the best part of my game, but I finally found a set that fits my swing.
  9. I purchased one and it has been pretty solid. Last round I played I noticed I was a good bit shorter than a couple guys I am normally closer too. So just for science I pulled the old M3 out of the garage bag and I was surprised to see an additional 10 yards on average on my SkyTrak with several 15 yards longer. Club speed was maybe a touch faster, but better launch and spin numbers. I had benched the M3 last year just because twist face and I sometimes don’t get along (I have no doubt it is me). I have gone through a few other drivers and just flat out struggled at the beginning of the season. Consistency has been really good with the Gen 4 so it does have that going for it so that is why it stayed in the bag, but I did not realize I was giving up that much distance.
  10. I completely understand, while not all my equipment choices have been to get the softest feel I have definitely found some good combinations. I am playing PXG Gen 2 0311P irons right now. Pair that up with a Snell MTB Black or Q-Star Tour golf ball and it is the softest feeling thuds I have ever had. What is interesting to me is that the Gen 2 irons were supposedly the “hardest” PXG irons made, have not tried the Gen 3 or 4 so I can’t speak to that. I have been thrilled with the Gen 2 irons and I can say there is no tinkering with irons right now. Also to go with the soft feel party are Ping Glide 3.0 wedges, again on solid strikes with those two golf balls provides extremely solid (and soft) feel. One other soft feel club are any modern Taylormade drivers that use twist face (M3, M4, M5, M6, SIM, SIM Max, SIM2, Sim Max 2). I have hit all these and owned a few and they have a great thud feeling. My swing doesn’t like twist face for whatever reason and I just can’t keep it straight or I would definitely game one of these. Honorable mention goes to the Ping i210 irons, very soft on center strikes but not super soft if you miss the middle. I have also had a set of PXG 0211 irons and they were not as soft as the Ping’s on center strikes in my opinion, but definitely more forgiving.
  11. I play all the way to gap wedge in a matched set. I only play full shots with them (other than the occasional punch shot to get out of trouble) so I want them to match my irons. SW and LW are actual wedges and I chip, pitch, and of lower yardage full shots. I had a matching SW in my Apex 19 irons and that thing was hot and impossible for me to chip or hit pitch shots consistently with it.
  12. LHGolf4

    Sub70 vs PXG

    Having played graphite for over 15 years now (and I am not even 50 yet) I completely understand about wanting to move to graphite. I also owned the original 0211 irons in MMT 70 graphite shafts and we did not get along. I did a fitting session a couple years ago with the 0311 Gen 2 irons and I loved them but they were stupid expensive (which is why I went with the 0211 in hopes of getting that similar feel and performance). Obviously that did not work out. So let's fast forward to earlier this year when they dropped the price of the 0311 Gen 2's and I got a set and we are best friends (same Mitsubishi MMT 70 shaft). I believe the Gen 2 are now sold out, but I would highly suggest trying the Gen 3's if you can. Also I have a buddy that loves his Sub 70 irons, so I actually ordered a putter from them and had a pretty spectacular round this weekend (+2 74 with 28 putts). So I have nothing against Sub 70 other than a limited left handed selection compared to all the right hand offerings, but hey I am used to it.
  13. LHGolf4

    Sub 70 Clubs

    Typo, what I said in my head and what I typed were two different things. I corrected it. "But this thing will hold the line even if you don't put a good stroke on it."
  14. LHGolf4

    Sub 70 Clubs

    So I wanted to give an update on my Sycamore 005 wide blade putter. When I took it out for the first time the greens had been aerated and I was putting on sand, definitely not a fair test. So today I finally got to get back on the same course and it did not disappoint. Had a total of 28 putts (nine 1 putts). Feel was solid and really good distance control. Missed two 5 footers that was due to lack of concentration (maybe a little bit of overconfidence). But this thing will hold the line even if you don't put a good stroke on it. Finished up with a couple birdies to go with 12 pars and 4 bogeys for +2 74 (previous score on the punched greens was an 82 with 37 putts). My ball striking has been much better lately and I just needed to tighten up the putting, well looks like I might have found my solution. This is an excellent putter at a fantastic price.
  15. 101 swing speed 8.0 hcp Splitting time between Maxfli Tour and Q Star Tour.
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