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  1. Sold - PING i210 irons 5-UW, power spec lofts, red dot, standard length, Alta regular graphite shafts, Winn Excel oversized grips. $600 + shipping. CONUS shipping, Paypal payments, no trades. Sold - Scotty Cameron Special Select Del Mar, 34" comes with headcover, original grip. $315 + shipping. CONUS shipping, Paypal payments, no trades.
  2. I am very well aware of that. But the Rapsodo costs less and has less features as a result. When I took it to the range when it would pick up the shot the data seemed accurate. However it missed a lot of shots (and I verified I was lined up correctly). My SkyTrak is not perfect, it probably misses one out of 25 shots. I think for what it costs it a decent device, but it does not work well for my practice area.
  3. Yes, Skytrack does show the flight path when hitting into the net (and you can choose different camera angles). I have not used a softer practice type ball, but I would guess to get the most accurate numbers you want to use a regular golf ball.
  4. I will be closing this thread and I have another set of irons I will be listing after the 24 hour wait. Sold - PXG 0211 Irons - $575 + shipping. Set includes 5-LW (9 clubs) they are one degree flat, Mitsubishi MMT 70 regular flex graphite and Golf Pride CP2 wrap midsize wrap grips. Sold - PXG 0311 SGI Gen 2 irons $89 each + shipping. I have a 4 and a 5 iron in this set as I used them for hybrid replacements. They are one degree flat, Mitsubishi MMT 70 regular flex graphite and Golf Pride CP2 wrap midsize wrap grips. Sold - PING G400 Driver $
  5. I still have a set of Big Bertha 2002 irons I like to break out once a year or so just because of how forgiving they are. I honestly have not found a set any better at what they are meant to do. I play PING i210 irons but when there is some rust from the winter I look forward to the forgiveness.
  6. I had one and hitting into a net the distances seemed to be fairly accurate. However it does not produce a flight path obviously because it hit the net. So when I took it out to the range a couple of times I was less than impressed. It missed several shots (and I verified each time I was lined up correctly and was the correct distance away) and even got an email from them saying hey we noticed we missed some shots since it uses the microphone to pick up the shot. I sent it back and got a Skytrack. I have a shaded area in the back yard where I setup the net that allows me to use it outside
  7. I really do not understand the hype around Mizuno, I was not impressed with the set of Hot Metals I got (and I don’t mind playing shovels). I bought a single 919 forged 7 iron (since left handed demos are impossible to find) and it was just ok. Several other OEMs that offer much better selections for lefties. I have been playing i210’s and absolutely love them (and I normally hate PING irons). Maybe if I was a better ball striker I would appreciate Mizuno irons.
  8. G410 3 and 4 hybrid and G400 5 hybrid (which is my favorite club in the bag).
  9. I have had both and would say the Apex are more forgiving but they do spin less. I think distance control with the i210 irons are better (Apex are not bad). I have power spec lofts on my i210s but the Apex were probably about a half club longer with the lower spin. Feel is good on both (would give the edge to i210 just because of the muted sound gives a softer feel). Honestly if I knew what I know now I would probably have not got rid of the Apex irons...but only because I don’t feel the i210s are any better for my swing. They are really overall a tie in my eyes obviously each wins out in d
  10. I have both the 0211 and i210 irons and I love the forgiveness of the 0211's, but I get the occasional low spin knuckleball that flies the green. I moved over to the i210's and distance control has been so much better. Still love the feel and forgiveness of the 0211 and will probably break them out over the winter.
  11. I played PXG 0211 and PING i210 irons this year. I was getting some knuckleballs with the PXG irons and flying some greens so I went with the i210's and have really been happy with consistency. Shot a 78 today with them and could not putt to save my life on the front 9.
  12. I have played a TS2, an Epic Flash, Cobra F9, Taymormade M3, over the last couple years and just recently picked up a G400 and it is as good as any of them (sounds better as well). I did switch the shaft to the same one I had in my M3 (Tensei Red), but I am really enjoying it.
  13. Having had both I would say the i210s for sure.
  14. I have gone through SEVERAL sets over the past 3 years and I have found myself playing PING i210 and for the first time in a long time I am not searching for "backup" sets any longer. Have been happy with forgiveness and distance control (which is a big issue with some of these lower spinning irons).
  15. I actually just had my first round with a 5 iron that replaced my 5 iron and I have to say I was very happy with the results. I normally carry my 5 iron about 180 with a medium trajectory that rolls out some and I was able to get that same yardage with the 5 hybrid and it just stopped like a wedge when it landed.
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