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  1. I would prefer the Betty but let me know what you got! I wouldn’t mind trying out a sik either..
  2. Hello all! Im looking to send my previous gamers to good homes. MP-33s were gamed for quite a while. There are no shaft bands but our best guess at TrueSpec were DGx100s with loft and lie standard to release specs. They are not in perfect shape by any stretch and have the wear you would expect for gamer irons this old. But the faces are in surprisingly good shape outside of 8 and 9 irons. The Scotty Studio Design 2 was cut down to 32” and has been a rotational gamer. The original HC Lost some stitching but could be easily repaired. However I have another HC as well. Also pictured is a TS3 that
  3. I have a set of MP-33s that need a new home. Would Mp-33s + cash interest you? If not no worries
  4. I never fully appreciated how awesome a pristine studio design 5 was.. Getting rid of that and prematurely getting rid of my Ping I20 driver we’re mistakes that continue to haunt lol
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