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  1. College team plays late Saturday... so that's a win... Sunday I'll probably just bounce back and forth... depending on the leaderboard
  2. Membership typically available on the 2nd or 3rd... first week of January
  3. I grabbed mine online this morning, should be here Tuesday... just in time for the weather to drop
  4. Same as always, they just don't tweet the release
  5. Putter... I was looking at a bunch of Circle T's second hand... the wife finally said just buy one new...
  6. @jwhite86 on IG also... just threw you a follow... always looking for more golf content
  7. I always alternate golf balls when the weather gets cooler, I think I read it in Golf Digest when I was a kid.
  8. It's the announcer portrayal of him that turns me off... is he smart? i don't know, but they all talk about him like he's going to win the Nobel Prize in physics Is he big? yes, but he's nowhere near a middle linebacker or full back like I hear multiple times this week Does he bomb it? Absolutely, but so do a handful of other guys, so stop fawning over every tee shot And I'd rather listen to the Tiger fan boys than the BDC fan boys
  9. jwhite86

    2020 US Open

    Yeah he's been doing that most of the year, Vessel x Cobra collaborations
  10. The blue looks good... but I still prefer the older mini crowns
  11. I wear Stance 99% of the time.. work, golf, pleasure
  12. I'm happy to have gotten through the checkout this time. The PGA release is the is what I've been waiting for. I've had it in my cart 3 times now haha
  13. Still a lot of issues with the site, wish I had gotten in early. Spinning wheel of death here
  14. My current gamer, it's not as fancy as some others but it's good enough for me
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