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  1. I was watching an episode of The Office and they cut out actual bits and pieces from the episode just to shove more commercials in... insane
  2. I would love to just sit there and watch the guys on 10... such a tough hole
  3. They've done Taylor Made in the past too... I find PGA Tour Live becoming more and more unwatchable Every time they show a what's in the bag you hear the same comments on repeat "Beautiful this, beautiful that, gorgeous putter"
  4. Srixon... 765s... but i also rotate Titleist and Mizuno... Srixon got my vote
  5. I think it's because the new White Hot OGs come with the red stroke lab shaft... gotta make the general public think they are buying the same putters the pros use
  6. Driver: moving on up to a TSi2 Bag: Already jump on a new Link Soul Might be changing/ adding: 5 wood/ 7 wood, wedges
  7. NCAA - Wisconsin (Women's Hockey season ticket holder, Football, Men's Hockey, Basketball) NFL - Packers NBA - Bucks MLB - Brewers NHL - Montreal
  8. I can never make it through the PM featured group.. i have to turn it off.
  9. I use the same organizer for my bags... my shoes are next to the stand in clear plastic drop front boxes... i have a Sunday bag sitting in a corner and a couple of staff bags throughout the basement
  10. 3 putts later... the universe has corrected itself
  11. -4 through 6 for YJS with another birdie look on 16... I'm going to need a shower
  12. Fake... and I'll second what the poster above says... steer clear
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