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  1. Not course related, but has anyone in the Brookfield/ Milwaukee area been to the Ryder Cup Pop-Up shop in Brookfield?
  2. I remember an interview with Rory (No Laying Up podcast, maybe?) where he said he's fine with the booing, happens all the time... but takes exception to personal attacks... I was at the 1st tee Friday & Saturday and there were maybe 50 Euro fans out of the thousands that were surrounding
  3. I'm with you... You got beat, move on
  4. Love the turf interaction with the Srixon sole.
  5. The lake isn't really in play as much as you think... you've got to be really offline... I saw 1 in the lake from Fleetwood with a fairway wood The ponds on 5 got a workout, however.
  6. Here is one of my closets... this is probably half of my polos... have another closet with pullovers/ vests/ jackets, etc.
  7. I would apply some Crep Protect.. Apply it every couple of rounds, it'll help keep everything clean... I use it on all of my shoes (golf & casual)
  8. The sweater/ hoodie was incredible... missed out on picking one up on site... did grab the cashmere vest, shorts, a polo and a couple of hats
  9. Thanks! Yeah, I grabbed the putter last July... It's gotten so hard to get one. I was in before the release refreshing... I had about 10 seconds to make up my mind (I knew what head shape, sight line I wanted).
  10. I was at the practice round yesterday and watched them hit some really cool shots... JT hit a low stinging cut into the wind with a driver... Off the range to waste an entire bucket trying to replicate it
  11. 1. Done 2. Done 3. Milwaukee, WI 4. Have you been fit for clubs before? Driver 5. What part of your bag could use a fitting? Irons
  12. The blue Code Chaos looks nice... I'll keep an eye on those
  13. Try refreshing less. don't know if it's intentional or not but the website acts up if you refresh often
  14. I'll be there Wednesday, Friday, & Saturday... went to the merch tent on Friday... can't wait
  15. It's been forever... but the original post has finally been updated...
  16. I've played 5... but have plans to play at least 6 more in the next year or two
  17. I have a set of the Combo's in my basement... satin PX in them... took them to the range earlier this year... seriously considering playing them full time again... they look incredible in the bag
  18. Great looking bag... Always love the look of Pro Combo's
  19. 1. Done 2. Yes 3. Traxion Tour Club Grip Standard Digi Camo 4. Traxion Tour 1.0 Tiffany/ Gray/ White
  20. Like the poster above stated... call them and see the options... just an FYI, a Circle T grip will run you significantly more than a standard grip
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