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  1. I took too long to return back from a business trip in Scottsdale. Wedges are still available.
  2. Have wound up in some unfortunate circumstances and will be parting ways with the best looking irons I have laid my eyes on. Full disclosure, I bought these irons as a present for my father. I was on the way to getting them framed when I got some bad news that I won’t bore you all with. My loss is your gain. details- jack spec’s 3-pw. nippon modus tour 105 stiff. golf pride tour wrap standard grips. Black ferrules. $4200 obo. Item #2 Callaway x-forged/ apex mb combo set. PW- 7 in apex mb. 4-6 in x- forged. These are in good condition, only about 5 rounds on them. Standard length, lie is 1 degree upright. Nippon N.S PRO modus 3 tour 105 stiff shaft. $475 obo. Item #3 - Vokey/ TM Wedges F grind, 50 degree SM7 in 08 degrees of bounce. M grind, 56 degree SM7 in 08 degrees of bounce. TM hi-toe 60 degree. 15” sole. looking for $50 a piece or $130 for the set.
  3. My wife got me a gift certificate for club champion for my birthday so I need some money to supplement the cost of a the new woods. All prices are obo. First is a Scotty Cameron Newport 2 34”. Good condition, I bought this off the shelf. Just replaced with an Evnroll. Comes with a 2007 US Open Oakmont Denim Dog USA head cover and super stroke grip. Looking for $275 for putter and head cover. Would be willing to sell head over separate for $75. (Sold) Next is a Scotty Cameron GOLO 5R 33.5. Won this off a buddy in a match. It comes with a Myopia head cover standard grip. Looking for $250. Now $225 obo Lastly, honest seller here. I’m basing my prices off eBay, if they are way off based let me know.
  4. Thanks, yeah this thing is fire. Unfortunately, the wife gave me the whole "I cant do anything right" guilt trip....
  5. Practically new golf bag. Only reason I am selling is my wife got me a mizuno bag to match my irons. I’m forced to keep it. This bag doesn’t have any rounds on it. Just a range session. Looking for $225 obo. moderately interested in trades like a hulk in g400.
  6. Wow! Clicked on this because I had never heard the name, looks amazing.
  7. I wish I knew how to build clubs, I am looking for that GW.
  8. Yeah, they put me through the SAM lab which like you said validated what I already knew about my putting stroke. That being said, I did like the process and think that it was beneficial. I do wish that I would have received the print out from CC of my putter fitting. In terms of the justification of the stability tour shaft, it wasn't. Basically, I watched the TXG video prior to going to CC and wanted to know more about it. After trying out several putters I narrowed my search to the PXG Closer and the Evnroll ER2B. When you go to CC they don't have different shafts to try with different putters. They had the original Stability shaft on a no name putter. I hit the two putters I was interested in, made my decision, then I tried the shaft on the CC stock putter. I might add that the other putter was much lighter in weight. Definitely wasn't apples to apples. From there the CC rep said he really liked them and had been fitting a lot of people in to them, and mentioned that they had another option that had released recently, he told me that the Stability Tour(which matched the color scheme of the Evnroll better as it was black/ red) was made with better materials, had a slightly thinner profile. At this point I was committed and made the decision to go "all in". I want to be clear, I am extremely pleased with my set up of the Evnroll ER2b with stability tour shaft. The fitter added one inch to make playing length 35" and we took the loft to .5. Putts per round are down, which is directly related to getting a new putter in one of a couple ways. 1) Fitting- this putter is fit to me, I know its to my specs and I find it aesthetically pleasing. There is something to be said for lining up over the ball and knowing that the club was made for YOU. 2) Practice. I am practicing way more. I practice at home while watching football during the week and I have gone to the course to exclusively practice putting 3) Combination of both. All in all, it was a good experience. And the next time I go in, I will go in with the knowledge that they will attempt to up-sell me on things. Yes, I will go in again, thinking about doing in iron/ wedge fitting/ gapping in the winter. I am hoping I don't come out of there like the youtube Mr. Short Game with a full set of LA golf shafts. IMG_7861.HEIC IMG_7860.HEIC
  9. Severely overpaid, but was "custom fit" at club champion for Evnroll ER2b w/ stability tour shaft. Paid in the neighborhood of $750 including the hour long fitting. Also, waited two months. In retrospect, this makes me want to vomit. Love the putter, but felt like I got duped through the whole process. For instance, I am in the military and I was between the PXG and the Evnroll. Had I know, I would have saved a couple hundred, bought putter head on my own with the Military pricing and had CC put shaft on. Live and learn. I am 36 and have been a golfer for about 30 years or so. Ive been able to count on one hand how many putters Ive had. So its not like I go through them each season.
  10. Echoing previous posts, I have had number attempts for "members" to encourage me to communicate outside of this website and to send money through anything other than PayPal. Is there a way to report such people?
  11. GLWS and you have good taste. Now put some meat on your bones in the winter and come back next year!
  12. Probably not accurate, but when I look at the first couple pictures from this post I imagine someone in the clubhouse after finishing a round, someone that now hates their 1 iron and wants it gone!
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