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  1. Can confirm these are .335. Stock shaft: HZRDUS Smoke RDX wood shaft. If a hybrid shaft (.370) is listed it won't be compatible
  2. Known failure. Call Callaway Customer Service and see if they can help you
  3. I have been waiting a couple of years for something to sway me from buying a Mevo+. But the more we get from FS/B makes me feel like it's going to be in the next price bracket above Mevo+ & Skytrak rather than a competitor. Money at this stage heading to flightscope: 2k incl 5 free courses vs the base GC3/LP offering is a no brainer IMO
  4. I know mavrik fwy isn't adjustable. Open the face by turning the club
  5. Callaway Epic Max is the same shape (shallow with a larger footprint) Other alternative is to open the face a touch at address if you prefer the club setup you already have.
  6. Was against hybrids for a long time but played with a 22⁰ Steelhead XR last weekend to see how it went and now I'm a convert. Bought a Mavrik 4 hybrid (20⁰) which is the same length as the XR. Hit the range on the way home from work and it was love at first strike. Will play 3w (16⁰) 4hy (20⁰) 5i (24⁰)
  7. Simply speaking c-dim is sweet spot from hosel and v-cog is sweet spot from sole. Keep in mind the vcog of a golf ball is .840 and thats what the measurements are based off
  8. Its written in Callaways internal spec sheets. I agree with everything you're saying by the way. Its definitely unnecessary to prep to that extent. At 1½" the prep does finish up about ⅛" short of the ferrule so at least its still hidden. But thats the spec nonetheless.
  9. You may have read my post wrong. Callaway preps driver/bonded hosel shafts 1.5", its written into the club specs. If its been prepped 1.5" then its been done in accordance to callaway specifications.
  10. Also prep length is 1.5" for an optifit. Not sure what it is for TM
  11. Thats exactly how its meant to look. Riptide 50g stiff has a pretty big tip i.d If you need I can get a pic of a new shaft to put you at ease.
  12. Super excited for this. Paired with a Callaway Apex UT 18⁰ and Gripmaster Kangaroo
  13. First port of call would be grip removers such as https://www.golfworks.com/the-golfworks-v-groove-grip-remover/p/vggrv/ Otherwise use a heat gun and evenly heat the grip to break down the tapes bond and blow them off with compressed air would be my back up option.
  14. There are companies that will assist with shipping to Aus so I'm sure that will be fine. RoSgolf ships to Aus and even if there are duties payable I'm certain it wouldn't be 50% of retail value. I just don't see why there's a near 50% mark up on it. The time it would take to get here is no issue (I'll wait up to 2 months if need be) I must be missing something. Surely flightscope would be able to chime in and clear it up.
  15. Hi all. In the market for a LM and have settled on the mevo+, while doing my usual due diligence ($$$) I've notice a massive difference in price for the authorised reseller here (Australia) vs an authorised reseller in the US that will ship internationally. I understand that the actual product is the same such as charging adapters etc. So why should I fork over $3999AUD vs $2069USD ($2665AUD) including shipping? Am I missing something here? It just doesn't make sense to me Sources: Aus reseller https://24-7.golf/product/flightscope-mevo-plus/ US https://rainorshinegolf.com/products/flightscope-mevo-plus-launch-monitor
  16. .370 You'll need shims for the Modus³
  17. I used to wear a glove and like many others, sweat a lot, was always worried about grip. Changed to leather grips and haven't worn a glove since (well over a year ago). Now I can swing away knowing that grip isn't an issue I also found I was having to hold the club tighter to have any sense of security. Tensing my wrists and forearms didn't make for good results. Leather grips have alleviated this feeling.
  18. Well while the Mavrik line is still current you could possibly try a fitter that has a callaway fit kit.
  19. The elevate 105 has the VSS ( insert installed in the shaft. The XP 105 does not have this tech. Feel wise. The elevate feels a tad smoother, both launch and spin was similar (within 2-5% std deviation)
  20. Callaway Apex UT 18⁰ from 2014 are awesome. Sounds fantastic when you hit it. Nice pentrating ball flight that makes that fizz noise when you send it
  21. Mavrik 7w is 143cc and looks pretty compact at address
  22. Of the current offerings: Mavrik Pro, Apex 21 and Apex Pro 21. Depends how sleek you want to go
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