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  1. Just found this link regarding First Flight and the Professional Golf Company (Pro Group) https://ibb.co/Mh3SPsn
  2. I seem to remember reading in the the Maltby "Price and Identification Guides" that Toney Penna designed this for First Flite. Hope this helps.
  3. T.P. Mills if they are there. All the new Ping clubs. Thank you!
  4. Spalding Tour Edition irons, 1-pw. Wilson JPII SW, Toney Penna TP1 special edition driver, taylormade tour spoon. Golfcraft Frank Johnston Highlander Combo putter. Spalding Tour Edition golf ball. Solid navy Jones bag.
  5. The "Ping Man" head covers are awesome! Please say they will be available at retail!
  6. Navy and white fairway cover would go great with my red, white and blue Jones bag. Thanks for the opportunity!
  7. One trick I learned many years ago regarding stuck ferrules. Take an old rubber grip and cut the bottom 2" off then cut one side so you can open it up like a square. You can then wrap this around the ferrule and it will allow you to get a grip on it and get it to move back down the shaft. This also comes in handy with trying to "dry fit" shafts for depth and the ferrules don't want to come back off to add epoxy. Hope this helps!
  8. What city/state are you located? Birmingham, AL Current handicap? 3 Have you participated in testing for GOLFWRX before? No What is your current gamer ball? Titleist ProV1 Have you played a Callaway golf ball in the past? Yes Hex Chrome + Do you agree to participate in an on going discussion and post your review/feedback of Callaway Chrome Soft ball? Yes!
  9. Jones makes a very nice single strap stand bag. www.jonesgofbags.com
  10. My favorite irons of all time! Unfortunately caught "PING Fever" and foolishly got rid of my set.
  11. Those are the clubs I grew up playing! Thank you for posting the pictures, brings back a lot of great memories!
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