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  1. Any body have a ventus blue in theirs i have zx5 9.5 an i have a di-7 i'm going to put in it but keep hearing really good thing about the ventus
  2. How is the turf interaction i always have issues with wide sole clubs
  3. So was wondering if anyone has used ZX utility for their long irons i got a 2 an it hides the back of the club nicely ....So i was thinking of going zx5 5-pw an then 2 utilities i will figure the gapping issues
  4. D7 FORGED all day long ,you can't go wrong with them they check every box
  5. Extremely underrated ....i do think the power holes put people off ,if there was a way to hide them they would sell more sets
  6. I wish they did not put them in the D7 forged it looks cheap it is the ONLY thing i dislike about them
  7. very forgiving on low face contact although i don't like the way the power holes look they work
  8. I agree 100 percent i was hitting the V6 irons then tried these for last winter golf these are not going anywhere an sold my V6'S
  9. pretty funny i bought a sim 2 max with the fake ventus it is way to light for me i have the same shaft that you are putting in your club DI 6 let us know how it goes
  10. I Have had that club since new i will never sell it absolute cannon off the tee
  11. Very underrated clubs i have the v6 irons for awhile an play these in the winter
  12. That is the only club that i have had since new off the tee it is as long as anything out there off the deck you do need a good lie an it will do very well
  13. $TAPER stiff very good flight an feel good
  14. It's funny the whole power hole thing turned me off ,i kept thinking it would get caught up in the grass but the turf interaction was awesome ,i still have my V6's an like you want to see the new CB's ,but for winter golf i will be hitting the D7's
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