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  1. I play modus 120 TX in my irons, but love heavier shafts in my wedges. The modus 125 wedge shaft is a very underrated shaft. Very comparable to S400.
  2. Just installed mine myself. I have the measuring tape starting where the tip should be inside the adapter. Put my shaft straight in untipped
  3. Here is my M2 Tour. Looks like it has a rise.
  4. Got my hands a Ventus Blue 8x pull for a great deal. Not sure if it has been tipped or not. Does someone know the distance from tip to the beginning of velocore graphic on new shaft? Thanks
  5. Just got my hands on 60 6.5 tx. Need to get my adaptor put on and it'll be put into play.
  6. Did you have the stock offering? I was able to get my hands on 60 6.5TX small batch. Figured I give it a shot
  7. I'm a nippon player, have 120 TX 4 - PW and my 50. 54 and 58 gets modus 125 wedge shaft. Heavier shafts always work for me.
  8. You can use same shafts, but it will come down to swing weight. Now if you don't mind have a swingweight in C category with your 3 wood, i wouldnt see any problems. Swingweight will be the big factor. You can hotmelt head or lead tape to get to desired swingweight
  9. Been a long time black tie user. Currently gaming a 60M4, but just got my hands on a Hzrdus Smoke green that I'm gonna try. Just need to get tip adapter installed. If I love it, the black tie may be up for sale.
  10. I played the 120 X for a little bit, but im so use to a heavier weighted shaft, so i went with 120 TX. I know a lot of people say the X flex shaft play more towards s300 as the TX plays more towards x100. I love the modus because of the low torque and really stiff tip. Dispersion with the modus for me is amazing. One of the best iron shafts on the market.
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