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  1. I'm going on a golf trip this weekend to The Shoals courses and was wondering if anyone has played it recently. With such a wet spring and the storms that rolled through a few weeks ago I was wondering how the conditions are. Also, might look to add another course in the area for Sunday afternoon if anyone has any recommendations.
  2. We played it while staying Blue Ridge for the weekend. Well worth it if you are up that way, not sure I'd want to make the drive from Cumming just to play the open 9 twice though. I am very excited to get back and play the full 18 when it opens. It's certainly a beautiful piece of land.
  3. Bump to see if anyone else is attending the event this year? I am finalizing travel plans now and cant wait to see the course.
  4. Thanks guys! My wife loves the winery idea as well.
  5. My wife and I will be in Boston for Labor Day and plan on going over to the TPC for one day (Sat or Sun). I know its roughly an hour outside of downtown Boston but what is the easiest way to get to the course as an out of town visitor? We are staying downtown. Renting a car? Uber? Shuttle(if possible)? Train? Local WRXer picking us up and taking us? Also, any recs for the city. Its my first time in Boston so I'm open to anything. Any help is appreciated.
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