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  1. Hey everyone for sale a few things: SIM2 9 degree brand new and never hit a ball. Comes with the headcover as well. $SOLD TM Vault Big Kahuna (SOLD) and Desert Vibes. New each for $115 shipped.
  2. So I’m wondering if they will be coming with the black shafts. Hope so because other pictures show otherwise.
  3. Lucky you, nothing here yet.
  4. Good to know thanks. I’m in the same situation.
  5. Not yet. Has anyone been able to also modify your order for example going from 6S to 6X velocore?
  6. Got some excess that I need to unload. Scotty Cameron Special Select 2.5 35" and original grip w/ Headcover. In excellent condition, just never could get along with a blade. SOLD Srixon ZX5 4 and 5 iron w/ Project X LZ 6.0 and MCC white grips. Literally hit 10 balls each with them. SOLD TM Vault Big Kahuna and Desert Vibes Covers BNIP. $120 each shipped
  7. The soles are surprisingly wide for the ZX5 and made me switch my 4/5 from ZX5 to ZX7.
  8. Congrats on getting to use them. You may be getting slightly lower launch because of the shafts? Those 105 shafts are great maybe just a few range sessions and you’ll be dialed in.
  9. Good reason, ultimately use what makes you happy as well.
  10. You’re right! Just noticed, why!!!
  11. It’ll be out. It happened to the other releases. It disappeared and reappeared. Should be out today. Just keep an eye out.
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