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  1. Can anyone share a side by side with the 223 and 225? These irons are making my lose my loyalty to my ZX7s
  2. Were you able to hit the 115x. So curious about this shaft and its flex.
  3. Can you share a side by side comparison between the ZX7 and 223
  4. Anyone know when these will be for sale? Considering going x flex SS once and cut to standard length. Just curious how it affect shaft balance though.
  5. I have a person interested in the two that are showing pending. Pending payment tomorrow.
  6. For sale are: 1) Tiff Swagee 1/80: $400 2. Black box flipper 1/35: $Pending 3) Black sparkle dripping skull fairway 1/54: $Pending All new and sealed. Prices shipped.
  7. Two items for sale: 1. Callaway Epic Max LS 10.5 with stock MMT 70S. Standard length. In excellent condition. Headcover included. $SOLD 2. Ventus Blue 6S velocore. Measures 44.25 inches. In great condition and grip is like new. Shaft was barely used. $SOLD
  8. Anyone notice that the 223 has a stock Modus 115 shaft? Thought they decided to not release that shaft. Maybe just a JDM option?
  9. Just one item today! Mint condition Diamana ZF 60X measured at 44.5” from end of grip to tip. X is only offered in Japan. Only used two rounds and one range session. $200 shipped.
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