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  1. Europe is going to have a great team. Newcomers like Rahm, Fleetwood, Hatton, and Noren, Paul Casey, Pieters, Sergio, Rory, Rose. The RC is going to be awesome. And it is in Paris, one of the great cities in the world, on an awesome golf course. Can't wait to go over and enjoy France and watch the USA win the Cup!
  2. In person it is really fun to watch PGA guys on the range. You really get a feel for how good they are. You can see the way they think and approach clubs. They look like they aren't working hard at all, so effortless. Then when they pull the woods out it's even better. You get to see them shape shots both ways and high and low. It's really cool.
  3. He is the underdog. Dude has been in the wilderness for years. There were rumors that he couldn't hardly walk. He's done, finished, no more. But here is Tiger looking like himself again and it's just great fun to watch. I loved how he handled the media today. Just weeks ago they were asking him questions about just being happy to play, and his back, and being an assistant Ryder Cup captain. And now they are gushing over him and his play. No one thought we would see a comeback from him this fast. Well maybe I did, LOL. I grabbed him at 55-1 to win the Masters a few months ago. I might not wi
  4. Congrats to Sergio and his wife and child! What a great moment for them!
  5. 85 is probably doable? I'm not really sure. I caddied for my friends son at the 2015 US Junior Amateur and these kids are amazing players. Were lots of really high scores on a very difficult course played by the best juniors in the world. Put those kids on a tournament speed Augusta and the score go way up. I really don't think a scratch player could break 80 at tourney speed Augusta with no practice and no caddie.
  6. Maybe Rory when he dominated the US Open might have been close. Good call. Probably the closest, in my opinion. If you go by strokes gained Stenson at The Open was the second highest strokes gained in a major (Tiger in the '00 masters was 1st, '97 masters was 3rd, Phil who came in second to Stenson ranked 4th all time) https://twitter.com/...-duo-major-1983 I guess some people are undervaluing Stenson's performance because Phil was close but if Phil's arthritis flares up or his daughter has a graduation speech and he stays home Stenson wins by 16!! Geez, that is brutal for Phil. He is
  7. He did. I think he probably knows Arnie is in very bad health. Was a touching moment but also sad and hard to see.
  8. Up for sale is a Titleist 910 F 5 wood with a factory installed Diamana Blueboard 83 extra stiff. It was custom ordered directly from Titleist. Club is in good shape and just has normal wear on the sole and face. No marks on crown. It plays 42.5" long with a Tour Velvet grip. Club comes with original head cover. Price is $125 shipped to the lower 48 states.
  9. Driver is sold. Five wood and hybrid are still available and prices have been lowered.
  10. For sale is a trio of Nike Vapor woods. First is a Vapor Pro driver with Black Tour Ad Di 7x shaft. Plays 45 1/4" with Golf Pride Z Cord grip. SOLD Next is a Vapor Flex 5 wood with Tour Ad Di 8x shaft. Plays 42 1/4" with Golf Pride Z Cord grip. $215 shipped or best offer. Last is a Vapor Flex 3 hybrid with VTS 85 X shaft. Plays 41" with Golf Pride Z Cord grip. $175 shipped or best offer. All clubs are lightly used and in great shape and all clubs come with head covers and wrenches. Would prefer not to separate heads and shafts.
  11. Up for sale is my 9.5* Titleist 910 D2 that was custom ordered with a Graphite Design Tour AD DI 7x shaft. I have the head cover and wrench and pouch that came with it. Driver is in very clean shape as I did not use it much. Driver plays 45". Asking $250 OBO.
  12. [quote name='cadman88' timestamp='1441998930' post='12300520'] [quote name='Puppetmaster' timestamp='1441998590' post='12300488'] Dang, did the BB really sell in 3 mins? [/quote] What was the asking price on it? [/quote] $150
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